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A somewhat deranged author who likes science and writing stories with way too much dialogue. Recently got it through her thick skull that she was a girl.


Trenderhoof wants to write about a truly exotic locale, Twilight wants to explore new kinds of magic and Dash just wants an adventure. Then Discord's offers to show them around his dimension, it's a match made in Tartarus!

Written in a trade for Bluegrass Brooke

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Comments ( 8 )

i loved this story
the end was soooo cute
would love to read a sequel sometime ^^

"Heck yeah!" Rainbow called back. "Say what you will about the guy Twilight, he's got good taste in colors."

I'm more into orange.

"These are binjas." Discord supplied. "Storage containers trained in deadly martial arts."
"We prefer binobi." Rakuten sama corrected.


This was really cute and funny altogether. I'm recently starting to really kind of warm up to Discord/Twilight stories. They're both just weird in their own way, but in a way that somehow also meshes pretty well. Better than Fluttershy and Discord, at any rate. The other two pairings are interesting in their own right and stand out a lot to me if only because I've literally never seen them done before. That's a major plus right there.

All in all, a lovely little story. Wouldn't mind a follow-up.

I'm surprised they didn't go to see Shuma Gorath.

Shuma Gorath: "Indeed. I'm hurt, Discord. How about you share that cute Rainbow maned mare with me? Though if I'm being completely honest, I wish you would've brought Princess Luna so I could invite her back to my place. Rainbow Dash is cute, but she has nothing on Luna's cerulean shades! (looks at people staring at the comment) Oh, don't look at me like that. I have a thing for blue girls too, you know!"


Discord dated the color blue.

And Discord and company meet up with said color.

This is too perfect.

I'm dying of laughter right now.


The title alone is enough to draw crowds. Love the scone scene. Freezer bag! Freezer bag!

It's true. All things in life are better with Discord.

This was so hilarious and cute :)

That last scene made the fic.
I'll be honest, I've always kind of hated the whole 'lol-random' thing that a lot of fics, especially Discord fics, have, and the first part of this story definitely counts in that. However, unlike most of those fics, this had a purpose behind it; a lot of the various 'lol-random' moments were actually setting up later interactions: the monologues, Dissy's tastes, Blue, etc.

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