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Became a brony during season 2 and have watched many: parodies, read many stories, seen some beautiful animations and love the community. Just need to get away now from the fluttercord fanfics

Umm story time anyone?

I like these


Dear Diary, · 5:31am Dec 31st, 2014

So Firstly, Choas isn't immortal, love is = WOW!!!!!!!!! Really thank you guys for the popular support you gave it :D

Secondly, The Flash at the end of Twilight = I'm grateful for those who red it and if you disliked it BECAUSE of another reason not related to "Hate 4 Flash" then I thank you, in an awkward way.........ANYWAY!!!!!!

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Hey man, thanks for adding Stolen to your favorites! :yay: It really means a lot to me.

thanks for the follow


The changeling army will invade!

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Hey! My name is TPWTPF and that is just an abbreviation story to guess my real name. It does have something to do with the hat i wear i'll give you that clue.

Anyway I am the head of the group The Alive Writers Society which aims to help new writers find a target audience that will listen and help them become better known. If you haven't joined go ahead you'll make new friends and I promise I'm not mean....Just do watch out for my randomness.

Oh yes that leads me to my next point favourite pony is:

PINKIE PIE!!!!!!!!!!!

No question. Though maybe her jokes get stale I still love her for the weirdness.

Anyway before I bore you to sleep I do have a story in the works but it is very temporary. So you will have to wait and see.