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Come what may and test what will, I always find peace in some form of writing. Be it famous, hidden, or simply my own, it is and forever will be a sanctuary.


It has been months since Discord was reformed and relocated to Ponyville. Under Fluttershy's watchful eye, he has kept himself from harming or manipulating a single pony. There is only a small problem that came with the larger solution.

He has gotten bored.

Concerned for her new friend, Fluttershy suggests he uses his magical powers to help ponies around Ponyville in ways that no other pony can. Good thing, Discord has such a unique way to help ponies in need...

Story eleven in my Twidash Challenge: Random Theme
Cover image by GlancoJusticar

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Discord and Fluttershy romance?

Yes please, and, away we go!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yes. There is no harm with Discord helping other ponies.

Especially with his nature.

... /sarcasm.

This IS going to be fun.

~Skeeter The Lurker

At first I thought 'you didn't write twidash stories?? This has to be good:pinkiegasp:' and then I saw Twi and Dash tagged :rainbowlaugh::twilightblush: ..... Anyway, I really like it... And now comes the boring part, WAITING... :ajbemused:

I second that.
I have liked and faved this story :3

Let's just hope Discord does not paint some one's house with glow in the dark paint :derpytongue2:

Discord felt good.

The day was young, his mind fresh, and all of Ponyville open to him.

“Time to get started.”

Back in her home, caring for a stray robin that had floated through her window, Fluttershy felt a shiver run up her back.

“Oh dear, I really should close the window. That breeze is chilly.”

No, that's not the window, sweetie. That´s your instinct telling Discord about to go "help" Ponyville in "a way no other pony can help". XD

Can´t wait though how Discord gonna "help" Twi and Dash, given how rules-boud Twi is and how mistrusting RD, this gonna be awesome fun. :D

Oh, the wonderful possibilities...

I can only imagine what Discord has planned...Well, until the next chapter anyway...

Fun so far.

Minor typo in a few places: "miss-sized" should be "missized".

Well this definitely piqued my interest! :pinkiehappy:

Oooooh man, this is going to be awesomely awful. :pinkiecrazy:

A reformed Discord fanfic with fluttershy i approve wholeheartedly :pinkiehappy: I like how Pinkie and Discord were able to connect a bit and talk things out, Fluttershy offered the kind push and Pinkie provided the random first lessons that were needed

i have a feeling Discord's little adventures are gonna be AWESOME :rainbowwild:

Dr. X: ...... Shall I prepare the Logic And Sensibility Cannon?


I've read a lot of Discord stories, but rarely one that gets his voice so perfectly.

I eagerly await more.

Really well done. I'm hoping for the Discord and Pinkie Pie friendship to be expanded upon.

Faved and upvooted before read it.

Love it, I can't wait. :yay:

3007380 He's going to forcefully ship them, of course. After all, what's more chaotic and helpful than forcefully shipping Twidash?


I don´t know, how about Twi marem, I mean harem? :twilightoops:

Though yeah, that gonna be one heck of a shipping if Discord is involved. :rainbowlaugh:

This story looks promising. I just hope it won't be random, out of the blue shipping.
Romance tag and character tags don't necessarily mean all of the tagged characters are going to be shipped.

3006682 some alicorns just want to watch the world burn

this is just like the show, maybe better so:

*prepares all manner of god-slaying weapons from a zillion fantasy and sci-fi realms* I dun trust that there chaos god fer nuthin! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

What's this? Another Twidash by The Wizard of Words?

Stop the presses. Stop the internet. Stop all time and life.

I have to read this. Now.

Why I fell like Discord will break half the world to fix the other half.:pinkiehappy:

Adding this to my ist of master plans... what? no, nothing important going on here!

My school's internet security marked the scene change picture as porn. :applejackconfused:

Giving ponies drugs will make them smile too.


3013179 You know someone will go and deliberately dislike it just because we pointed it out!

I like this so far and the premise has a lot of promise. Grammar issues here and there (eg 'His voice trailed off has he looked across the room') but that's expected. Also, Fluttershy is described as a canary three times before the first page break. Otherwise characterization seems solid, and I think your Discord is especially well done.

Looking forward to this updating.

:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: pardon me whilst I just hover my cursor over the watch button.
Oh dear, I accidentally left clicked. guess I have no choice but to track this story now. :raritywink:

i wonder if romance will be part of it!
pinkieXDiscord all the way!
anyway great story hope to see more of it soon! X3

3 dislikes. Really? Why?

Looking good so far :twilightsmile: *watches*.

This is the first thing that came to mind when I read the synopsis:

TL;DW: Beetlejuice did a spin on this idea. Also, Cube roots? Isn't she like twelve in the cartoon? I know I've compared her to Twilight before, but wow.

Random crap aside, I'm very curious as to exactly where he's going to go with this. Even if he pulls it off, horrible doom for someone is probably going to result.

I cannot wait to see what stunts Discord'll pull off in Ponyville! I hope it doesn't make Fluttershy all :fluttershysad:

Oh poor Discord, I know how you feel. Pony life just doesn't fit you. Even Pinkie Pie was taking to long to explain stuff to your impatient nature. :pinkiehappy:

The part starting at 17:33 was the best.

Also...This fic. I like it.

Discord, the Spirit of Chaos . . . taking lessons on "helping other ponies" . . . from Pinkie Pie. :pinkiecrazy:
Ponyville best prepare itself for some CHAOS squared. :applejackconfused::derpytongue2::rainbowlaugh::twilightoops:


Hehe, delightful this. Great premise with good execution. Looking forward to how Discord will get creative. Great characterization with him too, by the way.

Should be fun!

Finally someone writes post-reformation Discord accurately
i love this its got show quality

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