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A collection of poems written from the perspective of many of the ponies and fantasy creatures who live in Equestria and beyond.

This poetry collection has been read on YouTube by an awesome YouTuber named PonyStemCell!

You can check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0eQXDRLn9M

Thank you to PonyStemCell for reading my poetry collection! Be sure to check out his YouTube channel here. And his Fim Fiction account here.

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5994844 Thank you very much. I am trying to make a poem for every character. It is slow going but I'm doing my best. XD

Princess Luna writes a poem? HELL YEAH!

;-; I got struck right in the feels man

6021403 Aww, thank you. XD And thank you for the watch. I will return the favor.

6463344 Thank you for the great review and I am happy that you enjoyed the poems. :)

This actually started as a project of turning all of my old poetry from high school into something pony related so it wouldn't just sit on my computer, useless. :P

So I am glad that I was able to turn something old into something new.

I loved this poem. It really does bring out the sorrow of Luna's character and is a very powerful opener to this series of poems. Knowing what we know now, this poem is definitely heartbreaking and it explores Luna's character to a tee. All the memories she had earned up until the Nightmare incident have now been swept away under the rug, never to return, least they hreaten to lead her down that path again. it is a difficult sacrifice indeed and it is her burden to carry. It actually makes me respect her even more considering how friendly she behaved at the Nightmare Night Festival. A truly amazing poem about my favorite character.

Another beautiful poem. I really like how you're experimenting with different styles and using different literally devices to achieve your impact. The gradations and time skips in this poem felt very mesmerizing and helped us to understand the glorious Princess of Love better as we see a good part of her life laid down right before our very eyes and explored as the months and years pass by. It is very powerful and the message is very upplifting. Life will throw a lot of problems our way, but we have to embrace them with a smile and an open heart.

You know, i rarely ever see things like these. Usually, when people write about Sunset and Celestia, they'll just explore Sunset's feelings while not even touching upon Celestia. However, this poem felt very unique in the way it presented itself. Maybe, Sunset's departure reminded Celestia about Luna's wrath and that the history has repeated itself. Or maybe she felt immense sadness since she let down somepony who really looked up to her? Either way it is very powerful and very sad. Another wonderful masterpiece.:moustache:

6480362 I am glad that you enjoyed reading it. :)

6480370 Well thank you. I appreciate the kind comment.

Lunaexcelsior , not to be rude, but it says Cadence, not Celestia.

:yay::fluttercry: (not to burst a bubble, but I'm pretty sure there's a typo "Waiting next Tuesday's jam session" should be "Waiting 'for' next Tuesday's jam session", I don't know if you are able to fix it, but I thought I'd mention it anyways [mostly out of habit].)

6639967 It commented here like five times for some reason. Sorry about that.

:derpytongue2: lol, I hope the coin 'sparked' :facehoof: an idea for him, otherwise he just threw out part of what he could pay bills with. :pinkiegasp:

6639967 Cool, thank you for catching that. I will fix it.

6639882 It's all good. I think they got confused because I wrote a similar (themed) poem about Celestia's relationship with Sunset Simmer. :)

:rainbowlaugh: (should say 'drool' not 'droll' though, unless of course you meant "Droll: curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement.")

6640030 Thank you for catching that. I fixed it.

:pinkiesmile: (should say 'in your hooves', but it says 'in you hooves')

6640071 Thank you for catching that. I fixed it. :)

6640102 I'm glad that it is Fluttershy approved. :)

:coolphoto: (although 'tell then the ones' should be 'tell than the ones')

:pinkiesmile: (says 'how much she is need' when it should say 'how much she is needed')

:pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::derpytongue2: (I hope you meant to say 'autumn is fall' as just a difference in what to call it, since they are the same season.)

6640172 I fixed it. Thank you for letting me know. :)

6640222 It was supposed to be 'winter is fall' and I changed it. :) Thank you for catching that.

:rainbowdetermined2: (things to fix: 'too much for me', 'had been' (change or not to 'have been'), 'faster than', 'too much sense', 'might as well have been', ' 'Cause it had more action than dynamite! ' (the apostrophe on 'Cause' and 'than' instead of 'then'))

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