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I rember there was Blink sequel with society of Twilights and her friends, both with unicorn Twilights and Twilicorns. It had one chapter.

It uses a similar idea and the same name, but that’s just a coincidence. It isn’t really part of the Blinkverse in any way.

This one?

I mean, it's already in the group folder, isn't it related to the other in the main message above?

Oh right... Added it.

I meant adding those stories to the main page where the others are listed. c:

You can always add stories to the group yourself.

Also ... that story seems to already be in the group?

I and others have written stories for the group, as it's such an excellent concept.
If you could add them, they're listed above my old comment under AmaranthineDreams's posting. Please and thankyou.

Removed the broken image link.
What else needs maintaining?

Decent of you.
Are you still maintaining this page?
I think many would appreciate if it was updated.

I was just going to suggest most of those as well. It's hard not to get wrapped up in this concept, huh? :pinkiecrazy:

Hey, I'd just like to point out that the group description could probably use an update. Namely, the following stories should be added to their respective sections.

Blink Again

Sequels to the Sequels:

Sequels of the Third Degree:

Additionally, "Detritus" should probably be removed or marked differently, since it appears to no longer be available.

I have started a sequel to Blink, called Flash.
If it could added to the list, that would be appreciated.
It incorporates Not The First as a background, but it can be read standalone and the reader can piece together the world without needing the read other stories, although they would be missing out.

I added my own story, Blink Again, to this group. In that timeline, it would be a third branch off of Blink, an alternate sequel compared to Blinking and Rapid Blink.

I'm pretty sure there was a timeline for the stories in this group at one point, but it appears to have been lost. Because of this, I made a new timeline for all 15 stories currently in the group. If anything about this could be improved/changed, feel free to drop me a PM or reply! :twilightsmile:

I put this in the group description now. ^.^
(Though there have been a couple changes you might want to account for.)


Makes me wish more people would add to the collection

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Need more caffeine. Waiting for "Blink of an Eye" and "Blink 182"

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