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This story will have Dovahkiin/Dragonborn, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon, Mane 6, Chrysalis, King Sombra, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Discord, Tirek, and others. There Are more on the way though so hold your horses (pun intended). Also I want you to know this. Attention I do not own My little Pony or Skyrim. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic is owned by hasbro and Skyrim is owned by Bethesda Studios. I need help with new chapters so I need your guys help so send in ideas and lets see who wins.

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Why is there no words :( I was liking reading the story.:(

cant say i like it, but i dont dislike it so far.

I'm not sure what depresses me more, the fact that someone wrote this, the fact that a moderator approved this, or the fact that four people liked it :pinkiesick:

This is my first one so give me some slack

6919951 You put youtube videos into your chapters, the slack ship set sail and crashed one metre from the harbour, I am all out of slacks to give, if I had a penny for every slack I could offer I would be broke as shit... basically what I'm trying to get at is that I will not cut you slack, although I won't bother properly critiquing this as I'm certain it's a trollfic (and if it isn't, then I strongly suggest you pretend it is as it's the only way you're going to salvage anything from it)

Hey man chill. I am coming out with a new one soon so hold your horses

Wow reeve...you need to think before you type...not everyone is a professional when they start something...I know for a fact I wasn't when I started...and I am still new to this.

... Rewrite, get an editor, and proof read THRICE. Then this may be a good story.

Yeah, that is what I am planning on doing. I am going to go over and proofread what I have so far and do some edits then I will make new chapters.

6932311 Wow random guy, you need to hit the reply button before you type out a comment if you expect me to see it. I find it rather funny that between my comment and this guy's story, you think I'm the one who wasn't thinking before typing.
First of all being professional has nothing to do with being good at writing, hardly anyone on this site is a professional writer, but plenty still manage to be good at writing. It's no different from any other medium, people can be good artists without being professional artists, people can be good cooks without being professional chefs.
Secondly nobody is under any sort of obligation to publish their very first story to a public forum for anyone to view and judge, this may come as a shock to many people, but you are actually allowed to practice writing before you put your work online. If you don't slow down, take your time, practice, draft and redraft, but instead just rush out the very first thing you could hammer out in ten minutes, then don't be surprised when people don't like it.
And lastly I fail to see what you being a newcomer has to with the quality of this guy's story, unless you're saying that the next time someone criticises one of my stories, I can turn around and say "Your criticism is invalid, because somewhere on this site, someone who has no involvement with me or the story you're criticising is only just starting out".
Well that was a fun rant, really quite impressive considering I apparently don't put any thought into my comments :eeyup:


6952523 I wish to apologize...I think I was half asleep when I typed that...at least I hope I was

I'm... Uncertain whether I wish to read this. Te cover photo is urging me onward, but the like/dislike bar, in addition to the comments I've read, are holding me uncertain. If this truly requires an editor, and a purpose (hence the request for a rewrite), then I think I'd rather wait. I'm willing to assist, as my skills lay in editing and expansion through world-building. It also helps that connecting lore is a pastime of mine. So, again, I'm willing to assist if it's needed; there's no shame in asking for help, or accepting a proffered hand.

Comment posted by The_Poket_Umbreon deleted Mar 28th, 2016
Comment posted by The_Poket_Umbreon deleted Mar 28th, 2016


why sooo fast is is twi so spontanius it's like the nostalgia critic ep were he said it was like if in aliens (2) that (don't remember name) robot guy said to riply (i love you) it's just soooo.. sudden

btw mate just saying just super sayinan (pun intendded) m8 love of 2 carecters need's biledup. time to say it straigt you can't just say one love's one just out of novere (think this would it be realistik if in fallout/skyrim after 1 escort mission that is 15min they just say out of nowere i love you
it's your story m8 but just some advise relasionships take weeks moths maybe year's not just 15min and remember they were ad first scared of him. think is twi's shoes would you love an alien/dragon after they escorted you home after you were out with friends but i diegres it's your story m8 just sayan just super sayan:)

and remember iven less chance of it happen cause it would be seen as beastiallity

The body of an Elder Dragon.....why not the body of a Legendary Dragon, or at least an Ancient Dragon.
That would have been so awesome and OP.:pinkiehappy:

Seems interesting. Ill read it later

I would like you to continue this story, but i would suggest redoing the last chapter to add more detail and not make the ending so blunt. Just my oppinion tho!

Thx for your opinion. I need all the help I can get

7176846 Hi, Here is a Private Message I Just Sent to you today Celebrating the February 17th 2017 Release of Halo Wars 2...http://www.fimfiction.net/manage_user/messages/9024594
with thanks and Dearest Regards,
From Your Biggest Fan of All Time Ever in the history of all of Reality,
Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma aka Dark-Pulse/Darkimus-Primal

7176846 Here is Another Private Message I Sent to you today Showing My Thanks for Accepting My Story Idea Suggestions...http://www.fimfiction.net/manage_user/messages/9026912

Hi, Here is a Private Message I Sent to you today Regarding More Info on the 1st of the 6 Epic Story Suggestions that I Highly Recommend for you to make...http://www.fimfiction.net/manage_user/messages/9058800
with thanks,
From Your Biggest Fan of all Time Ever,
Shane W.L. Nokes aka James S.K. Plasma

So good sir/madam, shall this be continued? If you need help, give me a call, for I am able and willing.:pinkiehappy:

Wow Talos ... So much for God of time not going to atleast wait till his kids grown and relationship with his wife is done...seriously

... Only started reading and I'm irritated, writer if your going to list conditions for shouting, thought and voices of the divine then you need to use them given twilight not using bold speech, when she yells at dragon when first meeting and instead you ending up writing it out defeatis the point of your own rules.

Also first reaction is irritation at eight divine, though you still have the dragon born acting as though he is one. I can assume he considers him one but doesn't say so to not have issues with that or but doesn't make sense when you have to fight them a few times in game and learn what there doing/done....quite frankly most dragon born would likely declare summer set isles free uncensored hunting ground... Do whatever you want there just don't let it leak to the other provinces scenario for what they,ve done.... Or atleast open season on thalmor and settling rights.

....old dragon confuses me is he getting some of the mind of the dragon who's body he now inhabits is he a vampire or old when the events of sky rim happened ? There wasn't any backstory so I'm left wondering. Still I'll read on bold is used latter in the chapter and there's few comments so could be just an error, overall seems a new concept to me so that's good

When is the next update?

This was my first fanfiction and I was still new to this. Now I have some experience and I will be able to do a lot better work on this. So please just wait and soon you will see that it will get better.

“What the hay does fandon mean?” Ask Applejack.

Ok to be honest, I thought that this said: ‘fandom’, at first glance.

Needs a good pre-reader to polish it up, but it is interesting enough to work over the hurdles.

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

Comment posted by thedarkalicorn deleted Aug 18th, 2019

Wished this story would’ve continued

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