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Believe that you have the whole situation under your control- that you're the one with the most power, and things will turn out fine.

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  • Thursday
    It Gets Serious

    After putting my bag down, the first thing I did was ask Bushra if they complained yet. She told me she managed to convince them not to complain to the office, but they'd complain to the class teacher.


    When the teacher arrived, the began discussing about what they were going to say, and then they all went apart from Alisa and Sumama.

    I couldn't really hear what they were saying, but after they went back to their seats, the teacher's expression was...

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  • Thursday
    I've Decided

    I've been thinking about this for a long time. The truth is...I don't really enjoy writing this story.

    When I accepted the request, I was a type of person who couldn't say no to anyone. I'd feel bad for saying no to a request.

    I only started this story because I felt like I had to because telling someone that you won't do it after making them wait for so long is just rude.

    Now, if someone doesn't enjoy doing something, it won't be that good.

    ...In short, I'm cancelling this story.

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  • Wednesday
    About the new teacher

    So, he's friendly, kind, and I feel completely fine about talking to him. I never feel worried, anxious, or scared when I ask him about something. He also explains things nicely...

    The thing is... The girls in my class want to complain against him for being too close. Like physically close.

    They plan to all go to the office and do so.

    I won't join them.

    Sure, a teacher asking a student exactly where they live is pretty weird, but still.

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  • Monday

    The new teacher is nice. He asked me how I felt, and when I gave the usual response that I was fine, he asked me if I was sure, because I looked upset about something.

    To be honest, it was just a mood change. But I wasn't really sure how to explain that, so I just said that I was fine. He told me to tell him if there were any problems, and he also asked if he could help.

    At that moment the class got really noisy so he had to deal with that.

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  • 6 days

    The Punishment

    Late to school again?! Looks like I've just missed the assembly and am going to be punished now. I look around. The line of the late students is quite long. Are all of us going to be punished? And how?

    ...By singing the national anthem on the stage after everyone had gone. We were told that if we didn't, we'd stay down here for the full first period, which I was willing to do, but once everyone else started, I decided to sing.

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  • 1 week

    I've updated Forbidden Love.

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  • 1 week

    I've updated The Element of Love.

    I also want someone to become my co writer for it. Who's willing?

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  • 1 week

    In Science class, we all have to draw graphs to find the speed of something. Alisa is told to do hers again, and Ibrahim's one is shown to the whole class.

    Teacher: It looks like an ant drew it!

    Seriously, his one looked nice, but if anyone draws anything small...they have to do it again...

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  • 1 week

    While I was at school, Kiwi managed to escape from the cage. After investigating, I found out that he squeezed out through a bar in the net above the tray, and got out that way.

    I was told that he flew out of the gate and onto the highest grill on the stairs window, which was open.

    The maid was the one who noticed that one of my budgies were missing, and she managed to catch him.

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  • 1 week


    In RS Class, we're all given some questions and aren't allowed to look at the book. And it's marking.

    I wasn't really prepared for it, and getting an idea of what other people's answers look like helps me make my own, so I looked at Tazharul's paper while he was writing.

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EThe King Of Pizza
In season nine, after King Sombra is blasted by the rainbow, what if he was sent to another planet? That planet being earth?
KingSombraTheTyrantRuler · 7.6k words  ·  33  4 · 999 views

Those who want me to write a sequel for the story above, comment 'yes'. If there's more yes votes than no votes, then I'll write a sequel. It'll need... let's see how many likes there are *checks*

17 or more yes votes for me to be motivated to write the sequel.

There may be 17, but you can still vote! Until I post a blog saying that I'm gonna post the sequel.

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I checked your blog page but there's no posts for this year. Could you give a link?

also i made a fluffy pony post that yall nerds prol dc about

is chronically online

Thanks for adding my story to your favorites! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Thank you for adding Celestia plots her revenge in the strangest way possible to your favorites and I'm glad you liked my high ramblings lmao

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