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Equestria is in a state of constant chaos.

Monsters roam the wilderness, attacking travelers and those who stray too far from the relative safety of the villages.

Brigands and bandits lurk on the roads, robbing and looting with little resistance.

Celestia and Luna's armies are being spread thin defending their borders from seemingly every direction.

Now, a brutal and beast-like warrior is found in Equestria during these turbulent times.

What role will he play in this tenebrous era of Equestrian history?

Featured on 4/24/2020 + 5/1/2020 Thank you all :heart:

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What is this a crossover of?

NIce beginning, since it doesn't really reveal a lot other than what the plot tells us. NIce touch on the introduction of Wulf, a badass introduction at that.

Thanks, I wanted to leave a lot of room for me to develop the story and reveal more as I go. :twilightsmile:

This looks like a promising story, cant wait for more. :twilightsmile:

Chapter 2 will be up in a couple of hours if I can stay up to finish it:derpytongue2:

damn, here I thought the main character would be evil but just another hero story. Whelp, good luck with your story.

:rainbowhuh: so far... AWESOME :pinkiehappy:. (I’ll state it this way) these first 2 chapters remind me of “Goblin Slayer”. In my mind, I was seeing Wulf with glowing red eyes when he appeared. He acts like Goblin Slayer too with the short questions and answers he’s been giving.

I was thinking you should add “lite comedy” (if they have one) tag because of the way Misty acted trying to stop Wulf from leaving. That was funny :twilightblush:.

Thanks for this and hope to see more of it soon :pinkiehappy:.

Thanks so much for the feedback! :yay:

I will admit that I definitely took some inspiration from Goblin Slayer :derpytongue2: But I've always wanted to experiment with a 'protagonist' that was a cut-and-dry sort of character.

I'll do my best to keep comedic moments in the story so it doesn't become this bloody, boring mess :raritywink:

Uhhh, he should have talked about some rules and what he will do
Like he will be a mercenary for war and nothing else
He won't be a citizen, royal soldier, knight they aren't royalty to him, just the job matters

I hope he isn't that dumb to bound himself like a puppet to do everything they tell him to do

His attitude to them is showed already but they may think that because they employed him they can order him to do everything they want

Thanks for the tip, I'll try to add something like that. :raritywink:
I probably meant to do something like that, but I wrote this chapter really late (2am) so I'm not surprised that some things were forgotten. :twilightsheepish:

why is it that we as writers get the best ideas and inspiration at the wee morning hours.

I really hope you end up finishing this story, it was awesome! i'm kinda mad that there not more but that happens with anime I watch, something new comes and you burn through it so fast your mad there not more.. hyped for more chapters!!!!! best regards, darkbroney666

Glad you liked it! :pinkiehappy:
I'll do my best to keep chapters coming out steadily :raritywink:

Keep this up! I like the second chapter and it really gives the reader a good grasp as to what kind of character Vvulf is (I'm assuming that the pronunciation of his name is 'Vulf'?). The pacing of the story also doesn't feel forced which is good, hopefully in the next chapter we'll get to see more about the situation of the war and the tasks that Vvulf is entrusted with.

Thanks, I'm currently in the process of writing chapter 3 and hoo boy. It's gonna be a long one :pinkiecrazy: and hopefully a good one :raritywink:

You're correct on the pronunciation of Vvulf's name being "Vulf" (like wolf, but with a 'v'. I know, very original :derpytongue2:)

I wouldn't consider it to be as simple as that, but I understand if you still don't want to stick around to find out :twilightsmile:
Thanks for checking my story out regardless :pinkiesmile:

oh i can already see the scene now
*Vvulf gets handed the merc contract to sign and starts running his fingure down the page going no or even just marking sections of it out with a quill or something*

Happy new year to you too! :raritystarry:
Hopefully I'll have chapter 3 out before the year is over for me :twilightsheepish:

Not quite out before the new year, but not a bad way to start the new decade

Thanks :pinkiehappy: I was worried it might've been too long for someone to enjoy

Excelente so far!👍

Definitely getting some Goblin Slayer vibes in this chapter. With how minimal Vvulf is with his wording and how he counts his confirmed kills, all habits of the Goblins Slayer. He is also blunt and brutal when he argues which is one that I can get behind.

Keep it up!

I definitely took some inspirations from Goblin Slayer, for Vvulf.
As for the counting though, that was actually him counting the time between shots of the crossbow (sorry if there was any confusion there) :twilightsheepish:

I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter and I hope you continue to enjoy the story as it goes on :pinkiehappy:

Oh, trust me, I am enjoying every word of it. I might sound like I'm kissing your ass but let me tell you something. I've read too many stories with characters being too perfect and overpowered. Characters that don't have flaws which in turn leads to a boring and linear story. Plus what entertains me the most is the fact that while Vvulf is strong he isn't overpowered. Like you said, his counting was just him counting the seconds it takes for the crossbow to fire, this tells me that he's had experience with situations like this.

Aside from that, Vvulf also gets hurt. This was evident when he asked for his armour to be repaired. He does this because he knows that what's stopping from certain death is the steel that he wears. He also takes care of his weapon which tells me that he's already experienced a dull blade and how much disadvantage that could bring on the battle.

There are stories out there that completely ignore these factors when creating their character, thus making them too perfect. One writer can make a character as edgy and cringy as possible but if we see this character struggle we can look past that as we slowly appreciate their development.

Wow, I sound like a nerd :rainbowlaugh:. Anyways, all the best for the next chapter!

Comment posted by Vergil19 deleted Apr 18th, 2020

Vvulf just took sub-zero temperatures that could kill a Canadian or a Russian and is perfectly fine, what is he!

He may not be much of a team player, but damn, does Vvulf know how to get shit done.

I'm really glad that the ideas I wanted to express are getting through and someone is noticing the tiny details :pinkiehappy: Honestly, I love getting feedback of any kind, even if it's negative, because then I can learn from it :raritywink: If I wanted to just write the same thing over and over, I wouldn't post to this site, but it's people like you that make this worthwhile. My favorite thing is seeing those notifications after releasing a chapter :heart:

Vvulf's story isn't anywhere near finished, nor his mare-companion, Misty's. I want the reader to be really immersed, and if I have to write 50k words to have my story do that, then that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make :trollestia:

Again, I just wanted to say thanks for enjoying my story, and I hope you continue to enjoy it :twilightsmile:

He's all about 'Team Vvulf' (And luckily for Misty, she's an honorary member :raritywink:) :trollestia:

Great chapter! I like that there are subtle moments of comedy lighten up the mood even in dire situations. I also like the running gag you have with Vvulf and Misty. One question though, will Misty be acting like this for the most part? If I remember correctly, she's a commander, not a soldier, yet I feel that her character is something lesser than a commander. Hopefully in the following chapters after this we get to see more of Misty in her serious mode.

As much as I like the dynamic between her and Vvulf she should have her serious moments as well since for the last four chapters, Vvulf has already saved her three times. Hopefully isn't just some damsel in distress and actually has the kick to back up her title.

I see something that needs to be said: either A; this is the past, which I call bullshit. Or B, it's in a alternative timeline and you like hearing Celestia speak in that.

I mean, you're technically right on both accounts :derpytongue2: The story does take place in Equestria's past, and Celestia would have used the canterlot royal 'we' speech at that time :twilightblush:
(I do like having both princesses speak that way as well, sue me lol :trollestia:)

It's something I'm working on. I don't plan on making a helpless little mare :rainbowdetermined2:

Comment posted by Vergil19 deleted Apr 18th, 2020

This story is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. Action, drama, love. I can't wait till the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

"Let us see how this 'Equestrian Beast' fares against a true monster" The voice said, laughing wickedly as the shadow behind the throne shifted, a large reptilian, amber eye sliding open to stare at the newly minted general.

Either I'm correct on one or wrong on both. That's a mystery.

That's so great to hear! :pinkiehappy:

Maybe share it with some friends/groups if you think it's good enough to talk about lol:raritywink:

Dunno, kinda realized its not super "mature"
I might change it back later or something idk :derpytongue2:

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