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Discord makes an interesting discovery during one of his weekly visits with Fluttershy. Will he use it for good or to create chaos? Read to find out.

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Aww. And I thought I was going to rip off Discord's head. Glad I don't have to. I don't think Fluttershy would appreciate it.

5318946 And how awkward would it have been to be screaming "Waifu Stealer" at a rock?

5318946 Discord learned his lesson. Well for the most part. lol

You need to ship Rocky and maud.... NOW!

5319346 Hey that's not a bad idea. I think they'd make a great couple. ^0^

5319356 I dunno. Boulder might object to that.

5319398 lol You have a good point there. Maybe a love triangle? 0_o

Rocky vs Boulder. To the death. SOMEONE MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! :pinkiecrazy:

5320017 lol That would be interesting.

5320051 Make that a sequel. It'd get featured for sure! :pinkiehappy:

5320060 I just might. ^0^ But I am writing a Spike fan fiction first.

5320084 I am kind of figuring that out as I go along like most of my stories. lol

5320098 I like to plan them out. This one story, I've been planning for at least six months, and I've only written about six pages! :twilightoops:

5320102 That's probably what I should do as my stories always end up being so random. 0_o

5320105 I think they're really good! I'm mainly working on my big masterpiece, Generations(the one that took six months), right now, so I'm not really updating as much as I should. :twilightsheepish:

5320107 Thank you for the kind comment. ^-^ I have a few epic pony fictions I have shelved for a while. I think I need a co-writer as sometimes I am not motivated enough to finish the epic ones on my own. <_<

5320114 I might be willing to help. I'm pretty good at adventure-type stories, if I do say so myself. :ajsmug:

5320124 I always like doing collabs. ^0^

5320138 So... what's it about?(You can PM me if you don't want spoilers getting around.)

This was basically the last week episode. Are you a spy or something? Really it's so funny to see Fluttershy being all "YOU WAIFU STEALER" over a rock and Discord last week was like that. At least he was like that over a pony friend, not a... rock :rainbowlaugh: Once again good work :rainbowkiss: And I think Maud would love to have a little talk with Discord. :trollestia:

6002772 Yes but my fan fiction came out before the episode though. ^_- I am happy that you liked the story. XD


Good "tell" story. Not as short, but it doesn't drag.

Thumbs up.

Possible corrections (that, or I may be the one who is wrong):
1. Here he paused as if listening for Rocky to answer. He nodded a few times and continued, “Oh yes, it a little bit after that when his kind was found all over Equestria. Thank you for reminding me.”

2. Rainbow rose in an eyebrow in her direction and Fluttershy shrugged.
- raised

3. Dash finished up the remaining food on her plate and gave Rocky a look up in down. She noticed at that moment that the food on his plate had disappeared.
- "a look from top to bottom" (or something like that)

4. “Boy it sure takes you two a while to catch onto things doesn't it?”
- don't you

5. They were very well-known during the days of Star Swirl the Bearded but these days not too many people bother with their kind.
- just a suggestion: instead of "people," how about "ponies?"

6. Rainbow dash raised one of her hands up in victory.
- "hands" should be "hooves."

7. Rainbow did a fist pump.
- hoof

8. “Yeah, well that momentary lapse in judgment almost dove all of Equestria into eternal darkness..."
- drove

9. He snapped his fingers and the four found themselves standing in the main council room of Twilight’s newly built kingdom.
- er...castle?

10. “Bye for now my little ponies!” Said the disembodied voice before it was clear that Discord had left the castle for good from the eerie silence that followed his departure.
- small "s" for "Said"

11. As a reward for doing what he promised to do with the crystal, Fluttershy gave Discord a special blend of mint tea made from leaves she had harvested from his garden which made him a very happy Draconequus indeed.
- From whose garden? Discord's or Fluttershy?

6005320 Cool! Thank you for the suggestions. I will make the necessary edits. ^-^

Just a little nitpicking.

Rocky moved back in fourth...

I might be wrong, but shouldn't it be 'moved back and forth'?

Anyways, I liked the story :twilightsmile: Especially the part where they entered Discord's house.

6356919 Oh thanks for catching that. I will change it. :) I am glad that you liked the story. Thank you for the favorite.

6356929 No problem :twilightsmile:.

I'm shocked! No one has made the reference yet?! fine I guess I'll have to
Can you smell it jabrony?:trixieshiftright:

6478586 lol Dat video. I guess that could be Rocky's theme song. :rainbowlaugh:

6761673 Thank you for the kind review. I appreciate it. :)

I loved the cute, happy ending. It was perfect, thank you for the story. Just keep on writing.:pinkiehappy:

7538444 I am happy that you enjoyed reading the story. Thank you so much for reading it and for leaving a kind comment. It is very much appreciated. XD

Now I'm curious as to how this story would have turned out if it took place after "Discordant Harmony." So, where did you get the idea of Discord wanting to become friends with a rock?

9242997 Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I hope that you enjoyed reading it. :)

I got the idea from the rock creatures in The Labyrinth, actually. :)

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