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Dark Lightning

Why I'm Hungry

I take back what I said before. I'm simply watching over the population and those before and after me.

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'Tis a shame, even the chats between one "Blaze Spark" and "Dark lightning" have fallen to the passage of time.

*AND THEN FUCKING SURGERY HAPPENED...more like dissection though, and after 5 hours, we had..a lot of fish meat *

400549 Me: *Goes up to a seapony*
Seapony: Please.... Help....
Me: No. *Takes out a steak knife* I'm going to dissect you first, so I know what meat is good for the others. *Throws water at him* Wouldn't want you to die before I'm done, right?
Dark: Is that a bit much?
Me: YEP! *Begins the process*

Me: YEAHHHHHHH!!!!! Lets wory about that monster after lunch...

  • Viewing 10,218 - 10,222 of 10,222
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