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This story is a sequel to The Princess and I

Ever since the day I decided to give up my old life for a new one I could say that everything's going good. I mean I've got a great girlfriend, an awesome new house and pretty much everything else a guy could ask for. However I'm sure that a lot of guys you look at me funny if I said my girlfriend was a princess and I live in a castle and I'm sure they'd say horrible things about me if they found out that princess was actually a pony who can control the moon.
My name is Aedan Ryan, six months ago I came to Equestria because I fell in love with a pony named Princess Luna. (Crazy right?) Now after having dealt with having to take care of her, a whole new challenge awaits me... one that I and every other man in the universe could never really be ready for...

Cover art done by quizzicalkisses, very good artist... I suggest you check them out.

Edits by OneWingedDevil and Chivalry

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Continue my friend!
-(Non-Brony) TTE.

YES YES YES YES YES YES :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Welcome back!!!

Hory sh:yay:! I was not expecting that! Congratulations! You're the father!
P.S I was expecting Aedan to spit out milk.
P.P.S Is the child going to be named Donavan?


Brilliant as always my friend!

And that title, wherever do you get these strokes of genius? :rainbowlaugh:

I've helped you added the story to the Humans on Royalty group so you don't have to.

Sometimes I'm just brilliant that way. :derpytongue2: :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome. I always worry about sequels because the Authors tend to have different mindsets by the time they make it or lose the feel of the original, but clearly this was not the case.

Good job.

Thank you! I've been really anxious about this story and now I'm cheering out loud now! Keep up the good work!

Sequel. FINALLY!

The News... Kinda makes it sound like someone died :derpytongue2:

Please tell me that guard will get his ass kicked.:twilightangry2:

Very good. I look forwards to reading more.

Just a note, though; keep an eye on your usage of "you're" and "your". A couple of them seem to have swapped places. :twilightsmile:

IM A AMERICAN I BOW TO NO MAN OR COLOFUL PONIES. It my constitution right and just to make it solid, here's Abe holding the document to prove it.

LOL :rainbowlaugh: it good to see this story back

That single image is the greatest thing I have ever seen...

*success kid* finds a good story has a sequel!

It's great to see this story continuing.:pinkiehappy: I figured that Luna was pregnant(the throwing up gave it away:pinkiesick:). Why do the guys never see the signs?:rainbowhuh:

So The News is out, whenever this happens in these stories, the same question pops in my mind: What is the baby going to be? A human, pony, anthro, or some freaky abomination?(of course it's never that)

I would like to inform you of charges pending against you for the theft of my time. You have stolen easily six hours of my life that I can no longer get back. Your story is too interesting, and frankly, I am surprised I am the only one to be doing this. I demand an apology and require you to make sure you do the best you can do to make all of this worth while.

Joking aside, I really do enjoy your story, Thank you for the hard work, and have a wonderful day. :twilightsmile:

I was reading the synopsis for this on the front page (congrats btw) and I was thinking "Wow, this sounds like it would be a sequel to "The princess and I", that would be awesome." Then I clicked on the story AND IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW!

This was featured?

much shock
Such surprise


Is Luna's Last name Ryan now???


Nice... but really Celestia, really??

Why is there a human tag when he became a pony at the end of the last story??

Read on... it will be explained

looking forward to the next chapter


Why the sad face? I thought everyone would be happy...

Aedan best step away from the fan, 'cause the shit's about to hit! :pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh:

:pinkiesmile: huh..... after what the guy's been through, it's understandable the luna fell in love and banged the living hell outta em' :trollestia: but all joking aside, :pinkiesad2: it's a little sweet to foresee a wedding for luna and Aedan. :pinkiesmile: i look foward to it

I hope you do not cancel this sequel:pinkiehappy:

3610081 I'm an American kid
Should be. I'm an American, kid

Please don't take offense. I'm not interested in your story, but I have to ask, where did you find the picture you're using as cover art? Also, where did you find the one for The Princess and I?

Thank you for pointing that out, it has been fixed.
And why would I be offended? If this isn't your cup of tea then you will receive no malice or hate from the likes of me... As for the amazing cover art for both stories... The first is from a very good artist by the name of Heavelle over on Deviant Art, though they don't have many deviations I highly recommend them because the style is just to good to ignore. The second piece is by yet another equally amazing artist by the name of quizzicalkisses, also on Deviant Art, again I highly recommend them both if you either enjoy good art or want to try to sharpen your skills as an artist.
So there you have it I hope I helped you. Now please go and have a wonderful day.

3610081I thought that was a happy heartwarming face, not sadness:rainbowhuh:

I can imagine Aedan's and Celestia's mouth dropping to the floor. Laughed when Aedan went. "Oh..." Good start with the sequel. Looking forward to chapter two.

Totally love your stories!!:raritystarry: I can not wait for the next chapter!! :pinkiehappy:


:trixieshiftright: :pinkiesmile: so Aedan, Princess. when's the wedding? :twilightsmile: when are ya gonna introduce Aedan to the parents in the astro-plain? :pinkiehappy:

I activated my 'I'm not leaving this chair until I finished this chapter ability' now thirty six hours later... I need sleep and a sandwich. :trollestia:

On this story, it's 5 dislikes and 107 likes. Which means the dislikes easily fall within the "OHMAGERD ISSA HUMIE!" threshold, people who open it up, see that there's a human, and immediately mark down. Don't let it getcha down!

Better watch out for those mood swings now Aedan!

3615402 Totally in agreement with this fine fellow. Humans scare many people here, so don't let that hold ya back. If a story was perfect and everyone loved it, you would never write again. Why would you? Perfection is something I hope to never hit, because it means I can't ever do any better. :moustache: Take the dislikes like a man. Hell, ignore em'. I think the green bar is prettier anyhow.

Wondering about the baby species; it would be a human, a pony or something between those?

Actually, come to think of it - how will mood swings and hormones affect the moon? Will Celestia end up taking control? And during the birth, will she be trying to wrest control back from Celestia so she can smash Aedan with it? "YOU DID THIS TO MEEEEEE! AAARGH! GET BACK HERE YOU BIPEDAL LOTHARIO! LUNA SMAAAASH!!!" :trollestia:

2 things:

1. Yes. Just F-ing yes. This is awesome.

2.YOU'RE WELCOME. I didn't tell anybody about the sequel (that message you sent me a while back), so yeah. Now on to the next chapter since I just found this story. (Haven't been on fim fiction for so long)

I should've asked in the previous chapter, but, that picture of Luna you put in the author's notes, what skin color is she in the story? Vanilla or chocolate (teehee, it sounds funny)?

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