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Gabriel LaVedier

Just another University-edicated fanfiction writer who prefers the cheers and laughter of ponies to madness and sorrow.


Some folk have been confused by references made in stories to prior stories. So here's a list of the threads that move along from one story to another. There's a lot of overlap; it's an interconnected web.

The Unfavorite-The Nightwatch-The Equestrian Resident-Royal Hospitality-The Unsuitable-Dames of the Tea Table

Bad News Apple-The Discarded Son- An Appleoosan Kind of Love- The Bad Apple Chronicles-The Unfavorite

The Unfavorite-The Nightwatch-Hatred Would be better...-The Unsuitable

Broken Young Nag, Bitter Young Haggard-Too Different, Exactly The Same- Las Canciones de Voltaire (#1 Fan)- Sin of Ommission

Broken Young Nag, Bitter Young Haggard-Dames of the Tea Table (Part two)- Las Canciones de Voltaire (Anniversary)

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I feel like I know your name somewhere did you write any zootopia fanfiction before

Sadly no. I barely write for myself as it is.

Would you be willing to take a request?

I know you were in a rough patch for a while. How are you doing?

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Actually nice content · 9:58am Feb 5th, 2020

Have a look at this lovliness.

Remember a while back when I made some Hearths' Warming content, the pony version of Santa and the Krampus. It was a nice thing, a happy thing. The opposite of caribou and zebras. And I finally got something drawn on that subject. The Hearthkeeper, Kampfite, and their Pooka wives Klåsa and Kråmpa.

Have a happy thing to make your day bright!