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Love to write original stories; along with possible crossovers from well known series.


Two brothers, born within darkness. But as one lingers within the shores of the dark sea and mingles with the light, the other descends into its darkest depths.

But both are mere pieces to an even larger puzzle...

Cover sauce: https://www.deviantart.com/skyeypony/art/Run-935690201

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Tracked and faved! Very nicely done, Pomp!

It's not often that authors are willing to cover content from before Luna's banishment, often picking it up at the beginning of FIM or after Luna returns. I await eagerly for what you've got planned next!

Thank you for that! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I plan to explore various opportunities in this story. What those are shall be revealed!

Interesting idea you got there

Tracking, sounds like a great story!

Thank you very much!

Much appreciated! And you'll be glad to know that I pretty much have the whole thing planned out from beginning to end, it's just writing it out. :pinkiehappy:

So no need to worry about it being abandoned or what have you. :raritywink:


A much needed one, to be sure. :raritywink:

The old version, put bluntly: was sloppy. It was a mess. But now I can rectify that mistake, and I already have it planned through to the end--it's just the simple matter of writing it. :pinkiehappy:

Yup, this is going to my Tracking Page. Really great first chapter here.

Thank you very much! :raritystarry:

Youre welcome, eager to see where this goes. Got into sombra thanks to a friend

Ah, it’s nice to see that Blueblood legacy remains consistent through the centuries.

For those who are a little confused about Sombra and Sombasi's speech patterns

“The Great And Powerful Trixie doesn’t see anything wrong with their speech patterns!



The foreshadowing, the build-up, and I lOVE how you changed things up a bit from the comic.

oh my stars
im so invested

thank you for a wonderful chapter!!

Well that was great…wonder what amore’s reaction will be.

No problem! Thank you for the kind words! :pinkiehappy:


I think I handled it quite well, and it seems plausible/believable. Find out next time!

Interesting potrayl of sombra

I appreciate that immensely! :heart:


It's a reference to comics Sombra, but I'm going my own route, as well. Of course, we'll get some "Cartoon show Sombra," as well.

Six shadowy equine figures stood alongside Sombasi, although it was hard to make out the full details of their forms. In fact, the same thing remained consistent amongst the entire army, barring his brother and the armor the masses wore.

Aye yo?

I hope that he won’t inadvertently bring about the future he saw by trying his best to change it.

Pretty much my thoughts, too. However, I also fear that someone else will bring this about, rather than it being entirely Sombra's fault. From the impression I'm getting, Sombra may very well be a victim and will rage against those who wronged him. And Sombasi looks to be drawn into it.

It kind of reminds me of Jason Wright from another FIMfic called, "A new Ending." And I'm pretty sure its sequel is in the featured at this moment, "Endings And Beginnings."

Oh, I read the original “Ending”, didn’t know it had a sequel.
Thanks, I’ll check it and the third story later.

that was...kinda nice

“My true Queen.”

A Changeling?! NANI?! Ok, now I'm seriously invested in this story. Wow. Now I have theories brewing in my head, and Amore clearly earned this buggy-pony's allegiance. I want to know more about them!

Awesome chapter, Pomp!

Few questions answered, but it raised many more…

me reading the ending of this chapter like:

... I SEE!

This is fabulous! Not only have I never seen the idea of Sombra having a brother done before in a story in all my time of being a Sombra fan, I like how you're combining this original premise for a Sombra story with an expansion of his backstory in the comics, giving us even more to be invested in! I really hope you'll stick with writing this story until you conclude it the way you want!

I can fully assure you this story, heck, all my stories, will meet their ends. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for the kind words!

Would you like to borrow an OC?

nice art and poor Arthrodite

So the changelings are an infestation, wonder how that's gonna turn out.

Dick move, Chryssi... dick move.

On a side note: I much prefer this route rather than the one from the comics. There, Chrysalis and her changelings ran away from the moment they entered the empire's borders since they saw the Umbrum tearing up the place.

But here, it's implied they had already snuck into the empire, but the Umbrum ruined their plans. Love it!

And that moment with Thorax is amazing foreshadowing. My favorite bug-boy will do you proud, Arthro! Sure, it won't be until another 1000 years, but it'll happen.

passes away at the cuteness of the kids

also, loved the ATLA reference and the zelda reference !

Thank you! Credit for the art goes to daisyarfield, I just bought it. :twilightblush:

I appreciate that!

Yeah, I can say that I'll be going my own routes in several events, but they'll still be plausible. :pinkiehappy:

Indeed! Love those series, and if the opportunity ever arises to use those moments, I take full advantage. :rainbowlaugh:

youre welcome, keep up the good work!

My sincere apologies for missing this comment!

Thank you for the offer, but I don't plan to have OCs in this story. :twilightsheepish: But again, thank you for the offer, nonetheless.

To the Author - When you informed me about said rewrite i don't know months ago but totally wasn't expecting this...

ch.1: That opening segment at the start had me confused are watching it in through a crystal (like in S5 of mlp:fim) or is the teacher recounting the history of said fight form a book? noticed the filly's name have her name be changed to Bluebell or lobellia (as a nod to oraun high school host club:raritywink: i'm spelling it incorrectly on purpose, lol!) instead so there's no confusion later on when the actual prince blueblood appears...if he even does at all. you added snowdrop! omg the nostalgia of it all😍

ch.2 - radiant hope is nice addition & it'll give him someone else to confide in besides his brother. princess amore meeting is slightly similar to 'previous' version, the shade at princess celestia though.
dreams/predictions of the future - wait a minute... sombasi is gonna be the villain not sombra!!!:pinkiegasp:

ch.3: sombra fears about becoming a villain, princess amore reassures him.
with a new resolve later tells hope about wanting to forge his own destiny👍👍

can't wait for next chapter/chapters!!!

this message was written out on 11/25/22

Thank you for that! :pinkiehappy:

>Ch1: She retold it via the book she held in her forelimb. :pinkiehappy: As for Blueblood, that's actually her last name as the Blueblood family has been a part of nobility ever since the time of the Castle of the Two Sisters. And they remained so even after Luna's banishment and Celestia 'relocating' to the very mountain Canterlot will eventually be built upon. In all honesty, I do like Lobellia as her first name. :pinkiegasp:

>Ch2: We shall see! :raritywink:

>Ch3: :eeyup:

So, does that mean that the changelings are biologically immortal?

Arthrodite calls Amore Queen, old habits die hard it seems.

Technically, yes. You see, in the Sombra comic that this story takes inspiration from (This story is NOT a copy and paste, it just takes inspiration.), Chrysalis confirms that she had lived for over a thousand years despite "Looking young and pretty.".

I personally like to believe that her "children" inherited those traits.

Edit: Here we are!

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