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favorite characters are as follows in no particular order. Zecora, Luna, Fluttershy, Spike, Berry Punch, Lyra & BonBon, Vinyl Scratch, & Discord, Oh and Big Mac (as long as he's gay).


Once again, King Sombra has returned from the depths of defeat. Unfortunately for him he's been stripped of all his powers and been put under the charge of Spike the dragon. To complicate matters, Sombra discovers he and Spike are both part of something that started in a time before the alicorns, Discord, or even ponies in general.

Join the unlikely pair as they share in a series of trials and adventures that will put both of them to the test, and inevitably draw them closer together.

The story takes place fifteen years after the Tirek incident, making each character significantly older than in the show's current timeline.

A M/M story that's been rattling around in my head for some time now.

*Update* 12/4/2015 new cover art.

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Pearl is five years old now and can't sit still for anything. She's the pride and joy of Spike and Macintosh, and all of Ponyville loves her. Join her and her family as she starts school and starts on her way through life. Not everything will be easy, but it wouldn't be fun if it were.

Teen rating is probably a bit much, but better safe than sorry.

This is the sequel to Wedding Bells and Egg Shells

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Spike and Macintosh have taken the next step in their relationship and are soon to be wed. Spike can even enjoy the comforts of his younger days thanks to the cooperation of his friends and family. However, a startling event just a week before their wedding may upset the future they have together, or possibly make things infinitely better. Only time will tell.

Cover art isn't final, just there until I find something better.

This is the sequel to my previous story Bigger Than Mac

The sequel to this story is out now! The World Is Her Oyster

As always the story is edited by TheAlmightySqueeb

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Spike & Big Mac have gotten pretty close over the years, bonding while the girls were off saving the world. They finally admit their feelings for one another, as soon as Spike comes of age, but they hit a snag in their relationship. A BIG one. Will their relationship survive the unexpected changes? What will the girls think of all this?

Current cover art is by Clopper-Dude
Chapters edited by TheAlmightySqueeb

Sequel is out now, Wedding Bells and Egg Shells

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A changeling out of place struggles to forge a new life while hiding from his race. He will need to find good sources of love to keep himself strong, but what if love meant more to him than food? Can he really afford to wait for somepony special? This is the story of Cherry Plum, a self-named changeling that wants to be a pony everypony would want to call friend. But he may find more than friendship in the small town of Ponyville.

M/M with Noteworthy. Teen rating is for language & suggestive themes.

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Spike & Discord have happily been ruling the Chimera Kingdom for years & their son Draco is 5 years old now. While raising a child & running an empire are rewarding, it can also be tiring. So the trio decides to take a break & spend some time away. Where would three magical royal beings go on vacation? Ponyville of course! Draco hardly ever gets to see his extended family now that they've all settled down. So bags are packed, plans are made & fun will be had! What could possibly go wrong?
Probably a lot actually.
This is the sequel to Love & Entropy if you don't read that this won't make any real sense.

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Cadence is killed in an attack by Queen Chrysalis as an act of revenge for the failed invasion, Shining kills her in retaliation but the lonely life soon gets to him. Shining has become distant from everypony & pays attention to only his work ruling as king of the Crystal Empire. After 3 years of separating himself from Equestria a hero of the Crystal Empire returns to save him from himself & just maybe show him how to love again.

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Spike realizes Rarity isn't for him 10 years into the show's timeline. Deciding that he needs to get away from everything he decides to put his new wings to work as he searches for something to complete him. What he finds is not what he expected. Love never is what you expect it to be is it? But any sane person would definitely question his new romance if they saw his new lover.

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The continued romantic adventures of White Night & Braeburn Apple. The story begins with the couple headed towards Ponyville so Braeburn can attend his first family reunion since the death of his parents. White of course is nervous about meeting Braeburn's family, but wants nothing more than to be there for the one he loves.

Please read The Tale of White Night beforehoof or this might not make sense.

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White night an albino thestral (bat-pony) has always been teased by other thestrals because of his appearance. Some even went as far as calling him gay, this hurt the most however because he couldnt admit to anyone that he actually was. He cracks under the pressure of constant harassment of the other night guards. He is dismissed from the night guard for assaulting his commanding officer after hearing him talking about how much of a failure he is as a night guard because of his pigment deficiency and orientation. After an accident while being interrogated he leaves Canterlot behind. He searches for a new life somewhere nopony knows him. A quiet little desert town called Apploosa.

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