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Celestia, the ever regal and gentle princess...

Celestia, who along her sister, rules over the land for eons...

Celestia, holder of unlimited knowledge and the power over the sun itself...

Is still a mare. And a very lonely mare.

She always wanted a foal to call her son, but she was a princess. Something desirable by many, approachable by none.
So what happens when Celestia finds a young colt?

Why she will adopt him of course. And she will love him forever.

Despite his cursing, senseless mumbling and apparent delirious mind.
Yes, she will love him, even if appearances can be deceiving...

Adam, the ever lazy and impulsive teen...

Adam, who wants nothing more than some peace and quiet, even if he's doing jack-shit to achieve anything...

Adam, holder of limited knowledge and power over his own laptop...

Is a pony. Or a colt, more precisely.

He was not always like that, though it doesn't change the fact that he is now. So, what will our human do in a foreign world, trapped in a foreign body?

Why he gets adopted of course.

And despite his cursing, senseless mumbling and apparent childish mind.
His adoptive 'Mother' will love him.

And why does her sister looks at him that way?

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This super cool you should make more it's hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

'Defiantly tea'?
The tea is defiant?
I know you meant 'definately'

Hm... I have read some Stories similar to this. Let's see if this will be as good as some of them.

I will give my Fav when I approve of the Second Chapter.

Your tenses wander all over the place. You start off in past tense but you keep lapsing into present. Pick one and stick with it.

Also - "A meek choice"? I don't think that's the right word. Limited choice/selection would fit better, rather than meek. Or "sparse", even.

This is really good, I can't wait to see the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

I only had one question…what sister?

4864852 Celestia's Sister is Luna....

No he say HIS sister, so either Celestia got another mare as well, so that its why I'm confused into why Celestia took 2, even more, took another if she already had a filly

Oh wait you are right is say HERS…oh boy

W…w…well it couldn't be what we think…Luna might be looking at him with rage, or jealously

4864723 lol, thanks for correcting me

We don't know that! yeah, its probably jealous Luna is a very, VERY jealous mare that its all

4865134 Sure, she's... she's just jealous, heh heh... No lust here, nope sir:twilightsheepish:

We never know, I suppose we will had to wait for the next chapter so the author will tell us…but it probably jealous after all this a Teen story we are talking about

4864723 Definitely. There is no A in it.

"Yo yo this be Discord, but mah homeys call me D-cord!"

Random brain fart. :pinkiecrazy:

Would prefer he's an actual human really, not in a pony body.

Why? because he likes to carry a cord around…hey there is no shame, mens can get entertain with simple things too…like a cord the toy of 100 use

I'm intrigued.

I'm still waiting for a story where the protagonist turns into a fox
It will be grand :ajbemused: yes.
Thus far there has been
Diamond dogs
Regular dogs
Anthro foxes
Anthro wolves
Anthro cats
But I have yet to see a good HiE story where a guy turns into a regular fox

dat reaction....classic.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
you, my sir, have earned a fave.:moustache:

To few! I cant taste it. More.

Okay, I am intrigued. Have a fav.

you my good sir have ernd a paper gold star wear it whit pride and i will continue 2 read this story

Aw man, this looks like it'll be good! :D
I've always loved the stories about Celestia adopting a child, especially when they were human.
In fact, I've had in mind a couple ideas for stories like that but this is interesting.
Can't wait to see where it goes. :)
Update soon!

You have my fav simply do to the last line in the chapter. That made me laugh. :rainbowlaugh:

I knew someone would run away with the "Momlestia" trope from /mlp/. Good on you.

Well, I believe this will be a good story. Keep on writing!:twilightsmile:

iloveit!:pinkiehappy: please continue:fluttershysad:

this is interestiing i want to read the next chapter soon

4865441 If not for my 12 year old equivalent writing skill, it would be done:raritydespair::ajsleepy::fluttershysad:



(You forgot the plethora of changeling transformations) Bah, so mundane. I say we go for shenanigans. Turn that human into a timberpony. But why stop there? Let's go hog wild, and no, not turn into a hog. Let's turn that hapless hairless human from a simian simile into a tentacle monster!

Mmm, actually, that might be too much of a bender for the mind to handle.

Might be safer to just start with a tentacle monster and yank one into Equestria. We'll call it Qet. Qet's an average Joe, just minding it's own business, going through college on a minor grant to finish off the last year in a Bachelors Degree program in Computer Science. Now now, there's no need to start poking Qet with pitchforks and shaking torches at it, Qet's just asking for directions home. Yes, it does sound like cats being boiled alive in soapy dishwater but no one's bothering to help poor Qet here learn Equestrian before shrieking and running away every time. Oh dear, and now the guards and more poking with the pointy sticks. This really isn't Qet's day after all. At least Pinkie's trying to throw Qet a party. Hopefully Qet won't have too bad an allergic reaction to sapphire powder sprinkles-- Pinkie wasn't quite sure what kind of cupcake to make for a tentacle monster so she brought a selection... (the triple chocolate mousse with fudge creame filling was quite tasty!)

4865283 I have another human adopted by ponies story if you want to read it instead

Comment posted by The Twisted Shadow deleted Aug 17th, 2014

so...hes not human anymore? the picture make me think otherwise though. i like it btw

"Ahh, the classic choice between a mage, a thief, and a warrior," Adam mused. It was a no brainer really. "Mage it is…"

Mages for the wind :yay:

I bet we're all thinking 'this needs more!' :pinkiehappy:

Interesting, but no fave until second chapter.

Let's hope you update soon! :twilightsmile:

haha loved the eding :rainbowlaugh: hope you continue this story.

4866292 Then the poor lad doesn't know gaming. Every true gamer knows... STRENGTH IS EVERYTHING!!! :flutterrage:

4866919 WHAT! How dare you compare senseless strength to arcane knowledge, taste my lightning bolt!

Comment posted by The Twisted Shadow deleted Aug 18th, 2014

I see some potential. The premise is good for a starting point. One nice thing about involving Discord shenanigans is there need be no rational point whatsoever. I look forward to watching this progress.

Be sure to review what you've already posted from time to time to catch errors though, or at get an proofreader. After a month without looking, a review should help you catch some of the errors. It's a method I use myself.

"The fuck? Who is this D-cord@gmail.com?"

God damnit Discord.:trollestia:

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