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The lion lives! · 11:54pm Oct 9th, 2015

Those of you who read “Our Girl Scootaloo” may remember a certain stuffed lion with a music box in his tummy that plays ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow,’ appearing in chapter two. When I wrote it, I assumed such a toy must exist, but some months later, when I went to look for one, no such singing lion could be found. This was a little upsetting, especially given that I actually had a genuine need

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Howdy! I'm here by way of a review on City of Doors. I'm intrigued by your stories The Frozen West, The Brightest Shine, and Piracy. Before I start in on them, is there a recommended reading order?

Thanks, :twilightsmile: that's actually a picture of a twin engine centerline thrust garage built Cozy Mark IV built by two engineers from South America.
I'm working with five engineering students at the local university to recreate the engine based around a Yamaha snowmobile engine because they lost the original design plans for theirs.
You can buy a plane for 8 to 15 grand, an instrument panel for 1 to 7, but the engine cost 40 to 60 grand.
For a four cylinder air cooled engine.
When the project works we plan to publish everything needed to recreate the design and thus make general aviation that much more accessible.

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