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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.


On a patrol through the White Tail woods, Twilight comes across a dying changeling. Torn between giving up the drone to the guards or leaving it in the inhospitable wilds, Twilight reluctantly takes the drone in. As it awakens she realises that the drone was a blank slate, with no connection, no 'programming' guiding its functions. So Twilight sets out to teach this changeling about the world, one hoof step at a time.

Rated Teen for slightly mature themes involving ethical dilemmas.

If Word Worthy stopped editing for me, I'd likely wind up as a grammar-less hack. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Good start, and a good twist. Hope to see more of this.

Nice plot idea. Hope to see more!

This feels like it's going to be a great ride. I look forward to the next.

This is a great premise. I loved to read it. Keep up the good work as usual.

great intro btw:twilightsmile:

Wow, I really like this premise. So many people anthropomorphize the changelings, but, save for Chrysalis, they've never done anything to prove sapience. Plus, I always love Twilight finding new technology.

However, I disagree with this:

No matter how complex the programming is, a changeling will never feel.

This reeks of the arrogant thoughts of old scientific minds. The same was said for all animals other than humans, with an equal lack of data to justify the assertion: Since we do not objectively know what 'conscious' is or how it comes about, we cannot say that anything besides ourselves is or is not conscious.

And if we take 'feel' to mean 'have emotions like love, hate, curiosity, etc.' then her statement is false. No matter what the definitions of those emotions is, be it down to the chemical or just their results, since the changeling can both acquire chemicals and modify itself and follow an algorithm that produces the same results as emotions in all cases, it can always satisfy those requirements. And if 'feeling' is related to the 'soul', then that is equally as subjective and unprovable as whether they're conscious or not. And even if the soul is objective, then the question that comes next is: how does it work?

I'm also kind of surprised that Twilight didn't figure out that the sonar ping staying the same either meant the signal was diminishing or moving away. Also, she could've used some triangulation to figure out whether it was diminishing or moving away.

I look forward to seeing some changeling programming though.

This looks promising. Wonder what theories you have that I share. Don't have time to read it tonight though. The premise sounds good though. Though, I also disagree about the no feelings though. But, in my theories on Changelings, they admittedly have no reason to think beyond giving orders, or at least the drones whom have been unable to evolve beyond just being drones haven't had reason for such.

What theories do you have for them? ^^

This, this is good. So drones are effeictivly organic computers...

Nice plot twist with the Changeling calling her Queen. It's understandable, really, if the Changeling's link to the hive has been disrupted, either from power surge or too much distance.^^

I love fics like these. Mind control and hypnosis are always something I enjoy reading because the applications are nigh endless. I've read a few changeling mind control fics before and this is definitely refreshing to see. You have my upvote and favourite.

I especially love the little thing you did with the name of the chapter :raritywink:

5825114 Each changeling expresses his own emotions during "A Canterlot Wedding".

Hmm this looks interesting.

5825785 In the blogpost was forgotten that they made sure each changeling expresses its own emotions in the series.

I think that phrases by Twilight you mention was her thoughts and theory and it probably occur before her finding the Changelings, in which case, she probably change her belief slowly as she study the Changeling

Now you have really got my attention. Well done

5823213 Calm down there Thor, the writing works at his own pace :rainbowwild:

I am waiting to be dissapointed by the distopian brainwashing of society that has been widely fanonly accepted. Eager to be disproven.

Yes, I, Borg was one of my favorite TNG episodes, too.

How has Twilight even come upon this information? If so how does she even know how Queens are formed? How did she test this and find out? This doesn't make any sense yet. So far the report is the results of an observation I haven't watched. I feel like I'm missing a lot.

Ooo, this story has some great potential! Added to my tracking list.

Make the second chapter pls

Sounds great...will read when done!

5825790 I thought I'd write it down if they didn't. They did, so I didn't write it down.

“As you wissshhh…” it hissed weakly. “My… Queeeen…”
Oh. I thought. Oh dear.


Well, I meant that changelings in the show might not have been able to pass the Turing test. In the comics they might have.

I forgot about the part where they giggled though.

If anything Rainbow Dash won the Turing test, tricking them into thinking she was one of them like that. The giggling, if you wish, is when the shield's still up and they're brute-forcing their way through.


Because.. reasons. Something doesn't add up.

The only way they'd learn tha tmuch is if they'd capture a ton of them, "interrogate" them so they'd spill that information. Very deep and important information.

But the way its presented means that Twilight is the one who came up with this info ( the letter being an info dump on Celly, because Celly wasnt aware of all of this), so she did the interrogations/autopsies and ect.

But then she act surprised and confused when facing a changeling when she should know more or less instanttly what she is looking at.

So yeah.. What Twi knows (and how she knows) conflict with how she acts. She knows far, FAR too much and yet act as if she know nothing.

I think it would have worked better if that information dump wasnt there at the beginning, but came up several chapters later in the story.. when the 'ling that consider her(Twi) queen answer her questions.

I shall be watching.

CAN'T... WAIT... FOR... NEXT... CHAPTER!!! :raritycry:

“As you wissshhh…” it hissed weakly. “My… Queeeen…”

Oh. I thought. Oh dear.

Heh, looks like someone just got promoted again. I wonder what Celestia will say to suddenly finding herself outranked. :rainbowlaugh:

Rated Teen for slightly mature themes

No bangin's? :pinkiesick: As if I would read this lack of smut.


To answer your questions, yes this letter is chronologically later in the story. It's me with my foreshadowing. Also, it allows me to set the stage for Twilight's character development. What she initially learns, compared with what she will find out. I promise, it'll all tie in together in later chapters. Sorry if it's confusing, I thought it would be clear with how it was presented.

5827826 Regardless I am not fond of this headcanon. I however don't blame you for looking upon it. I just don't consider it plausible since it's a living organism we are talking about, not some cybernetic thing... In any case. The way you describe them it's simply you saying that they are like magical golems.

5827857 That is fair and I respect your opinion. :D

"Biological robot" is probably a better way to put it and, in fact, a pretty interesting real-world problem in bioethics.

5827926 It's just... the letter likely treats them as if they have no hope. And it says "wish to find someone that's not programmed" does this mean this changeling is? Because your description says that's not the case.

Well, he clearly still has the drivers for audio output installed. :rainbowlaugh:

5826082 Cherngelerng, "We are Third of Five."

Twilight, "That name sucks donkey balls. You're Hue now."

Cherngelerng, "Hue Grant? I guess that works."

Captain Helix glares at 'Hue', unable to forgive the cherngelerngs for what they did to him...

5827994 I will do my best to address your concerns. The best way I can describe the letter is that it is an unreliable narrator. It is from Twilight's perspective and the readers have the sense that it is placed a bit further in the chronology than what occurs after the scene break. Where Twilight is sourcing this information is a mystery and from the reader's perspective she has so far only seen evidence that supports her theory. Whether this actually turns out to be the case is yet to be seen. I wanted to introduce this letter here because it allows readers to try and infer what is about to happen, without revealing too much. Giving it leg-room plot-wise so to speak. Also I ever laid my hoof on an un-programmed changeling, good pick up. Without giving too much away, it certainly implies something to that effect, yes.

This is what I wanted to convey. Perhaps it is unclear with the way I presented it and I apologise for that. I'm motivated now more than ever to try and execute my story in a more seamless manner.

5828037 Yea... try erasing the software out of your hardware and tell me if you can repair it later. :P I am a computer engineer. I would know.

5828414 If you ever wish to talk ((I am a changeling Maniac :pinkiehappy:)) Pm me or add me on skype dionysiosbbbb

Looks like this could be interesting. :trixieshiftright:

This is excellent! Good characterization, and a refreshing first-person perspective! I enjoyed it immensely and can't wait to see where it goes from here.

Incidentally, I'm writing a story with similar themes, though other than that it's quite different (and also nowhere near as popular as this little gem you've got here). Good luck with future updates!

“As you wissshhh…” it hissed weakly. “My… Queeeen…”
Oh. I thought. Oh dear.

And that is where I decided to track this book. And it's what made me grin widely.

5823213 You're not me. :ajbemused: But I believe this is the picture you were looking for...


Ah, so blank Changelings instinctively latch onto whomever gives them magic as their Queen?

Sorta like imprinting?

Or am I reading too much into this with not enough information?

“As you wissshhh…” it hissed weakly. “My… Queeeen…”


5829555 That's what I was thinking but couldn't put it into words.

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