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Stories of Romance between characters of different species. The focus is not on the sexual differences, but cultural and biological differences, and the struggle to overcome them. For example, a story of love between a pony and a changeling, and the issue of love-as-food. It's ok if there isn't much of a struggle, just so long as the characters are of a different species.

To be crystal clear, this group only allows fics about or containing Romance, NOT sex. Clop is strictly prohibited. As for stories with a 'sex' tag, if the fic has explicit sex scenes or high levels of innuendo, it will be removed. Not to say that your characters can't have sex, just that it can't be something described in detail. Use your best judgement. We want fillies and colts of all ages to be able to read the stories listed here. That goes for stories with a lot of gore and adult language as well.

Visit Crossbreed My Heart for other interspecies pairings.

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Why isn't there a HumanXpony folder?

Maybe a folder with Breezies? (I think I spelled it wrong. If I did, whet's the correct form to write it?)

How about a Pony/Zebra folder?

Why is there not a diamond dog folder?

I have a question: if a vampire pony falls in love with a normal pony, who later becomes a vampire herself, does that still qualify as ponyxpony or would it be interspices romance?


I'm planning a pony/griffon story involving mating. What would happen? Pregnancy or are they incompatible for a, I suppose, hippogriff?

Well, after forgetting how to create folders, I finally got this one up and working. Anyway, if you know a few stories that belong and are feeling particularly charitable, feel free to add them to the new folder.

360563 can you please make a Griffin/Dragon folder there are multiple fics that have that

No, but I'll add a new folder involving draconaquus pairings. Also, you may want to make a group thread to ask these types of things, because it was a total miracle that I saw this.

I have a story about a dragon and a draconaquus. Can I still put that in the dragon/pony folder???

Um, is it possible you could include a Changeling/Zebra folder?

I wish that there were more pony/timberwolf fic. It's just an appealing fic type.

I have a story deer/pony where does tht go

Ding! you now have 100 members. :yay:


Added a title banner! Behold my programmer art!


I gave your group a shout out. Check the description. I also made it more clear what this group is about.


As you wish, it is done. Be sure to check out the more specific rules I just posted in the description area.

Well now, it seems we have something in common. My own group, Crossbreed my Heart, is about this very subject. Perhaps we ought to consider some cross-promotion.

May I request a folder? :raritystarry:

A Changeling/Timberwolf one?
I've written one and would like to properly place it!

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