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Welcome to Genderqueer Bronies!

This is the official group for Bronies who identify as Genderqueer, Non-Binary, Agender, Bigender, Neutrois, Gender-Fluid, and any other identity outside the cisgender spectrum. Very similar to those who are Transgender, Genderqueer people are those who feel as if they are neither strictly male nor female, but feel more along the lines of neither, both, a combination, or leaning towards no particular end of the spectrum. We are neither special snowflakes, nor attention seekers; we just want to be comfortable with ourselves and express our internal senses freely without judgement.

-Anyone of any gender identity can join
-No trolling or spamming allowed
-Don't be a jerk
-Obviously, Transphobia, Homophobia, Queerphobia, Sexism, Racism, or any other kind of discrimination is never allowed here.
-If you're unsure of someone's pronouns, please ask respectfully.
Further rules can be found in this thread.

Welcome and have fun!

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