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1. Show vs Tell is not as simple as it seems. 2. As a writer and editor, there is nothing worse than being cooked alive in one's own perspective. 3. I am an amateur. But, I believe I'm getting better.

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Show vs Tell - links to tips and advice

Just a bunch of helpful links that I am collecting and posting here, firstly for my own benefit, and then for the benefit of others like me.

The Camera Test - Can the Camera See It?:
1. http://www.writersdigest.com/editor-blogs/there-are-no-rules/showing-vs-telling-in-your-writing

Ten Tips:
2. http://www.scribendi.com/advice/how_to_avoid_telling_writing_in_fiction.en.html

Four Tips:
3. http://www.dailywritingtips.com/show-dont-tell/

The Basics:
4. http://emmadarwin.typepad.com/thisitchofwriting/showing-and-telling-the-basics.html

Writing Tips: Show and Tell
5. https://authoradamgainer.wordpress.com/2015/05/21/writing-tips-show-and-tell/

Show and Tell Tips
6. http://www.romance-ffp.com/show-and-tell-tips/

Creative Writing

Digital Tools to help Writers

Editor's Tips - Links to tips and advice

Story Progress

Kindness and Cruelty Book 1 - ALL PUBLISHED CHAPTERS,THOUGH COMPLETE, ARE BEING RE-EDITED. Think of it as First Edition is complete, and Second Edition is on the way. Once finished, First Edition will be replaced by Second Edition.

Chapter 1 - Complete.
Chapter 2 - Complete.
Chapter 3 - Complete
Chapter 4 - Complete
Chapter 5 - Complete
Chapter 6 - Complete
Chapter 7 - Complete
Chapter 8 - Writing done. Editor is currently reading it.

Revelations Series
Revelations Book 1 - Pipsqueak : Complete.

However, I do not plan to work on any of the Revelations series until I am a far better writer.

Revelations Book 1 - Octavia: Writing complete. Partial editing done.
Revelations Book 2 - Pipsqueak: Writing complete.

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Thanks for the follow man!


1845597 Heh, no prob.

I forgot to follow you! Whoops.

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Sept21,2015 - Monday...stock updates...and the Manila Jockey Club · 6:18am Sep 21st, 2015

So the stock market's down again.

But there's a technical buy rating for the Manila Jockey Club.


Funny that they have racing specifically for juvenile colts, and juvenile fillies.

It's still gambling though, so even if there is a technical buy rating to it, fundamentally, "it ain't mah thang."

Still, link's above. Hope it gives someone an idea for a story or something.