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I am no writer even if I sometimes wish I was.


Give the CMC some motivation · 3:49am Jul 28th, 2019

I've been reading a bunch of Anon-a-Miss fics lately and have noticed a trend. A lot of people flesh out Sunset and her past, present and future. A good number of them give other side characters a chance to shine, from Gilda to Octavia, from Sirens to shadowbolts. A lot less give their time to the main 5 and how and why they react like they do. But I haven't seen any (yet) that give the CMC some motivations for their actions besides what is already said in the comic. Which is wierd considering

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What is I

I am just some guy with a half finished Masters degree that stumbled upon MLP and discovered it wasn't as bad (aka girly) as he thought. I still have to cringe when I have to hear the opening melody. I keep my bronyness to myself and the anonymity that is the internet.

I usually have either no opinion or a strong opinions about a fimfic. Therefore my comments are mostly long and ramble~y.

I often look at some peoples profile picture and wonder what it is or where it comes from. So to avoid someone else going through the same with mine:
Gaia Power. Yes, the Yugioh card.

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Ty for the track:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Mine are a 2 year in Computer Science and my 4 year in Managerial Science, but I've been a staunch believer in science and objectivity for a very long time, and of course, being involved in politics and being a small business consultant means I get a lot of exposure to new information...

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