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Depravity is a draconequus, with a problem. She loves ponies, a lot. So much so she has traveled across the seas to their homeland of Equestria to stalk them in secret. However, when her blatant obsession manages to catch the attention of a particular Princess of the Night, Depravity is immediately sent into a panic! If she is banished for her obsessive compulsions, how will she ever observe anymore ponies!? But come to find out the esteemed princess has actually come with a request for the draconequus. A request that may be an utter dream come true!

[Warning: Story contains suggestive themes/references.]

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OK, I do like this start. My only complaint is that the first chapter is very, very short.

Rather than a chapter, this is simply two scenes. Other than that, I did like the fic.

Please continue.

The Monk

Also I advise the Author that the voting thumbs up / thumbs down system is broken on this story, which is why he isn't getting votes. It is not registering my thumbs up, or anybuggy else's. I have seen this happen on three separate occasions. The Author has to get in touch with FimFiction to get this rectified.

Seriously, I can't see an issue Luna had with this dream. I don't think an experienced dreamwalker would be fazed by it. After all, it's quite natural for adults to have some suggestive or even explicitly sexual dreams from time to time. If this is because of dream itself, she clearly overreacted.

Another option: it's because she discovered a draconequus within range of her powers and deemed her a serious threat for Equestria. Then again, I don't think Luna, as an experienced dreamwalker, would destroy a dream in a fit of rage, potentially alerting the potential enemy. I think she'd try not to reveal herself and to get some intel. As far as we know, she's trying now to find in the waking world the draconequus all she knows about is that she enjoys dreaming about licking chocolate off of ponies.

Concluding, I think Luna behaved very unprofessionally in this chapter.

But don't worry, I feel this is going to be an interesting story. :pinkiehappy: Have a like and I'm waiting for the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

I hope Luna doesn't break Dreamwalker-Dreamer confidentiality over a little sexual fantasy like this. Shit's personal, yo.

14 likes, no dislikes.

Tell me your secrets.

8058947 I've seen this before as well, but I don't think the voting system is broken. I suspect voting results are hidden until number of votes is high enough. When I voted the counter appeared and showed 11:0.

8058836 I have also read this chapter
I could get into this

Well, this looks like its going to be a fun ride :pinkiecrazy:

Please give us more :heart:

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