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This group is for bronies, furries, anime freaks, geeks, cosplayers, and all the subcultures of our society. All are welcome.

Art, fics, and videos are all accepted here. I don't discriminate and I don't usually shoot down anyone's post unless I see fit.

Oh, and yes, I did base the name off the Collective Soul album. They're my third favorite band.

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Furry, kind-of-brony (I'm so out of loop with the show it's not even funny, I watched the movie two weeks ago) and anime fan.

A WOLFO HAS ARRIV- *smashed into a wall, muffled swears and curses can be heard from inside, he struggles to free himself as he curses himself out for being an idiot and not paying attention, and as he frees himself, he falls back* Oh hi... I'm Snow... I'm a Brony, Furry(actual, not just by definition), and I'm also an idiot. How are you?

While I ain't the best editor, count me in! I'm willing to try!

ummm... if you like MLP:FiM for the story, fine, Ex-Furry, but if you like the characters...
noun informal
1. an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics.
Guess what characteristics they have? Speech and emotion(not sure if animals have emotion, I'm pretty sure they do though), as far as I know. They, as characters, are animals that have human characteristics. So liking the characters, kinda puts you in the furry fandom, like it or not. I usually don't bring up this point to people, but calling yourself an Ex-Furry doesn't really work online, where people can throw that down with a simple Google search.

I love MLPFIM and anime.

338083 Join the club, well minus the closet Brony part, I'm more of a room Brony...

341769 *Waves a hoof*
*Waves a paw/hand hybrid*
*Waves a claw*
*Waves a hand*

I'm also a FiM fan, Furry for 14 years and anime fan most of my life. Writer of stories no one has seen amd furry artist of sketches even fewer have searched for.

But yes, count me in... working on my first FiM story, just needs an editor.

Lets see here...
I fall under Brony, Furry, Anime freak, gamer, geek, and others. Now that I think about it, I am a part of a lot of subcultures

Not exactly what I meant... but ok.

By leaving the furry fandom:derpytongue2:

How do you become an Ex-Furry?

What defines a 'geek' exactly?

Hey y'all, after a long and therapeutic absence, I have returned. And I am so happy to have seen this group grow like this. Over 150 members! :pinkiegasp:

Thank you, guys.

Furry, Ponies, Anime



Help me! I'm a closet barony and a closet furry! All the pressure is almost too much to handle! Help me!!!:fluttercry:

I'm a brony and a furry! Not to mention you all should go and check out my fic Together Until the End! It's a ShiningMac story and I would love to get more love for it :yay: :twilightsmile: :raritywink:

I have a ponysona, but I keep procrastination on making a Fursona........

Do I count as a furry if I imagine myself as some sort of carnivorous animal eating ponies? :twilightblush::pinkiecrazy:

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