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The reason for writing fan-fiction is to bring your ideas to life, and share them with others. This group was started as a refuge for those trying to enter the world of fan-fiction writing, who find themselves on the receiving end of hate. This group will operate on the core values of bronydom: Love and Tolerate. There will be no cruel words and spamming of the thumbs-down button. We will do our best to help you improve your writing, or direct you to those who can do what we cannot. We don't care if others say your story has been done before, or if you have a red and black alicorn. This group will help. Anyone is welcome to join.

The "Stories to Be Edited or Reviewed" folder is where the new fan-fiction goes that is awaiting help. Then, please post a comment on the help thread detailing what sort of help you need, be it correcting grammar, help with writing in general, a review, etc. Please do not post stories on the front page.

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If y'all don't mind, I could use some pre-reading on a story of mine! :twilightsheepish:

EOur Day in Disdain
Rainbow Dash is forced to confront the ghosts of her past and the life she left behind. Lest the one she built for herself crumbles in her hooves.
Rainb0w Dashie · 30k words  ·  43  7 · 1.4k views

Don't know if you'll see this, but I'm willing to provide advice and assistance if needed. I hace a few stories up, and feel confident enough to be of help.

Hey guys, I joined this group because I want to collect opinions about my story and I am also looking for a grammar editor. Yes, I'm new on this website, and I'm new in writing : /

Welp, thanks in advance :)

Yay, love and tolerance!

Comment posted by Sketchy_Draws-Writes deleted Dec 31st, 2015

399113 This is my old acc. I wiped my browser history, and couldn't remember my password. Guess I shouldn't look up gratuitous amounts of **** everyday. (Censored for people and ponies' sake.)

I like to suck horse cock

Hey! Thanks for loving and tolerating. I'm a new writer here and I can't seem to get my stories right. I want to get my readers right in the funny bone, or in the feels when needed. I got in on the brony trend awhile ago, but I only really read the stories. And I'm a closet brony.

So yeah.

Also my OC says hi.

Dog: Haidere

What did I tell you about taking up my comment space, shibe?


I am new here and have some ideas for storys.
So pleasce cheack them out on my page and till me what evrepony thinls.

That video IIs graet.
It reminds me that I love who I am and what I am becoming.
So I am proud to say that I am a brony :
Oh that feels so good to say

That's a difficult thing you're attempting.

But life isn't about easy things :coolphoto:

I do love and tolerate but that doesn't mean I have to "like" what other people do. I still love them and if someone were to walk out in front of a bus I wouldn't hesitate to push them out of the way (whither or not I agree with their actions). :ajsmug:

After reading a few threads and comments, I can now state that this is my favorite group. :pinkiehappy:

This group truly represents what it means to be a brony.:rainbowkiss:

Don't hate, tolerate :moustache:

369177 A human, reborn as a foal in Equestria, seems familiar and fun enough there.
Even if I did not have the Princess 'Adopt' said foal, I have a few stories with this part included.

Foals would not recall any prior life, though I guess Talents and skills could still come through.
Never waist a good quality in an individual.

I hope the name is explained, somewhere in the story, preferably not too late either.

AU/Human, guess that's as good a place as any.

You're quite welcome.

Have one too.

Dear Ponyess,
My current story is "Prince of the sun". The story revolves around my OC dying the human in the world and getting reborn as Princess Celestia's foal with his human memories intact, albeit fading.

The deity that brought him to Equestria clearly has plans for him, because she said that his leadership skills would only go to waste in death and she could give him a new sense of purpose.

Only one thing is known for sure, his name is Mythic Light and he is the foal of Princess Celestia, What is his great destiny? Where will he new life lead him?

Only one way to find out

I have placed the story in the Alternate universe/human folder if anyone wants to give it a read

Thanks for your comments and I hope my explanation helps

Have an awesome day
Tornado Blitz

364323 Just curious, what kind of stories are you currently working with? Even if it ma be irrelevant to the group in general.

Just that knoing hat we're looking at may be likely to give more interested readers. which would give more constructive comments and critique?

We're after all here for the readers, or we did not need bother publishing. I sure know I like to see readers for my stories, so I see it would be the same for others, just like you. :yay:

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