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On International Women's Day... and brony discrimination · 8:17am Mar 9th, 2015

So I guess you could say, on first glance and judging by my profile pic, that I am not your usual type of brony and one could easily assume (and wouldn't be mistaken) that I tend to lean on a specific side of the spectrum. It's already March 9th over here, but screw it. I don't have school tomorrow and this issue is now nagging at me at the back of my head. This will not be your typicall "rant". Rather, I'd like to seriously address and discuss in a civil manner (even if the content is not, and

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1978600 Well, that is still a pretty good reason. :twilightsmile:

1978362 Er... Well, I like to see how the story develops. I dunno. :twilightblush:

993477 Ninguno tenĂ­amos idea de que serĂ­a el inicio de una bonita amistad. ^^

Thank you for adding, Twinkling Gem, to your favorite story list. :twilightsmile: What did you enjoy about the story, that it made it to your list of favorite stories? (I ask this question pretty much, almost all the time, so don't worry.) :raritywink:

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