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Although it left it, it knew that it was right, it made it down, because it didn't know what's up.


As far as demons go, Morpheus is fairly standard. He plays tricks on your dreams, perhaps drives one or two mortals mad... but when a demon is summoned with their True Name, they are spiritually bound to obey their summoner. Usually this is not a problem, as it's usually something fun that Morpheus can get behind. Sabotage, assassination, diabolical masterminding... actions with consequences that will damn his summoner for all eternity. This time, though, he meets a creature so colourful and innocent-looking, he's almost insulted.

She'll give him the order to begin World Domination, right?

Aaaaaaany day now.

Additional tags: Demonology, Demons, Demonic, Devilish, Dark Dank Demon.

Practically everything I make has some pun in it. Biology. Pun in it squares.

Rated Teen for mention of dark stuff. A story that tries not take itself too seriously. This is also going to be a short one, probably only about four chapters long.

Amazingly edited by Word Worthy!

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This is going to be gooood

Also, that picture is my desktop background xD

Is it wrong to imagine Morpheus speaking with Mark Sheppard's voice? Or Christopher Lee's? Or Benedict Cumberbatch's? Or Jeremy Irons'?

You got my interest. :ajsmug: Going to watch and see where it goes.:twilightsmile:

mmmm... morpheus seems... weak. submissive. i don't really like that.

you;ve read the Bartimaus Series...haven't you

Well, Twilight, you've done real bad now, giving a demon your name.

cloven hooves

Ponies don't have those.

6090960 You are absolutely right, they don't. *erase*

Ooo! Demon in Equestria! I don't think that's been done before. Good for you!:moustache::twilightsmile:

Well, this is interesting. Let's see where it goes.

You can’t physically harm any living thing.”

“Also you must help any living thing that asks for it. Though only if does not involve harm to any other living creature.”

Third Law of Robotics when

:facehoof: you know this actually sounds like something her character would do too...

Hm... looking forward to more Morpheus trying to find loopholes in twilight's logic to destroy everything.

well a good thing that magic isn't physical

He can't use her true name to destroy her, that would contradict her orders!

Anyone know if this story is 'dead' or not? 6 months since the last update...

6492483 but by knowing her true name he can give her orders. I think. for demon and true name knowledge I'm going off of what I remember from a book I read a while back and TV show that actually did some research on stuff like angels, demons, and myths


It varies by setting. Usually mortals are less vulnerable to true name stuff.

6731353 thanks for clarifying and yea that makes some sense and judging by the fact that Morpheus was so happy about getting twilights true name I'm guessing that he's done some true name rituals before and knows what to do. or something like that. I'm very tired right now and it's to damn early in the morning for me to write stuff

demon boy's in trouble,

Finally! An update! Yay!

No, not really.
The name given by your parents wouldn't be your 'True Name', in order for such a thing to even exist, her soul would have to have been in circulation.
And her true name would be her first.
Alas, no, she didn't give you her true name.

:trollestia: Twilight what have I told you about meddling with dark forces you cannot comprehend?

Hmm...small confusion here. Kinda thought Chapter 1 was a more aged up Twilight rather than 8 year old Twilight, for some reason. (Perhaps the author note at the end of chapter one... confuzzled me a little.) :derpytongue2:

However, Chapters 1 and 2 have set up an interesting, intriguing premise. For this, the Track and Like has been earned. :pinkiehappy:

Please continue, dear author, for I am morbidly curious. :pinkiesmile:

:twilightoops: That I shouldn't do it unless I follow the proper safety procedures checklist, signed waivers in triplicate, and proper AAA rated defenses? Or failing that a cheese quiche?

:trollestia: I think you should come with me.


She's just mad at Twilight for something, and an amusing bout of two Twilights trying not to appear in the same room as Celestia will be next.

I never quite understand the whole true name shtick...people change names all the time...how is it that the name parents gave you any more true than the names you choose for yourself?

Inb4 Twilight has a middle name like Abigail or fucking Daisy. Twilight Daisy Sparkle... Nice name.

I'd bet she knows but is gonna pretend not to just to mess with him~

6734740 this is following Bartamaus trilogy rules, birth name is true name.

Obviously, she's angry because Twilight took the demon summoning books without asking and because she shouldn't have demon summoning books in the first place.

Well, it's obvious that Celestia is miffed that her student didn't go through the official channels. All demon summoning has to go through the royal legal department, office for non-backfirring contracts. It's the reason no-one summons stuff anymore, when you finished reading the multivolume agreement the summoning time is usually over.

I'm guessing it's like destroying the core of a machine. Twilight gave him orders, he can destroy her and those orders die.

I can imagine a very serious 90's montage taking place until real Twilight came.


But he can't destroy her in order to invalidate those order without first having already destroyed her.

It’s funny, right? A demon with a soul?

Why is that funny? Are demons creatures without souls? I'm not 100% sure what mythos you are drawing inspiration from, so to find this funny it would help to know what kind of demon this is.

6756264 Glad you asked! It's actually more to do with the common perception that purely 'evil' things don't have souls.

6756321 I guess I am pure evil then, since I have no soul.

6757387 Don't worry, I don't mind not having a soul. It's not like anyone else does either. :trollestia:

The trio galloped away as fast as their little legs could carry them. I caught myself feeling pleased and then smacked myself in the head. Way to be proud of terrorising younglings. Some malevolent force of evil you are.

This world is starting to get to me. It’s giving me the willies. I have to get back to the Other.

Next thing you know, he'll start pouting and complain that he didn't even get to destroy one single cookie before bedtime. :rainbowlaugh:

This sure isn't quite turning out the way I expected, I'll say that much.

The equine looked up from her notes and smiled. It was creepy. No, not the smile, I’ve seen mortals smile before. But usually they were shaded with ambition, malice and joyous triumph that flushed their delicate faces. Exceptional emotions like that. This smile though… it was horrific. It was unsettling.
It was happy.

This will be interesting... :pinkiecrazy:

“You summoned a demon from the Other using their True Name using complex incantations and mechanisms that for one small mistake could kill you and possibly decimate the surrounding areas into a barren wasteland just so you could have a chat?!”

You should ask about the time she mind-controlled a whole town into a riot in order she could write a one page report. :rainbowkiss:

A sudden thought struck me. “Hey,” I said slowly, “just how old are you anyway?”
“I’m eight years old,” she replied proudly.

:pinkiegasp: Filly Twilight already summoning eldritch beasts to do her biding at such an early age! I'm so proud! :pinkiecrazy:

How long until the next chapter? Please let it be soon; this has way too much potential to be left in limbo for another 2 years.

>with the complexity and and scale that were characteristic
>and and
pls fiks

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