• Published 29th Aug 2018
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Those Forty Years - Spell Writer

After being trapped in the past by politics and new responsibilities, Twilight finds herself as the adopted mother of Luna and Celestia. This story is about those 40 years she took care of them. Sequel to My Faithful Student by me and FadFreaky

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Chapter 1 - Prologue and the Coronation of the Eternal Queen

Chapter 1:

A shadow looms over a small white pedestal. Standing behind it and holding an old dusty book in her hoof. Laying the old book on top of the marble surface, the pony smiles at her find. Another book being added to a large pile behind her, which looms a good half a head taller than her. As she opens the book in front of her, the pages crinkle, releasing a fine layer of dust into her face. The pony coughs from the sediment entering her nose while ferociously blinking to remove the particles in her eyes. The pony thinks to herself as she backs away ‘This book must be at least thirty percent dust if every page is like that. I hope it’s readable.’ The cloaked pony’s thoughts are interrupted as she backs into an odd contraption, which hums to life with no noise. Large streams of neon blue light flowing from the box, through the cracks of the floor, and into the pedestal causing the indentations in the marble to release a faint glow. The book on the top of the pedestal floats a small distance above it’s resting place no higher than four inches and shines a brilliant light before releasing a cone-shaped beam out of it. The beam ending in a flat circle, showing moving pictures of what could be assumed to be, the contents of the book.

“Hm, how convenient.” The mysterious mare said to herself. Having witnessed this with no small amount of awe. While she hates what the forgotten alicorn did to her family, even she must admit that what the alicorn was capable of, was nothing short of incredible. But, now with this book, the mare would be able to not only find out who this alicorn is, but if she still exists today. Cackling to herself lightly. The mare rubs her hooves together as she watches the magical movie unfold in front of her. The sweet sound of the guards she tied up being the backdrop for the entire situation. Made it all the more sweeter as she prepared to learn more about the secrets of Equestria.

The circle began showing pictures, from the alicorn herself to important events in history that were never recorded. The pictures though, passed far too quickly, as if it were a rapidly paced slideshow rather than a movie. However, the book settled down after a moment. The movie starting at what the pony assumes to be the very beginning.

Twilight, hunched over her desk, writes fervently into a small book. The quill is a white plume, likely from a large bird, and the ink is the best of her time. The quill writing very nicely into the parchment paper the journal is comprised of. All of this acquired at her word and command for her comfort. After a moment, she begins speaking aloud in recognition and likely for spell checking purposes, of what she is writing. The purple alicorn is still normal sized at this time, having a mane that waves in the nonexistent wind with stars and constellations throughout it. The young queen currently residing in a room far too large for a single pony, with three desks, five chairs, an extra large bed and a walk-in closet. The room has been painted over already by the staff of the castle to resemble her colors, although this seems to bring only the smallest amount of solace to the alicorn’s face. Even the very nice writing implements not uplifting her mood.

“To whomever reads this diary, first I hope you know that this will likely be restricted information. Therefore, if you stumbled across this book at random, I have included a memory wiping spell on the final page of the book to be used by citizens that do not want to be in trouble. If you are a criminal reading this illegally, then I welcome you to learn as much as you can before you get caught. And, if one of the family members of a certain pony is reading this, I welcome you to learn what occurred such a long time ago. In this journal, I will detail every major event that will and has occurred to Equestria, me, and my daughters.”

As if on cue, or as if a cosmic force compelled it, Twilight gets tackled by a blue mass from just out of view. Luna smiling as she hangs onto Twilight’s neck. “Hi, future ponies! I hope I’m the bestest princess ever for you! Sorry, my sister isn’t here to say hi. She’s being moody today. Like, pretty much every day.” The little alicorn brightly smiles at where the recording magic is floating. Having a face that could stop the heart of even the strongest and toughest stallion.

Twilight laughs a bit and levitates Luna. Twilight setting the filly onto her neck, and letting the young Alicorn watch by peeking over Twilight’s own head. Twilight then exhales, but before composing herself a small amount, she begins putting on a regal bearing that mirrors her teacher’s. “To begin with I will start with my coronation. Since that event was fairly tame though I’ll include it in the prologue of this book. I wanted to make it it’s own chapter, but by my calculations, I’ll run out of numbers that ponies can actually understand in this time period if I do. However, in order to view the next chapter, you must be able to answer a trivia question about the chapter you have just read. Consider it a pop quiz at the end of each and every chapter!” The purple alicorn smiles brightly, her magic flaring up a small amount likely due to the excitement. This has the side effect of making the recording throughout this section even more detailed. Allowing the shrouded pony to see how exhausted the young queen is. Her wings not even folded up and drooping on the floor and a large layer of black bags under her eyes show that she has very little energy.

Yet Twilight continues to speak, undeterred. “Well let’s begin then. My coronation was only a week ago, so this should be pretty detailed.”

Luna smiles brightly, levitating a stack of papers, a quill, and an inkwell “Don’t forget something to take notes with! Only worthy ponies get to see what comes next!” The filly squees before dropping everything. Causing the inkwell to make a shattering noise as she carelessly dropped it to the floor.

Luna simply says, “Whoops.”

Twilight giggles to herself before shaking her head lightly, not enough to throw Luna off balance. “Clean it up, Luna. Go ask one of the maids for a washcloth, and make sure to clean it yourself.”

The filly groans and pleads to not have to clean it up, citing that they have maids for this purpose, but it falls on deaf ears, Twilight telling her to clean it up herself. The filly then exits the room to search for a method to clean the spill. Twilight then smiles at the recording crystal. “Well let’s get started for real now.”

‘Gotta get to the princess!’ Thought Glimmering Belle as she rushed through the stone castle, her hooves creating a clicking noise that echoed through the empty hallways. In her aura floats a very long and painstakingly crafted dress that she made by hoof, a skill that she has refined over the years before discovering her family’s unique magic spell. But, on this occasion, she could never give the princess… er, Queen, something that she made so carelessly. She put her heart and soul into this dress just for her special day and now she’s running late to give it to her!

“Oooh, Prism, if I get my hooves on you for making me so late! You and your descendants will be my family’s personal size bases!” The pink pony rushed towards the room, stopping for nothing. Knocking over guards, potted plants, and even maids who dared to get in the way. Finally, she reached the room, ignoring the guard at the front, bursting in with flair and pizazz. Using her magic to create explosions of light and a singular beam of light to come down from the sky the light show amazes everypony in the room. This beam would wreath her in light, giving her a wondrous glow as she said.

“I madeeee ittt! And, just in time!” The dress was quickly taken by the castle staff, the now glowing pink pony rushing to join the staff members as they attempted to subdue a struggling target.

“Now hold still darling! We need to get your mane right and get your dress on you, along with makeup because well, this work is shoddy!” Glimmering says as she looks over the struggling Twilight, who was not mentally prepared to have quite literally a full beauty treatment in front of the entire staff and her new friends. Glimmering diving in and beginning in assisting the staff as the rest of the Ye Old Six do their own work to provide for the coronation.

Prismatic Dash was out practicing for the ending flair. While Dash wasn’t actually her last name, Twilight tended to gravitate to using it if she needed to call her by last name. Most of her friends call her Prism thanks to her white coat and yet rainbow mane. She’s the only one not in the room at the moment.

Ambrosia Apple, while being more country-oriented and therefore less inclined to know how upper crust parties may go, is working with Cinnabar Pie to make the after party as amazing as possible. Those two constantly entering and exiting, getting approval from Twilight whenever she isn’t attempting to try and handle her own looks. Although Glimmering taking over seems to have calmed Twilight down quite a bit allowing Cinnabar and Ambrosia to talk to her much more often. The yellow and grey pony respectively are working the hardest out of the six. Both being earth ponies, there is some prejudice still in the air, but a hard look from the Queen to be has shut down any and all comments.

Sweet Breeze is here assisting the staff as well Using her animals to bring anything the staff might need from the rest of the castle, but she won’t be there for the ceremony itself. Being far too shy for that she opted to stay away from the event. But, she will likely change her mind by the time the event comes along. She can never decide on one thing to do and tends to be fairly easily convinced to go against her personal ideals. The brown pony is currently handling dressing the other two alicorns, Celestia and Luna. Since she, aside from their adopted mother, is the only one that they listen to one hundred percent of the time.

Celestia is on her third day without speaking even a single word to anypony aside her sister. The death of her parents still weighing heavily on her mind. The light in her eyes is still there but it is dim and quiet. Her distaste for her new mother hasn’t fully vanished, but she needs a pony to lean on, and Twilight is and always will be there for her. While she attempts to strain their relationship, she won’t be able to hold onto that forever. Luna on the other hoof is completely excited for Twilight’s coronation currently having lost her shy streak due to the intense excitement she is feeling. Jumping into her fancy light blue dress and trying to be as calm as possible for Sweet Breeze, who is currently doing her mane.

“Sister Sister! Isn’t it great!? Not only do we not have to be rulers when we’re this young, but we still have a family! Not only that but mom is gonna look great! Momma is resting with daddy and everypony loves our new mom! We shouldn’t have a problem with assassination attempts ever again!” Luna says with an excited look in her eyes. Brightly staring at her sister who is a hoof length away. After her sister doesn’t immediately respond, she does the only logical thing a filly would do in this situation and begins shaking her.

“Payyyy attention to meeeeeeeee.” Luna says with a whining tone of voice, shaking her sister to and forth who responds appropriately.

Celestia snapping back with a startling noise that alerts the entire room. “Stop. Shaking. me!” Celestia says as she removes Luna’s hooves from her shoulders, forcefully pushing her off.

“Don’t do that Luna! I appreciate your optimism, but mom and dad just died a week ago! Give me some space!” The white filly drew looks from the entire room thanks to her actions though. Causing her to rush out of it to get ready herself. Luna being quite downtrodden thanks to her sister’s actions, but putting on a half smile.

“She’ll get better eventually… Don’t worry everypony.” Luna says to kickstart the room again.

After about fifteen minutes, Twilight is all prepared and Celestia has returned. Both are prepared and dressed up. Celestia and Luna putting on their tiara’s and Twilight putting on her brand new crown. She styled it after her old element of harmony, sheerly because Luna and her friends said she should have a more ornate crown than the princesses. Her dress is a long luxurious purple dress with constellations weaved into it using diamonds and precious gemstones. The hem embroidered with smaller versions of her cutie mark, each with a single small diamond as the centerpiece, giving her dress a radiant look which was also (literally) blinding. Luckily, thanks to Glimmering’s skill, the diamonds were still beautiful but were not reflective. So the dress just shimmered in the light with a certain radiance about it. As she moved, Twilight’s poise was fixed by her assistant, serving as practice for how she should be during the ceremony. Head straight up. Strong stance. And a calm or fierce visage.

Twilight, her friends, and her children are then escorted to the ballroom. The event is as one would imagine. A young descendant of each tribe’s original leaders standing there in recognition of the ascension of the new Queen of Equestria. The ceremony begins with an angelic song about the history of Equestria, the booming noise so loud yet pleasant that everypony in the nation could hear it, but would not find it distasteful. Then, Twilight is anointed by each tribe’s representatives. The anointment ranges from drinking water from the pegasi, to planting a flower from the earth ponies, to casting a cooperative spell with the unicorns. It finishes with a hoof waving to the citizens that showed up, which is nearly all of them. (Twilight unsurprisingly excels at this part.) The ballroom was carefully decorated for the event. Having Twilight’s cutie mark on several large banners and even placing a large throne in the room for her to sit on in recognition of her ascension to Queenhood. Each banner was hoof embroidered by the best of the best, and each tailor and seamstress only made one, causing every banner to have minor differences from the other. While the nobles found this distasteful due to their businesses getting ‘cheated’ out of money, many ponies found it to be an amazing mixture of skills, and those that made the banners did not complain thanks to the sum of bits they were paid and the recognition that making such a thing brings to one’s work. The event ended with Twilight sitting on the throne (With a small amount of pushing from Celestia and Luna who reassured her of her place for the time being) to which everypony bowed to. After having everypony rise the event was over, however, that was not the end of the day’s work for the newly crowned Queen. For there were the afterparty and the matter of a certain pony’s due justice.

The flat viewing disk became blank after that moment. Showing Twilight back into her room, although the recording was clearly made later on as Luna and Celestia were both with her in a family hug. Twilight then says to the recording spell “Well that was the coronation. The after party is next of course. But to read that chapter you gotta answer a question! Hope you paid attention. Simply just place your hoof on the answer in the book when you have it. So mysterious future reader, ‘What color is Prism’s coat?’ That’s your question for the next chapter. Should be an easy one for you don’t ya think?”

The cloaked pony immediately puts her hoof on the answer. While she didn’t remember it off the top of her head, she knew what page the answer was on at the very least. She would say to herself, “You need better security than that to get in my way you tyrant. Now let’s see what happens next!” The book shudders as the correct answer is pressed, causing a Pink light to overtake the blue light. The book shifting to the next chapter, ready to show what happened next.

Author's Note:

Welcome everyone to the next iteration of the My Faithful Student trilogy! :twilightsmile:

This story is all about Twilight's time as Queen and those long 40 years she spent in old Equestria as it's ruler and leader. The story will not just be exclusively about Twilight, having chapters about both princesses and even a little bonus later on. Please remember that this story takes place before Starlight was even a passing thought, so don't expect Twilight to actively seek out anything to do with her future student. Otherwise, enjoy the ride, it's gonna be a bumpy one.

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