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Title art and meddling with fate · 5:31am Feb 25th, 2019

New Art for Those 40 years are finally done! =D

Now for those that like meddling with fate... its slow. Really slow. I'm sorry but it's actually hard has heck to write something where you dont have your original idea for. It's getting progress but... well, I'll do what I can. The chapter hasn't really gotten much traction.

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Upcoming Chapters:
Those Forty Years - 3266 words currently - Completed! Go Read!

Meddling with Fate: Birthright - 1000 words currently, about 40% complete. Currently Being written

Note %'s are estimations based off of the outline. Rarely will they be accurate, but they give a good idea of how close I believe I am to finishing the chapter.

Story Progress:

Those Forty Years: Arc 2/~8
Meddling with Fate: Section 1/~5

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You've gained my attention with your Fire Emblem Fates story.

I could be of help with the Valla storyline, as I have beaten that arc many times.

Feel free to message back with your reply!

Hello there! Welcome to FIMFiction.:pinkiesmile:

If you need any help figuring out how the site works, don't be afraid to ask. I'm always happy to help, and we're all glad that you are here!:twilightsmile:

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