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After seeing huge bursts of power from one universe a Q decides to investigate



Dave has had a rough couple of weeks. His girlfriend dumped him, his mom died, and now he lost his job. He wanted some time to relax but a being from another world has a different idea.

Not mention an evil sense of humor.

Featured on 9/24/2015
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As always, i hope he doesn´t have to give Cadance Body up in the end of the fanfiction, i would like it if he stays the way he is right now.

It seems to be a bit short, but i guess once the story really started we can maybe get a bit more, i don´t mind tp wait, but i like large chapters very much.

Ceelstia frowned but nodded and all the ponies left


You;re sure Cadance?” Celestia asked.


“Could every..pony leave the room. And Celestia could you soundproof the room for me. I don't want any..pony to hear this.”
“You;re sure Cadance?” Celestia asked.
“Give me five minutes PLEASE!” Dave asked pleadingly. Celestia frowned but nodded and all the ponies left the room leaving him alone.

In Cadance's body.

In Cadance's body.

In Cadance's body.


pervs... pervs everywhere.... (I have a derty mind)

Did she wake up just after Cadance assertion to alicornhood?



Considering my life before that do you think I can do that job?”

remove extra space between considering and my.

great teacher...most

add a space after the ellipses

5777979 :facehoof: Yes, but when you get around to editing at least you know about those ahead of time.

Does this mean that Shining Armor will be marrying a guy in his future marefriend's body?

5778856 This is like the time when I found out that Samus was a girl.

5778982 well this Cadance isn't really hiding that much. Physically she is Cadance and thus a mare. only the personality is different

5779037 A slightly more masculine Cadence?

5779140 more like Rainbow Dash. She'll believe in tough love approach.

5779173 This'll be interesting.

5778856 Honestly, i am not a fan of that idea, i mean nothing against Shining armor right now, but i thought you would brake out of the normal Cadance has to marry Shining armor idea.
Since he is a guy, this could be one fanfiction, where he doesn´t love Shining Armor.

I somehow get the feeling i have read this already, maybe there is a similar fanfiction to this one here, or you has his simply edited.

5779721 Somethings have to remain the same otherwise having Dave be Cadance wouldn't have been needed, she just could have died. Dave being a fan of the show also knows this. But doesn't mean everything will be the same. Top of Dave's list is keeping in touch with Twilight unlike the canon version and of course the wedding.


Somethings have to remain the same otherwise having Dave be Cadance wouldn't have been needed,

well it is just the reason for this story, but i can accept that. I hope he can make Shining armor a good Stalltion, and not some kind of Prince Charming.
Since you said nothing have to be the same, i hope they have at least a different kind of relationship.

So the next thing i am speaking about, is not against yourself, is it just that if i read some certains things more than ten times, it start to dislike them a bit.

I know that Lauren Faust or however she is called, created MLP (i honestly never search for that much informations about the most things), and i can accept it if some people want to make her a god or something like that.
The thing is, why can´t she be a normal Pony once? Everytime, she have to be something that powerfull, that she could destroy the planet with one Attack to overeact a little bit. It is just like she have to be Celestia in every fanfiction, where Discord transformed every Human into a Pony, what stops Discord to make her that one Donkey to overstate it again.

I don´t want to sound mean, what i probably do, i just try to explain what i mean, so that you can understand me at least a bit.

I think i read the second chapter later today, since it somehow is like i had read it already somewhere, i guess i have some kind of déjà vu

5779839 she created the MLP world we love. I figured it appropiate that her counterpart would be an alicorn.

And yes their relationship will be different. Dave's Personality is different then Cadance's. THough being the alicorn of Love will affect him. You'll start to see it in the next chapter.

I prefer this version instead of "YOUR PLANET GOT NUKED, NOW HAVE A CUPCAKE!"

5779979 you mean something you would do. Your pinklestia after all


Nope, I would do something more pink.

5779996 I figured the cupcakes would have been pink. :pinkiehappy:


she created the MLP world we love. I figured it appropiate that her counterpart would be an alicorn.

well like i said, i can understand it, but it is also kind of exaggerated.
Then again i never felt the need to worship any start or something like that, no offense!
I am thankfull for the thinks i get, i just thinks that is not really a reason to make them the strongest ever or a godlike creature.She created MLP, and it would make her the mother of MLP if you want to see it like that yes, but i don´t feel the need to make her a god because of that.

It probably sound otherwise, but i don´t have to much against it, i just think it is a bit exaggerated.

5780104 You won't be seeing her much. She did wanted i wanted her to do.


I know he is having an idenity crisses.... But this is WAY ANNOYING!!!!! Just go with "Him, His, He" When he thinks about himself and when others think or talk about him go with "She, and Her" This hole Half word think is annoying... Please in further chapters try not to do this... Or if you must do this atleast put "hi..her" The hole "hi..er" thing makes it annoying, atleast to me... It also makes the character look stupid for some resin, like he is trying to telepathly say Hi to someone but forgets how to and finishes up with er, I forgot...

Just a suggestion.... Besides that I find the story to be in a rather good start. Keep it up....

Filly twilight is best twilight!

Fitting for a Mi Amore Cadenza theme story?

She isn't adorable.
She is adorkable.

she is adorkable regardless of the timeline.

I think he's adapting a tad bit too quickly.

5808755 but she wasn't reading or doing anything scientific yet, so not Adorkable. YET

5808790 1, he knows what is to happen. But he'll have his own way of doing it. And note he is still trying to walk and learn magic.

5808812 ... Could stand to have a little filler.

5808844 what do you think the first part of this chapter is and who's to say he's done learning.

5808885 Like have a montage of failures.

5808901 there will be, notice walking has not been easy. She still can't walk far.

5809033 it be awhile since I have chapters of other stories to work on.

5809050 ok I can wait, just love the series so far.:pinkiesmile:

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