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Resident insomniac trying to improve at writing. Now I know what MJ felt when he couldn't sleep with all the lyrics in his head.


Losing a wing as a Pegasus can be tough, and losing your parents at the same time? It would be enough to break just about anypony. Icarus has hope though, hope that he can do better. Hope that he can find a way to fly again. Hope to have not a foster family, but a real family. Though things do not go the way he wants them to. He runs into somepony that you'd least expect to be his father figure. Hopefully said father figure can handle the emotions of a nosy 18yr old colt.

There will always be someone for you, in the most unlikely of places sometimes. So do not feel you are alone, there is more for you than you know. <3

*There will be a lil bit of Romance in this too. not enough tag space :3

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Don't say it don't think it Don't say it don't think it Don't say it don't think it

why dont ya tell us whats on ur mind :moustache:

An interesting idea and i always apprechiate a good sombra Story.

I can kinda relate to icarus. Pardon, old habit

Considering they got spotted, i could only imagine the outskirts of Equestria. Nice work by the way.

Eager to see how this continues. I hope though my comments arent too much.

Your kind words and interaction with my work will never be too much! Thank you sincerely for reading and I look forward to doing more of this!

hope so, i just had bad experience with this in the past.

as for what i meant with relate, if i may, i got an OC with a simila<rt condition as him and there was once the idea of him meeting a kind Sombra too

Great minds think alike my friend! All are welcome here mate so dw :D

If you like to hear more, be my guest

This story drew me in from the second I read the first sentence! Seeing Sombra with a soft side is awesome. Keep up the good work!

Nice cameo of fleur! And did I see right celestia Supports sombra?

Does this story take place in the Sombra timeline shown in The Cutie Re-Mark Part 1?

Not quite, there's no war here. The only difference in this stories timeline would be that Sombra wasn't banished to ether. He ended being believed to be banished, until Icarus happened to stumble upon him hiding in the mountains. Sombra was on a self-imposed isolation, he wasn't trying to lose more than half his horn this time :twilightblush:

Very nice and interesting spell idea for sombra.

Icarus being used like that, i can relate to that.

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