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Gabriel LaVedier

Just another University-edicated fanfiction writer who prefers the cheers and laughter of ponies to madness and sorrow.


The slickest pony in Equestria spends some time in the finest city in all the Principality. A pony with no status moves among the highest of the nobles. Much is discussed, more is learned, and conclusions are reached that will affect lives forever.

(Thumbnail image by Norithics.)

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Damn that vague description, now I have to read it!:ajbemused:


I hope it was worth the read. :pinkiehappy:

While I'm not good with this type of dialog, I still did enjoy it and understand some of it. I think that the way you write in such a way is very nice and well thought, but could hurt in the long run. I had a hard time reading it and I'm sure many others will have a problem too. Other than that though, its great once you digest the difficult wording and I give it 5 stars.


What type of dialogue? The formatting looks fine on my computer. Are the indents off or did I miss a BBCode tag or something?


I think he's referring to Luna and Bad Apple's dialect, which can be a little hard to follow, especially without the glossary. I enjoyed it though, and wish that I could acquire it into my vocabulary. Great story fine sir. Bravo.

I love the direction that Bad Apple took after we first met him, and the way you've been revealing more and more of his true character. His relationship with Luna is particularly touching, and I find him growing on me.

Definitely an interesting story, and one that gives us a better look at the black sheep of the Apple family.


You should see his backstory. He changes quite a bit.


You mean Luna's. Bad APple talks normally, if with a bit of a slippery tongue.


I forgot that he does. I shouldn't try to comment early in the morning while playing MW3, lest I get confused.

Is there any particular order to the stories to read? I started with " The Unfavorite "


For the "Bad Apple" thread, it's probably best to do "Bad News Apple", "The Discarded Son", "The Unfavorite", "The Nightwatch", (Then a quick jump into "The Bad Apple Chronicles"), this one, "The Unsuitable" (for a laugh, it's kind of a sequel to this.) And if you like, "Hatred would be better." "Contra the heresies" part two references "The Nightwatch" part three (So does "Hatred.") Complicated, but I had an interconnected thread thing going on :raritystarry:

I actually was able to understand it. All of it.

Heck yeah, I'm smart. :twilightsmile:

Excellent! I like finding folk who understand my English Renaissance Luna variation on the new Season 2 Luna.

Nothing quite like rereading old stories from an author who really knows how to write characters.

On a side note, I really like Luna in the picture. Even if it is her old mane...


Yea, I know. But you know? It was free, and I was so SO glad to get it. Someday, I'll get a more proper one with her Ethereal mane and her wings visible.

I love these characters. I love them so much. I've learned how to get into their heads and work out how they would act. Mostly because I created Bad Apple, and because English Renaissance Luna is near and dear to my heart. Ahhh, bawdy double-entendres and cutting common phrases. :moustache:


Hehe. Thank you. As I said above, I love Luna, especially taken to her logical conclusion as English Renaissance Luna. She's just a pleasure to write for. Half of the story is just having her say things that play with language.

Oh, Mr. LaVedier. I kep forgetting to tell you how much I like this story and whine about how much you should be popular and how I'd give you all my fans if that were possible. I've always been attracted to the idea of a single person with a huge amount of power or charm or intelligence, like James Bond or Do for Who, and you nail that. +1, brother. +1.


Popularity is a strange thing. I plug away for love of the art, but I really would enjoy a bit more notice. You're too kind to say all that, and I thank you much.

I, too, enjoy that kind of "lone wolf" hero, like the ones you mentioned. However, as "The Fulcrum" shows, Bad Apple says what the others don't. He's not alone. A vast array of helpers and supporters have made him the success he has been. He serves as a focal pivot that lets other talents be mixed and brought to bear. Also, when I thought about doing an "It's a wonderful life" equivalent, there were so many changes, ultimately ending in Any Random winning.

You're very good at writing Shakespearean, even down to the double entendres. That's impressive. I wish I could do that. Bad Apple reminds me of Neal Caffrey from White Collar. Just kept imagining Matt Bomer's voice coming out of a pony.


He's half that, and half Michael Weston from Burn Notice. He's a grifter AND a spy.

1898665 I see you enjoy USA Network programming. :pinkiehappy:


Mostly the NCIS reruns and the occasional Law and Order: SVU. But Burn Notice is a ton of fun, and the voiceover moments are too cool. :rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by Potato Pride deleted May 21st, 2013

I want to say that the mare in bed with the OC is Fleur, but the eyes make me say that its Luna.


It was a free drawing. I didn't have much cause to complain. He missed her wings, but I can just say they are covered by the blankets. So yes, it is Luna. Older Luna, though the story is more "Luna Eclipsed" Luna. How did you like the story itself?

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