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I added my own story, Blink Again, to this group. In that timeline, it would be a third branch off of Blink, an alternate sequel compared to Blinking and Rapid Blink.

I'm pretty sure there was a timeline for the stories in this group at one point, but it appears to have been lost. Because of this, I made a new timeline for all 12 stories currently in the group. If anything about this could be improved/changed, feel free to drop me a PM! :twilightsmile:

After having read through all the stories, the most satisfying timeline in my opinion is:
Not The First -> Blink -> Blinking -> Eyes Open

I put this in the group description now. ^.^
(Though there have been a couple changes you might want to account for.)


Makes me wish more people would add to the collection

Comment posted by Keywii_Cookies55 deleted Jul 23rd, 2017

Need more caffeine. Waiting for "Blink of an Eye" and "Blink 182"

Comment posted by FoalsHalf deleted Feb 26th, 2017

I think this run of storys are going to get BIG

[blinking intensifies]

Wow, this is the #1 trending group right now! ^.^ Neat!

Haaaaiiiiiii :3

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