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This story is a sequel to My Faithful Student

After being trapped in the past by a botched spell. Twilight was almost free to go home before a tragedy struck. Now staying in the past with her two new daughters and a kingdom under her, Twilight Sparkle, the Eternal Queen, shares her time with her foals before her return to the present.

In the present, a pony finds a certain journal left behind from those Forty Long Years, a pony who wishes nothing but revenge upon the Eternal Queen. A pony who hopefully, after seeing all the trials and tribulations of the Queen, will learn that forgiveness is the answer to her troubles. Or at the very least, learn the name of the Queen to enact revenge upon her immortal being.

Sequel to the very successful and well received, My Faithful Student, which was Co-Written by me and FadFreaky

(Coverart made for this story! Thank you Glitteronin!)

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For some reason I thought it was Trixie, now I think the reader is Starlight. I could be wrong though.

I loved the orginal now lets see how the squeal handles

i think it starlight or one of the other noble house,
be funny if it was twilight velvet in the end, be odd twist

depends on who the 'due justice' is for. might be the root of it all

Sorry, this next chapter took so long. But it's longer than what I usually write thanks to how it worked out. (usually, I try to keep these chapters below 3000 words. this one hit 3100 before editing.) But the next chapter is now going into the editing process. If my editor doesn't finish editing it within a week or so I'll post it unedited since you guys had to wait so long. (It'll be annotated as such. so be aware.)

This next chapter has been revised 3 times. Hopefully, you guys enjoy it once it goes up!

(Edit: change to teen was just in case. Most of the story will still be nice and pleasent)

Spoilers ahead! Don't scroll over them if you don't wanna see something you'll regret. (Its just the chapter title. But some of you are probably smarter than me and will find something in between the lines.)

Afterparties, New/Old Faces, and Trying to be a Mom

i wonder if that smartpants doll is same one twiligt has in future ie Celestia kept it all safe and in good condition and give it to twilight when she take twilgit on as a student.

just reread 'my faithful student'...

and i realized something..

the assassin that killed the king and queen, is he from the family that celestia approached and said hi to? if alicorns at the time were viewed as god/goddesses, the assassins declaration of 'long live celestia' would make sense.

being fanatical about alicorns, and having been approached by one, can do that to some.


And yes, congrats. My Faithful Student and Forty Years go really really deep. But were made to be fun even just on the surface level when it comes to readability. There's a lot going on in both stories that aren't outright said, but improve the story if you figure them out. Congrats though, you're the first person that has figured something out. (At least, the first that has publicly posted about it.

lol been long enough since first story before i read the second, that i totally forgot that little detail.
in truth, it's kind of peculiar how it cuts off before the commoners introduce themselves.

then there's eclipse teaching luna something that eventually contributes, in part, to NMM.

p.s i tend to catch these things, if not right away- at some point. i feel the knowledge of the assassins descendant knowing of the flower.. ugh. also, isn't the maid that dropped the tea 'spectator'? fits with how she disappears outta nowhere like that,

'pedastal in a church' a praise celestia church? those books must be celestias first diary then.

lol... the mystery pony' ancestors 'lost' their status as nobles due to the assassins actions.
something to think about

Next chapter is done and being edited! Sorry it took so long. Time for a new arc!

Ok.... That bit with Discord was confusing... I guess it was supposed to be to mess with the cloaked pony... but I'm lost. Hopefully it will make better sense later.

ITs supposed to be confusing. You guys don’t have the story behind that yet. Just a bit of foreshadowing.

Yea, that's about the reaction my prereaders gave when they read it.

This story is amazing!:rainbowkiss: Also I'm pretty sure that Uni has an ulterior motive at this point.

Would like more please

Ya know, a young kid that's more mature than their older sibling may be a trope. But this was just too good of a chance to pass up.

Speaking of that... my younger brother is definitely more mature than I am. :rainbowlaugh:

Damn.... That cliffhanger

And damn you unity, Twilight could have fixed the problem so many times if not for you

Wow, it has been a long time:rainbowderp:. Hopefully this keeps going. Will have to reread when I get the chance

Hello thank you for continuing this story, 2 chapter in one day is a lot dont forget to take care of yourself.

What's this?
Why, the necromancy continues on our beloved tales! And it doesn't disappoint!
Great to see that even its prequel's author is gone, you're still here to keep on writing after almost five years!

I’m pacing myself. No schedule or anything. Just really don’t like leaving things unfinished

Welcome! My necromancy only gets stronger by the day. :twilightsmile:

Looks it has just been triplet :pinkiegasp::heart:

Glad this is alive again it's a good story

That was a good chapter.

Appreciated! Glad you enjoyed! :twilightsmile:

Huh! Alicorn years! That changes a lot of things... I mean, how many years would one be?

A very long time.

My Faithful Student Spoilers below:
That's why at the end of my faithful student the room was so dusty. Spike woulda gladly kept the room clean if it was actually only two weeks of her missing.

so is twilight sparkle still Celestia and luna adoptive mother?

Yep! That hasn't changed. The cute fillies are just older now!

Has Twilight started to forget what she learned before traveling back in time? Or her life in general?
what is an alicorn year?

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