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favorite characters are as follows in no particular order. Zecora, Luna, Fluttershy, Spike, Berry Punch, Lyra & BonBon, Vinyl Scratch, & Discord, Oh and Big Mac (as long as he's gay).


Spike & Big Mac have gotten pretty close over the years, bonding while the girls were off saving the world. They finally admit their feelings for one another, as soon as Spike comes of age, but they hit a snag in their relationship. A BIG one. Will their relationship survive the unexpected changes? What will the girls think of all this?

Current cover art is by Clopper-Dude
Chapters edited by TheAlmightySqueeb

Sequel is out now, Wedding Bells and Egg Shells

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 163 )

I didn't even think spikemac shipping was A Thing!!!

4193500 It isn't very common, to the best of my knowledge mine is the first non-clop story for the ship. I hope you'll support me by keeping up with it. Tell your friends, & if you have any M/M ships you haven't seen run them by me & I'll think about it. But I DO NOT do clop. Innuendo & references are fine though. :moustache:

I gave my friend so much shit over him having a spike-mac ship fantasy, despite him not having one. I went so far as to offer to have him one commissioned. You good sir...hates off to you.

As always your story's bring a smile to my face. :ajsmug: This is looking good so far, and I can't wait to see the rest! :pinkiehappy:


Well, your pacing is super sonic, I can tell you that much. We literally have like three paragraphs of SpikeMac admitting their feelings and becoming an item. Also, you really should tone down the Momlestia angle. Don't misunderstand, I love it—it's actually my headcanon that Tia is Spike's mom and Twilight his sister—but you basically shoved it down our throats in the first few paragraphs.

Other than that, I noticed a few incorrect words, like a were instead of where. Try finding someone to run an editing pass over this, slow the hell down, and you'll have a decent gay!Spike fic, something the worlds desperately needs more of. :ajsmug:

Finally I've wanted one like this for so long

I've never seen this ship before, I'm going to keep an eye on this. You have my interest.

I like this so far. The only concern is when Mac asked to be more than friends. It seemed rushed, and Spike had no real reaction. I think it would have been better if Spike was shocked or at least confused.

4195357 Yeah, I tried giving a backstory for it in-chapter but it didn't work out so well. It feels rushed to me too looking back. working on editing now.

You had me at the premise, but ya really do need an editor, my friend. :applejackconfused: Three quick tips: 1) Start using the word "and." If you're too deep into the habit of using &, then use Find/Replace functions. 2) Slow down. The story blitzes so much by the reader in so little time that it makes the eyes cross. :derpyderp1: 3) Show, don't tell. Minimize on explaining story developments and character emotions. If Spike is nervous, have him twiddle his fingers; if Pinkie and Luna decide to continue their contest later, have them discuss it in dialogue; etc.

I seriously, deeply wanna like this, but right now I can't see past those major flaws. Sorry. :ajsleepy:

This seems like fun. Can't wait to see how it progresses.

Comment posted by Bigblackclock deleted Apr 7th, 2014

You need an editor.

Ron'll help.

funny chapter. I can't wait for the next one.

i can edit. want me to edit?

4200243 Sorry, already found somebody. But I'll keep you in mind if the situation changes.

Go Discord. I bet I know what is on Twilights Hearts Warming and Birthday lists.

4200385 I can picture it now, Twilight writing a letter to Discord sucking up to him so she can have orichalcum for research. :facehoof:

Celestia is an awesome mother :pinkiehappy:

how sweet I love a good gay fiction. Keep it up bro

I hope Macintosh likes the moon.

The way it's written is very heart warming and the way it includes the other characters, especially Discord, is really amusing. I can't wait to read the new chapter. Please, do ignore those dislikes, this story does not deserve any of them. You sure have fav and like from me! Thank you for writing it.

Bro, you gonna credit that preview pic or not? I drew that.

4201648 Sure, didn't know who's it was. I found it on google images and couldn't find a signature or anything. Would you be interested in making an updated version with grown Spike?

So iI just finished the fourth chapter and all I will say is

Keep it up.

I have a question that anyone can answer: Does the title sound... cloppy? I'm not changing it or anything but looking back it just sort of sounds that way. :twilightblush:

4202834 in a good way though, it's actually why I clicked the story.

Short, but good as always :pinkiehappy:

Funny chapter. We need to figure out what happened to that maid though. I can't wait for the next chapter. Best of luck.

That maid thing is going to haunt us isn't it?

[Bad Gollum Voice] I LOVES THE PRECIOUS!

4209432 :moustache:: no the precious IS MINE
(proceeds to fight over big mac:eeyup:)

4211886 :moustache::But due to time travel, you could allow me to win in one timeline.

I loved how you placed those minds in the gutter. That was a great chapter. i can't for the next one. It is going to get weird when that subject comes up again.

This was a really good chapter! Mac X Spike is one of my favorite ships next to Spike X Discord!

This should be really cute, and funny! Keep up the awesome work.

This brings up a good point: how would sex work?

It's sad how Mac won't live forever like Spike :pinkiesad2: Or will he? Only time will tell as the story go's on :eeyup::moustache:

So I was wondering something. Who tops and who bottoms?

4216905 I'd assume Spike would have been bottom, but now probably Big Mac? Dunno, I don't do clop, but I might joke about it eventually. :trollestia:

if it all right I can give some tips on writing pinkie?

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