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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.


Imagine my surprise when I see a winged unicorn in my kitchen that claims she's my mother.

Imagine her surprise when I threw my coffee mug at her.

Imagine my Dad's surprise when I was banished to the end of Time.

Okay, the last part didn't happen, Tempora is actually really nice, but you get what I mean.

Just roll with it, I guess?

Set in an Alternate Universe where nothing of canon makes much sense.

Based on an idea by Rainbow Dragon!

Edited mainly by FlameSwordedLink and now Grand Inquisitor.

Tag updated.

Future Chronicles now HERE
Kayla-verse linked here and in the story.

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Queen Tempora

Haha, very funny, FAUSTICORN.

I lol'ed and lol'ed XD
Excellent job on this story thank you!

Take a horseback ride, reverse it. Lololololol.

Have a mustache.:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

nice keep up the good work

Suddenly i can understand his son. Probably because if the father

HA! DOOM Theme! XD

I am glad i read the third one too. I am ok with the first chapter, i donĀ“t like the second one, the father is somehow weird and it is to fast for my liking, i like to know more about the new Charas, befor a romance is happening, but it is a comedy so it is ok i think.
I like the third chapter the most, probably because of little Runa:heart: Well i try to think of it as the comedy it should be.

I'd like to thank you all! Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning to find 39 favourites! Wow! Gobsmacked. Thanks everyone! Hopefully I can improve my writing (I know there's much to improve).

5078103 Indeeeeed.
5079284 Well, I'll have to keep writing then!
5078788 Sorry about the pacing, this was actually only meant to be these four chapters and modified after public reaction before published as 'Completed', I really apologise in advance because I'm writing three stories at the same time (even though that's not much of an excuse) I kind of rushed it in the beginning. Still, I tried to flesh out the foal/hero interactions as much as possible. Glad it worked out better to the end.
5078775 Yes! I have to link the mv.
5078578 Thank you!
5078548 Why thank you, Sir!
5078538 Thanks, well it was written for you :P

No Fausticorn = No name.
Simple as.
(I love your name and picture, by the way)

5079495 Check my page, and you'll find out how terrible my name actually is.

5079503 I still don't see what's wrong with it, though...
Lots of depressing stuff there, however. Makes me wanna go hang out with Discord and see if he could cheer me up after reading that. :applecry: :fluttercry:
Still a cool name, though.

5079422 For me it's 22:57, aka 10:57 PM. Yay for Britain! :pinkiehappy: Boo for it being Tuesday, meaning AH HAVE TO GO TO SCHEWEL. NOOOO. :raritycry:
(I know I spelled school wrong. I talk weird when I say certain stuff. Yay for accents! I also say things even weirder, as I just showed, when I'm being insane, like usual.)

5079546 Look closely... My name and image is a fusion of theirs.

5079571 I feel for you D: School. Oh well, stepping stones to greatness. Hello from Australia!

Bring more... and I will forgive you for giving celestia and luna's mother a bad description. Type in on google images, Princess Celestia's Mother. you made it seem like she was red with green eyes... but it is forgivable. Let me know if I read wrong though.

5080010 I might actually fix it because I didn't do much research (so sorry!) Originally because this was an AU with no canon I intended Tempora to be a cross between Fausticorn and well, something else. I think I'll change it to be closer to consensus, thanks!

5080065 No problem. If it's a bit rude, my bad. I was peckish. My mood brightened after I got a hamburger...

My word! I can't stop smiling! There is not enough gratitude to show! Thank you all!

What did I just read?

If you treat Discord like a friend then a friend he shall turn out to be. The future is what you make it.

Lol, seven dislikes? LAME. Keep it up man I like where this i going. :D

A new chapter mere hours after I put in a request for another chapter = life semi-complete

5080479 A typical morning wake up call. What? Doesn't this happen to everyone? Strange...
5080530 How true that is.
5080538 Thank you! Well it just shows I'm not perfect with my writing, I will endeavour to improve, that's for sure. Hopefully, I will meet great expectations.
5080390 Inter-Universal travel does that.

5080553 I may be able to push another chapter today. I've already reached my normal 1.5k words a day target, but I'm just so excited, creative juices are flowing!

See, that's the part where he should have called her a racist.

Was the doom theme for the moment or was it foreshadowing?

5080586 the opposite of writer's block. Writer's flow.

GAH! My heart... Too... Adorable...



Agh! Dammit now I have heart pains!

Sadly, Tempora's actions may be what set's the future in stone. You treat someone like a monster, in time they might become the monster you made them out to be. Still, hopefully Discord and the other kiddies have a couple more decades of fun.

((Sadly.. I can envision the start of his fall. Probably around the time Tempora dies, the three sisters so shaken by it that start lashing out at Discord, who in turn takes it harder than he should, likely because of the 'prophecy' that had been hanging over him all that time...))

Over all; so adorable and cute I still have a smile on my face :pinkiehappy:
Keep it coming!

5081241 Your wish is my command.

Silly Tempora that's not how you get your son in law to like you! XD

This is the most:
Awesomely hilarious
Story I've read today.

And do you type at light speed or something?how do you get new chapters out so quickly?!

5081321 Type fast, not much editing, unfortunately. I have to be careful with my writing, but of course I have no editors and only one pre-reader that responds to my output fast enough but she's currently working. Basically, I try and get my ideas down fast and hopefully it doesn't bungle up! Thanks for reading!

Also the more likes and comments that are generated, the more motivated I get to writing for a story. It's a massive positive feedback loop!

This chapter made me tearful :fluttershysad:

5081305 Such Service! So... if I asked for a million bits..?

In other news; I just caught the Harmony+Discord thing. Both of them creatures totally out of place in the greater world around them... The Feels. The Feels... The good Feels, mind you (this is approaching cute rating: diabetes).

5081368 If I ever get a million bits I will give you all of it. I'll send it via express Super Excellent 100% Happy Customer Pegasus Post. It's got a 0.0000000000001 % success rate, and that's a lot right?

Despite the fact that there's more dialogue than description, (really needs more description-hint, hint.), I quite like this AU. I think I'll watch, though tentatively, from now on.

5078495 ...And her sister,Queen Tempura.

5081401 I'm so sorry, it's an unfortunate side effect of my fractured writing process. Hehe. I'll take your advice and put a bit more effort into describing things, thanks for your feedback!

EDIT: I do tend to be dialogue heavy, mainly because I imagine them talking to each other and then doing things and then talking to each other. My first medium of serious storytelling was a camera and I focused on characters, dialogue and action but of course the background was taken as a given. I have to work hard on that blind spot. Feel free to Internet-smack me if I slip into bad habits.

5081410 Her Father, King Prawn or was it King Fish?

This is gold. No, seriously. This is gold :rainbowkiss:

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