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Sailor Aether

Resident insomniac trying to improve at writing. Now I know what MJ felt when he couldn't sleep with all the lyrics in his head.


Favorite Character- It's Cadence, Octavia, or Big Macintosh
Hobby- Writing, Cooking, Gym, Photography
Why do you write?- I am writing a novel outside of doing this. When I want practice or I get idea's I want to put down. I come here to do that in a healthy way.
Favorite Story?- Too Close to the sun by Echo 27

What to expect!

I will be trying my hand at some HiE stories and a few others. I'm working to better my writing while doing it about something that has a special place in my heart!
I hope you enjoy and have a good time!

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Pomp-Neigh #2 · Sunday · · ·

Thank you for the fav!

Here to make your day 'cuz why not :twilightsmile:

Welcome to FiMFiction, friend! 😇

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You could look over the FAQ or Writing Guide if you have any questions about the site or writing, as well as the Rules, but all you gotta really do is be a cool bean :3

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