• Published 29th Aug 2018
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Those Forty Years - Spell Writer

After being trapped in the past by politics and new responsibilities, Twilight finds herself as the adopted mother of Luna and Celestia. This story is about those 40 years she took care of them. Sequel to My Faithful Student by me and FadFreaky

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Chapter 2 - Afterparties, Old/New Faces, and Trying to be a Mom

Author's Note:

Not much to say about this one. It took three rewrites to get to this point. Enjoy!

The book shifts its picture, the cloaked pony pulling a chair from nearby and sitting in it. The picture shifts to a large stately ballroom, full of ponies of various shapes and sizes. The chairs and tables are very beautifully crafted and clearly made for someone of high stature. The ballroom is adorned with beautiful tapestries and lovely art of the new Queen of Equestria. The musician playing very old, but still very nice music. The song is the old queen’s favorite, and the new queen seems to enjoy it well enough. Nobles and common pony alike are enjoying the festivities, the nobles inside with the royalty while the common folk are outside, enjoying the simple party that was placed out with them. The Queen is currently in the high-class party. Completely exasperated by the constant brown nosing.

The first noble tried to convince her that he was obviously closer to the royal line than he actually was. Claiming to be her long lost cousin or something to that nature. Twilight brushed the pony off almost immediately, knowing that it was basically impossible for that to be the case. However, instead of getting a reprieve from the nobles she was instantly called into conversation with another noble. This one wanted to ban cheese from Equestria, and while Twilight was not one to enjoy cheese at all, she could never do that to those ponies that actually enjoyed the food. This cycle of conversation lasted until she finally was quite fuming, still yet another noble attempted dialogue with the now upset Twilight, concluding with the statement.

“My Queen! The previous queen was going to allow me to use the land at the base of the mountain to build a huge personal mansion and all I need is you-”

The noble gets interrupted immediately. “No. No and more no.” Twilight says with a clearly annoyed face. The noble having spent the last twenty minutes telling her that she will be the best Queen ever. Then spent another twenty minutes telling her that she would likely put the previous two leaders to shame. Finally, the noble did the usual and made a completely insane suggestion or demand that only managed to completely tick Twilight off. This time it was about making a mansion where she knew a town would eventually come to fruition. The only strange thing about the entire exchange is that this time Twilight was much… much madder than she usually would be in a situation like this.

Twilight continues “If I get a horrible, unfair, and stupid idea like that again, I will literally take all your land and money and give it to the nearest pony!” Almost instantly a large amount of the nobles circle around that noble. Causing Twilight to just squint her eyes and walk out of the room. Luna follows her new mother out, while Celestia attempts to resolve the situation inside.

Out in the hallway, Twilight just slumps against a wall, completely drained from all the punishment the nobles dealt with her. “What am I doing? What am I doing here?! I should be home… not here doing whatever this is!” Twilight grabs ahold of her own head and sighs. Completely distraught, until she feels a small amount of pressure on her sides. Looking down she sees Luna hugging her tightly. Twilight silently embraces back, the two sharing a hug that is worth all the words in the world.

“I know that we can’t replace the ponies you left in your time mom. But, I hope that while you’re here, you enjoy yourself. Although, I guess that’s not exactly enough is it?” Luna stops to think and just stares at Twilight for a moment. Many thoughts swirling through her head. Should she be a princess right now? A friend? ‘No there’s always a third option.’

Luna then tightly hugs Twilight, very abruptly and without any warning saying without concealing her age with large, fancy words. “Don’t leave us, mommy! Please! I don’t wanna lose two moms in the same week. I need you! Please don’t go. You’re the queen now even. Who’ll move the sun and moon without you?”

Twilight dizzily stares up at the ceiling with that comment. “Uh. I can’t even move the sun and moon though. I’ve never had that power. It requires a special type of talent and magic to do that, doesn’t it? I mean. Only you and Celestia were ever able to do anything with the sun and moon. Discord was able to as well, but he had to get you two out of the way.”

Luna just laughs a little, smiling at her mother she merely says, “Mom, mommy, and daddy passed their power onto you. They trusted you with Equestria and therefore the sun and moon. Just like the unicorns passed it to the first alicorn and they passed it on and along. You should be able to move the sun and moon. Although it is your first time so it might be a bit too much for you. I dunno who this ‘Discord’ is. But he won’t take the sun from you either.” Luna taps her forehoof to below her chin thinking for a moment as if she could actually think of a solution to this problem. Instead of any revelation or anything helpful like that though, she instead goes back to hugging her new mother.

“Oh well! We’ll figure it out! Probably.” Luna says with no hesitation anywhere on her face. The filly flying up and laying on Twilight's head like Flurry Heart will in the future to her mother. Only Luna is quite a bit heavier, forcing Twilight to move her down back to the back of her neck. Twilight giggles a bit before heading outside to the commoner party. A place she is much more comfortable being at the moment. Many commoners who recognize her and she recognizes bow, but only once. Afterward, they all talk to her as if they’ve known each other for their entire lives. The commoners do not encircle her either. Giving her breathing room at the suggestion of Prism, who was quick to notice the Queen’s disheveled appearance and tired countenance. Twilight is very thankful for the breathing space as she joins her friends for small conversations. Luna jumping down next to her and leaving to grab a snack.

“So what are your plans for Equestria now that you’re queen Twi?” Ambrosia asks casually, the mare standing with Twilight, Prism, and Glimmering.

Glimmering says shortly after Ambrosia “Yes, what are your plans darling? There’s plenty you know about Equestria thanks to your situation. I’m sure you can apply some of it right? Maybe? Sewing machines sound amazing, and I am hoping you could make me oneeee?”

Twilight sighs “Sorry, I really don’t want to mess with time more than I probably already have. It’s already gonna be awkward enough to go up to my teacher and hear her call me mom. If she even does. I have NO idea how to raise foals. Lucky Celestia seems fairly independent. I hope.” At this time, Luna returns with her snack in her mouth, sitting nearby and listening to the ponies converse.

The trio looks at each other and then look at Twilight with a shrug. Ambrosia speaking up while eating one of the apple fritters she made for the party. “I’m not too sure sugarcube. Don’t forget the two weren’t allowed to leave the castle much. So don’t be surprised if they end up being a bit clingy.” Ambrosia smiles at Luna, knowing the filly better.

Twilight sighs and looks around a bit. Of course, everypony at the party is staring at her here and there, but they avert their eyes when they meet. As one should when staring at their new queen. Twilight whispers to her friends. Luna, who was just a short distance away, heard the words. However, she didn’t want to believe them, to her Twilight was saying nothing. Her mouth was moving but words were not coming out, at least in Luna’s mind. Twilight glows her horn very softly before light began to pulse out of her rapidly. Teleporting somewhere else as the spell completed. Luna is narrowly able to grab onto her leg to go along with the teleportation. “No! Don’t go!” Luna says as she latches onto Twilight’s leg being swept up in the teleportation spell.

Twilight and Luna appear in a large, empty and windy meadow. Flowers growing in all directions and a soft, natural breeze going through the area. The area is peaceful, however not without the air of slight danger at all moments. A feeling that all living creatures feel when they are in a location that gets attacked or destroyed often. Luna detaches herself from her mother, looking around in awe at the pretty and natural state of the area. A lone tree resting at one end of the meadow. Twilight sitting down in place, her ears drooping slightly as she watches Luna run around. “Nothing is here yet. Why can’t there be something here yet?..” Twilight lays in the bed of flowers under her. Feeling a crushing feeling, though there is no magic on her nor a weight on her back.

Luna, blissfully unaware of her mother’s plight due in part to Twilight’s poker face, explores the broad field in front of her. Coming across a bright blue semi-transparent pony, sitting in the field. The pony perks her head up as she hears the filly stop prancing in the field. She would then stand and turn to Luna, her face bright and loving as can be. “Oh, I’m sorry. Did I frighten you? Please, don’t stop on my account.” Her voice was as sweet as honey and just as pleasing to listen to. Her voice carrying no malice. The pony would then walk up to Luna, who backs away a short bit in kind.

The pony stops when she notices this. Giggling. “Just step to the side if you don’t want me to get close. I’m going that way.”

Luna blinks with realization. “Oh! Sorry!” She says before she quickly moves to the side. The pony passing by and making a beeline to the sitting queen.

“Such sadness doesn’t befit a pony of your rank, my Queen.” The pony says to Twilight. Luna following from a small distance and listening to the conversation. Being a bit nosy in regards to her mother’s business.

Twilight looks up at the pony. Squinting her eyes a bit to see through the tears she was holding back. The pony boldly wiping the tears away with her own hoof. “There we go, my Queen. Tears don’t go well with your coat.” The pony giggles at her before offering a hoof to help Twilight stand up. Which she takes hesitantly, standing up.

“Who are you?” Twilight asks while tilting her head at the pony.

“I’m the Spirit of Harmony, my dear Queen.” The pony bows deeply continuing to say. “I make sure that Equestria stays as harmonious as possible. I’m sure you and I will make great friends.”

Twilight looks at the pony quizzically. “The Spirit of Harmony? Like Discord is the Spirit of Chaos? Are you two related by chance?”

The pony sighs “My brother is the yin to my yang as you would expect. Luckily, there is not nearly enough chaos in the world for him to come here. Of course, he may show up in the future, but for now, I have control over the power of chaos and order.”

Twilight brightly smiles, “If that’s the case, It’s a pleasure to meet you… uh, what’s your name?”

The pony thinks. “Hmm, well my brother went with Discord… so I’ll go with Concord? No, too formal and I’m not a stallion. How about Unity? Uni for short.” Uni smiles at Twilight, the alicorn visibly relaxing in front of the familiar force of nature.

Twilight holds out her hoof “Well then Uni, I’d love to be your friend!”

In the back of her mind, Twilight excitedly thinks ‘Something that’s even slightly familiar! I’ll take it!’ Uni shaking Twilight’s hoof with a smile.

“If you ever need anything my Queen, please just ask.”

With that, the pony walks away telling Twilight and Luna where she lives. A small forest just on the outskirts of the budding town. Twilight knowing it will be Whitetail Woods, once the original Canterlot falls to the Everfree, and eventually the castle with it to Nightmare Moon. Twilight sighs as she looks back towards the original Canterlot. She likely had less than ten minutes before the guards would realize she was gone now. Twilight picks up Luna, placing the filly on her back and begins the trek back to the castle, by hoof. “We’re gonna take the scenic route back Luna. So enjoy the walk alright?” She says with a well-exercised smile, nuzzling Luna in just the right way to tickle her. This causes Luna to laugh and hug her mom afterward.

The two return just as the search party was being organized. Twilight quickly being escorted to the main venture of the venue.

There was an eager silence in the crowd as the pony was taken to the execution stand. After being read out her wrongdoings, she was given another chance. Twilight saying “Spectator, if you say you’re sorry. Then we’ll let you go if you promise to reform. Please don’t make us do this to you and your family. You may have killed the Queen and King, but they put forth that they would love it if you were reformed.” The pony on the stand says nothing though. Simply staying quiet. Her own family yelling at the queen and their family member equally. The Queen’s grievances being said that she was a tyrant for allowing this execution to go forth. The family also yelled at their family member for getting their titles, land and other worldly possessions taken away.. The silence (aside from the yelling family members, but an invisible silencing bubble was placed around them to keep them quiet.) lasted several minutes. Twilight shaking a small amount as she realized she could do nothing. Spectator looking at the new queen.

“I regret nothing. Go to hell Queen and long live Celestia!” The pony spits out venomously staring at Twilight with hate and fury in her eyes. However her eyes eventually shift down to look at Celestia. Twilight pulling the white filly close to protect her. While Luna was left inside thanks to Twilight’s insistence. Celestia refused to miss this chance to see her parent’s murderer fall.

The next minutes went in slow motion for Twilight. Being forced to commence the execution. Twilight watched as a life was ended by her orders. There was no anti execution law yet. There was no long-term prison that could be used. There was no holding back the nobles in this situation. “There was no other way,” Twilight says to herself as she wanders back into the castle. Only lucid thanks to the intense cheering and excitement outside due to the execution of the treasonous pony. While the cheering only came from a small, select few ponies, her mind’s state made it sound all the louder.

Twilight did not leave her room for three days after that. Only the princesses and her aid saw her. During this time, Twilight studied and worked on her magic day and night only stopping to tuck her foals in for bed. Aside from the love from Luna and the moments of caring for Celestia, her magic studies were the only things that kept her mind off the events that just occurred. One night though broke her out of her slump. Hearing a very soft sobbing coming from one of her foal’s room late at night during a snack break. Twilight peeks into the room to see Celestia sobbing into her pillow.

“Why did you two have to go? Why mom? Why dad? Why couldn’t you just survive it? I miss you two so much.” Celestia says to a painting of her parents. Hugging a small pillow. Twilight sees this and thinks for a moment. Before quickly closing the door and rushing to a nearby room. A small amount of noise later and few failed attempts. Twilight returns to the room, entering it properly. Celestia looking at Twilight with slight anger.

“What do you want…? I’m busy.” The filly wipes her own eyes. Sniffling as Twilight sighs and sits next to her. Twilight then drapes a wing over her daughter.

“I heard you. Moms are good at that. I know I could never replace your parents and I doubt you want to deal with me for too long. So, I made you a friend that could help you through this. She’s helped me a lot in the past.” Twilight then levitates out her freshly made and stitched Mr. Smartypants doll. While not nearly the same quality as the original, in fact, it’s fairly shoddily made when compared to it, all the essential parts are there. Down to the loose eye.

“A doll? I don’t play with dolls though.” Celestia says as she holds it. However, much to her own surprise she can’t help but giggle a bit at it.

“Trust me. Mr. Smartypants will help you out a lot. At least, until you let me help you. She can dance, play hide and seek, and take down big white monsters with you.” Twilight says as she levitates the doll, making it dance a little. Play peekaboo. And has it tackle Celestia’s face. The filly giggling after a bit, trying and failing to compose herself.

“Alright alright! I get it. I'll take the doll.” Celestia says trying to pout, but failing to hold her interest in check. Her curiosity in the doll leaking into her eyes which twinkle lightly in the night. Twilight giving it to her with a smile before moving to exit.

“Wait…” Celestia mumbles out lightly. Just enough for Twilight to hear and stop. The mare looking back at Celestia, who continues after a long pause the filly clearly debating about something in her head. “Can… Can we have pancakes tomorrow?”

Twilight smiles “Sure, sweetie. I’ll make them special.” She then continues to exit before hearing Celestia again.

“Wait,” Celestia says again. “C-Can you stay with me and Mr. Smartypants until I fall asleep?”

Twilight brightens up a large amount, her demeanor changing from reasonably gloomy to her usual self. “Of course sweetie. Any time.” Twilight sits in bed with Celestia. Hugging her close, wings and all. Staying with her and singing her a lullaby. Only leaving the filly shortly after she sleeps.

The book shows a Lock on the screen. The question appears in the text rather than Twilight asking it. The pony reading it aloud “What was the name of the transparent pony in the story? That's easy.” The pony then selects the correct answer, causing the pages of the book to turn rapidly and forcefully. The aura of the book changing again. To a brown color as the next chapter begins.

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