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Starlight Uplifting

I unironically love King Sombra. I'm Starlight Uplifting and I hope I can write more for y'all to enjoy!

Welcome to the Page!

I'm Starlight Uplifting! (He/Him pronouns). I'm a fan-fiction writer, college student, and a future video game developer. I take myself more lightheartedly now than I did a few years ago, when I first logged into my account as a newbie writer. I have since become more competent, open-minded, and most importantly, confident. So this is where I'll be spending some time, every here and there. It may seem odd to come back to this fandom after so many disappearances, but I do like this website. Some great people discovered me on here. So this box is for a solid introduction to me!

About Me

I'm your average brony. I never really identified with it, but it's an accurate label. Well...average is selling myself short. I'm a multifaceted guy with a broad range of interests. I play grand strategy games, I love mythology from just about any culture, and I live for electronic music. I am openly gay and proud to be myself. My favorite characters in "Friendship is Magic" are Discord, Spike, King Sombra, and Starlight. I am teaching myself to speak Norwegian, as well. After like.. 10 or so attempts at other languages, don't ask :twilightsheepish:.

My Free Service to You All

If ever you may need a proofreader or editor, please don't be afraid to message me. I may also offer to co-author works, but only if I really like the idea. As a writing tutor at work, helping people with non-academic work broadens my horizons and gives me more joy in my spare time than in my present times. Additionally, please DO NOT ask my to proofread excessive gore or clop. I refuse to do so, as both make me uncomfortable nowadays. But other than that, I'm fairly open to reading all kinds of works. Consider it like having a beta reader, but for something ten times less important to literature. These opportunities are first come first serve, and are one at a time. I will do one story at a time. Thank you!

Overall, I'm here to make myself some friends, and to do things I was too fragile and unmotivated to do when I was in high school. It's about time I let the past be in the past. So, moving on to a new year, the really real resolution that trumps all else for me is "Let the past go". I recommend anyone with a plethora of grudges to lay them to rest. Thank you for reading, if you did. I appreciate it. :yay:.

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Ambitious Rewrites? Maybe. · 8:47am Dec 20th, 2021

So. I'm always bouncing back around to being here after all this time. And I want to do something daring :rainbowdetermined2:. Brave :rainbowderp:. A little ambitious :rainbowhuh:, if you will. Yes I unironically love the emojis on here sue me. I plan to rewrite/revise my old works. A lot of them struggle from poor pacing, tense shifting, and inconsistent internal logic. For this blog post, I'll be talking about my first two works. "Truths" and "Funeral of the Magic" these stories were

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