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Twilight and her friends go on many adventures. But, sometimes the adventures they go on do not happen within the show's timeline. Maybe there's an evil that wasn't destroyed as they thought. Maybe there's a tyrant in place of a benevolent princess? Only one way to find out.

For all those stories with the 'Alternate Universe' tag. Gotta love them, eh?

NOTE: Please only put a fic in one folder, please! Thanks! :twilightsmile:

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Looking for an old story: Plot goes Shining Armor shows up on a desert world where ponies invented a spell that let them convert water into infinite life. As long as you had water to drink you live forever. By the start of the story the planet is barren sand, all the oceans and rivers gone and all the survivors having hunted each other down to the last. Shining fights the last predator survivor and leaves the world behind in his quest to walk through different universes until he finds his sister.

Does anyone remember this one shot story? Could you drop me a link if you do?

Hello, I just want some help. I have forgotten the name of a fic I've read but remember a scene from it. A human(I think) was kidnapped by spoiled rich and was almost sold to some ambassadors due to their knowledge and was saved due a hummingbird, thunderbird ,and, a bear. Does anyone know the title of the story? Thanks.

I hope i joined the right group hey every pony

just added my new fic colt dudman vs ponyville give it a read if ya like

351539 *Faustralia, and sure, if ya write it there! :twilightsmile:

Hope I placed my fic in the right spot :derpytongue2:

Adventure_AU... Does this means it is in Australia?

350170 Posting here won't get you very far. Try posting in the actual forums, mmkay? :eeyup:

Hey all! I've started a story which has the choose-your-own-adventure element to it. I'd really like some feedback on if you think it could be improved, but also which direction you would like to see the story progress in!
Any and all opinions would be greatly appreciated

338941 Good day to you, friend! I noticed your fic (as possibly evidenced), and have to say it looks extremely good so far. Also, posting on this page doesn't seem to give notifications, so go ahead and self promote with a forum post. Spam is only appreciated when served with eggs and toast, though! :raritywink:

Just dropping a hullo to all. I am currently writing, "The Country of Roses," an all-ages alternate universe story which blends elements of F.i.M. canon with the Stephen King epic, "The Dark Tower." Possibly original accompanying artwork to come soon (will be sure to check out MangaKamen's link before too long).

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Maybe there's a tyrant in place of a benevolent princess?

You rang?

I'd like to recommend Through A Glass Darkly, an adventure story set in a world where Nightmare Moon defeated Celestia. Now, a thousand years later, Celestia's return throws a familiar cast of characters into conflict, but they're not exactly how we remember them.

319368 Any AU, as long as it's got ponies, adventures, and can fit in one of the folders. If a folder doesn't exist, then please tell me! :pinkiesmile:

Also, I don't get notifications for questions posted on this page, so please either make a forum post or send me a PM, okay?

I just have a quick question about post your stories here : is it only AU's with the main 6 or any AU?

318644Totally fits in the movies folder. ^^

318641 Find the right folder, and if you don't see it, tell me. I'll make a new folder all quick-like.


Hey Big Mac! I wasn't aware you ran such a big successful group. ^^ Mind if I drop my story in here buddy?

Pacific Rim :eeyup:

310748 Hmm... Well, sorry I've taken so long to get back at you, but I'm not notified when someone comments here. If you'd posted a forum post, I'd have gotten to ya a lot sooner. As for where it would go... huh. I guess I'll need to make a Ponified Human Timeline folder... Either that, or I guess it could be considered a crossover in the loosest sense...

hello everybody,
i just added Spike the Knight
it is an action adventure story featuring Spike as our protagonist,

I have a question to ask.

I have a story series I have begun but I'm not particularly sure as to where it should be posted in this group. Its an alternate universe that parallels humanities historical timeline between 1900-1970 but everything has been ponified, and I mean everything!

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