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The seas of Gaia are filled with privateers and warmongering pirate lords. With the slow progress of naval advancement, these vile people have roamed free of judge. One stormy day that all changed. The sea summoned a judge, jury and executioner of justice. This judge is the soul of Admiral Hanz Ravenmark and his ship H-44 GERMANIA!
Do not own this beautiful artwork thank you Deviant Art For existing

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Looking forward to this. Hope it does not die

Thank you. My plan was to do this as one of two stories( maybe three now). This was the second idea. the first one, Project 131 was supposed to be similar but with six tanks in Equestria as ponies. Think Hetalia but more serious.

i cant help but imagine that black powder cannons wouldn't do much more then scratch the paint on a battleship...

Well maybe not alone but mayhaps some magic infusion? Wait and see

And I can't help but think of the Over penatrations the MAin guns will do to wooden hulls...

... new head cannon for world of warships... every ship is the soul of the commander fused to the ship... this works for world of tanks as well.

Well that fits with my other story Project 131. IT was supposed to be ponified tanks. Sort of like the story Panzer Waltz which is like the series Kantai Collection. My original plan was just ponified tanks but now I picture them having designs similar to Panzer Waltz and Kancolle like the ones shown below. Picture ponies wearing these weapon mounted outfits in 131. Only problem is which tanks i was gonna use and six are needed
PAnzer Waltz Maus tanks
Kantai Collection Prinz Eugen

.....O.o Wait a minute! wait a minute! wait a minute! it this story about a ship operating without a crew because of being possessed by the captain's soul. or is this an anthropomorphized battleship?

Well it is a soul in a battleship not anthropomorphic. I was gonna try it with Project 131 but I need tanks to use and narrowing the list down has been difficult plus not many have said they’d support it. If enough do then 131 will be anthropomorphic tanks

ok cool.

as for the list of tanks... i have a few personal favorites from world of tanks. most of them are mid tier in the tech tree.

Starting at the bottom, t1 Cunningham. Going up to tier 4 we have the m3 Lee , jagdpz38p Hetzer, t50, and the m5. At tier 5 we have the m4 Sherman, panzer 4, t1 heavy, kv220 ,chaffee, t14, and the ELC amx. Latter tiers have the m6, hellcat, bulldog, vk 30.01p, superpershing, t30, t95, maus, t92, m110E3, and the m110E5. I could probably drudge up some more but these are off the top of my head.

the tanks I have considered is the German LOWE, France would be the Somua 35, Italian P-40, British Matilda II, America M26 Pershing, and Russian T34-85

this is a battleship enthusiast. and i approve of this. to the crew of a brig or even a man'o'war, big slow lumbering tall ships. something the size of the Germania that is able to top 20 knots would be absolutely terrifying. regardless of the firepower it brings. heck the smallest of the secondaries and deck guns can sink a tall ship. the AA would make it a truly daunting task to try to attack from the air even if you had an entire army of flying soldiers.

the sharks will eat good tonight!

Oh dont worry chapter 4 is already done its just Ive got a policy of for every two finished I release one so I have a gap to keep people from being too demanding

'This big beast will fall just like Bismarck . To a volley of planes' Admiral Duncan thought to himself.

That's not quite how the Bismarck went...The planes damaged the steering/propulsion which slowed the ship enough for the HMS Rodney and Prince of Wales to catch up and finish the job.

When I look for a story with a focus on naval combat on this website I often get the following flavour of disappointment: two chapters in, incompletee, last updated in 2013. So I almost missed out on this one have I not checked the submission date.
This is gonna be good:rainbowkiss:

Great work can’t wait for the next one

Well yeah but the planes played a major role still.

Umm did he shake hands with the admiral? If so aqaruis works quite fast.

Who do you mean is shaking hands with the admiral?

Was more of the Bismark lost steering and was stuck going in circles. Also evidence points to after the battle the Bismark was scuttled by her crew.

Good chapter, but I fell that you are are rushing the story a lot, I mean, it’s kind of hard to believe that no one was surprised when they first look at the captain, it’s the ghost of a creature that only Twilight had seen before, to say they should be surprised is an understatement; the same goes for the captain, seen magical talking ponies, some with an origins in lates and mythology must be amassing.

Other than that, I have no complaints, keep up the story

First Twilight has not met him that is Aquarius. Secondly, the reason they haven't flipped out is more fear keeping them from overreacting worried about what this ship might do, However, I will make sure to make this clear next chapter. The reason Hanz isn't flipping out is mainly out of military sternness
keeping him in check. not to mention the fact that he has Aquarius to help calm and explain him mentally. Still I will take these notes for the future.

Sorry but when I said “... a ghost of a creature that only Twilight had seen before...” I forgot to add: “... of an species...” between “creature” and “that” (“... a ghost of a creature, of an species that only Twilight had seen before...”) basically I try to said that It was strange for the ponies to not been surprised by seen a creature of an species (human species) that only twilight knows that exist, like I said that was my mistake.

As for the rest, THX for taking note my questions, I’m eager to to read the next chapter

Thanks. Also I've recently done a blog on a new story idea if you could kindly check it out that'd be great

...I do hope they have better plan then sail slowly towards the massive metal monster that has at least 5x their range with its deck guns alone... they aren't going to do much to a battleship with black powder cannons. This should be interesting. That also begs the question... how would they make repairs to the germania if she is damaged bad enough to need a dry docking? I can't imagine that equis has a dry dock large enough.

well, the admiral is connected to the ship, so maybe the ship has changed to make this happen? They did use to say ships have a personality.

I suppose it is a wise decision to ease tensions... If I were them I'd be a little suspicious myself...
Also I do wonder how long it will be untill we start seeing clones of the vessel on either side... Not something as grand as an H-44 but something like a Dreadnought, Gangut or maybe a Texas is feasible.

I imagine that a full grown dragon might give the germania pause...

Hence why this griffon group is the weakest.

You could have three pony siblings; Match Lock, Gun Stock and Cannon Barrel. Do what you will with those.

You could also have some creature named Petard (or however it's spelled). As in "hoisted by your own petard".

You might want to have the obligatory insane pirate captain. They always make make the best interactions. "Aye, ye be a ghost! Me cutlass can't cut ya... well played. But, ya can't hit-YEOWCH! 'OW THE DEVIL 'ID YOU PUNCH ME?! TAIN'T FAIR!"

Just little thoughts. Do what you will, don't what you won't.

...i wonder if the ship taking damage would be painful for hanz

Probably he is the shIp his soul is bond to it but he probably needs to take a lot of damage to hurt him

That also leads to the thought on the similarities between the hanz/germania soul bandage and soul bonded items. Is the germania more durable because of being bound to a soul? Or is it just a ghost ship?

Any part particularly stick out to ya? Also if you like this I am working on a fallout Equestria story so check out the first two chapters if you want

9770136love the story and there not a lot of ones like this story on here

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