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A man named Glenn Delta who has fought in wars and armed conflicts, has created a new branch of special forces due to the horrifying experiences that he experienced during the time of his service. But, while he was back in action trying to save the world and the people that he took oath to protect , he was suddenly sent into a different place, or should i say.... A different WORLD.

A/N: This story has a slightly different timeline. What i meant is that, some events and characters
from earth and MLP has been changed. The pictures that i use is just for me to improve my imagination capabilities so that i could make a better story, but you could always think of what you want to think in this story. If you want the vehicles to look different, then use your imagination to make it look how you want it to look like.

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You should edit the synopsis. People won't like how it's a run-on sentence. Just cut and paste:

A man named Glenn Delta who has been fighting a war and is now going out to fight in another war. Fortunately, he is part of the deadly, elite task force named EXODUS-8. But, while he is fighting in that war he suddenly ended up in a different place or should I say... A different world.

Please respond to this comment.

Thank you for the comment, i will try my best to improve this story for the readers.

I give it 10 out of 10 😀👍

Don't worry, i will try my best to finish this story.

The way u have set now u could at make it 20 plus chapters long if anything i hope he dates aj

Dgood so far also dont make the princess. Bias just casue his actions as a soilder:pinkiehappy:

Lets be honest. Discord doesn't deserve any respect or kindness. He never earns either of them.

Yes, i will make more chapters for this story but it will take sometime due to the effects of school and being a football(soccer) varsity.:twilightsmile:

Hear the i outrank you bit is making me think of red vs blue

ten minuets later

its minutes

But when is he going to get his rucksack back?

Twilight said as she was now heading to exit the castle, as she got out she saw 4 alicorns with golden armor, 3 of the alicorns has a spear while the 4th one has a bow and arrow.


Yea, i'm very sorry about that part, it was when school was now taking it's toll on me so i was now slowly starting to rush the chapter.

I actually typed down that Glenn was able to get his rucksack with a little help from discord, but i wasn't able to fully emphasize about that part. I'm going to try my best and correct the mistakes of this chapter.

"Now hold on right there buster!" Rainbow dash suddenly exclaimed "How did you know Applejack's name?, are you a spy?!" Rainbow dash said making the others look at him with suspicion.

Yaa has nothing to do with the fact that they are famous noooo not at all

Comment posted by Death is bliss deleted Nov 3rd, 2019

I really liked the story so far, please keep up the good work bud

thanks man, i'll try my best to make this story good and entertaining.

Your welcome, but I gotta ask, when you made black works, were you thinking of black wood?

No, not really, Black works just randomly popped in my mind when i was making this story.

Alright, but the two do share somethings, anyways, loves the story, I would love to see more of it bud

I'm very sorry that it's taking me a long time to post another chapter. I have a lot of things to handle right now for i'am writing a General Grievous fanfic and my Exams are about to come out, but don't worry for i'am sure that i will be posting the next chapter after all i have already made about 30% of the chapter that's about to come out.


A little rough on the descriptions, you had a couple or redundancies facts, we can assume some things due to context, you don’t have to restate something that have previously explained in the same paragraph, another advice is to never repeat the same words, always try to use synonyms. My last advice is to read your chapter backwards, Meaning from the last chapter to the first, this helps you see if the paragraph make sense without the context of the story. (Meaning you actually read what you wrote instead of what you intended to write)


A bit too much on the Uncontrollable Sexiness.


Let me stop you right there it makes no sense, so he was willing to kill ponies but instead of defending himself right when they began shooting to kill, he waited until he was half dead and almost unconscious to use them? Either he’s extremely stupid, or the worst soldier I’ve ever seen.

...... Then they mind rape him ? This shit is seriously a mood killer for me. Honestly if Glen is not extremely enrage by this I’m dropping the fic.


Well, that’s it for me. I wish you good luck with your fic.
It isn’t bad it’s just not for me.

Thanks for the advise, i'll try to improve the story as much as i can.

PERSONALITY: Even after what happened to him he is still a friendly person and treats his men as his own brothers, he is a man who likes to flirt and even get laid by ladies. He can be quick tempered when sometimes, He also acts immature most of the time (like, he thinks that he can do whatever he wants to do) but he can be serious when needed.

A little disappointed here. After what happened I'd think that his temper and immaturity would be a defence mechanism because of what happened. There could have been so much story development around that point.

wow... That's a lot of grammar errors I didn't even realize were there till I was halfway through the chapter... Maybe I should read more instead of playing Clash Royale on my phone and reading...

Continue plz asap this is the best story yet

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