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This story is a sequel to Blink

Twilight has never thought about where she ends up in that split second when she's neither here nor there.

The results think about it. A lot.

From refined remains, a Twilight civilisation emerges, determined to warn its creator.

Part of ocalhoun's Blink bandwagon, but with no particular connection to anything else on it.

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Now THIS is a wicked twist on the Blink-verse. Well done!

This was fascinatingly dark.

And is starlight an alicorn??!!

The idea of Princess Starlight is far more horrifying than any story in the Blink-verse. :ajsmug:

Also it's friggin hysterical that Twilight's final report is 205,000 pages long. Guess she has nothing else to do.

Great story! :twilightsmile:

And thus, we wait...

For the sequel that may or may not happen.

In all honesty, though, this was great! This definitely explores the mechanics of the hellish realm they reside in more than expanding on the horror that is eating your own corpse, but I'll take it. Fantastic stuff.

EDIT: Just realized this is a two chapter story.
On to the next chapter!

7974056 Why thank you :twilightsmile:

7974107 Implied to be, yes. I could have made up some far-future OC student of Princess Twilight and been forced to spend another five hundred words explaining who they were before anyone got it - or I could just drop a name that everyone would at least recognise, if not necessarily like.

7974178 See above. (I tend not to hate characters at all - but if it's adding extra sprinklings of horror for some readers, I'm not going to interfere :pinkiecrazy:)
And of course the report is 205 000 pages - aside from the appendices, which were fairly long, it was written by a constantly rotating committee of Twilights. There's some real horror for you :rainbowwild:

7974275 I've always liked expanding on mechanics - I'm one of those people who talks over the TV about how implausible today's physics-defying script is. I also intensely dislike simple gory horror in favour of implied horror. Even transmuted food has to be transmuted from something...
And yeah, while I'm not above shameless cliffhangers between chapters, I'm not going to do it on a fic scale.

This is probably my favorite entry in the Blink verse this far. I love how it actually explores the implications and mechanics of such a pocket universe. Great job!

Hah! Well done. This is a wonderfully creative extension of the original. :twilightsmile:

The Council of Twilights is exceedingly lucky that Twilight-Prime didn't double-tap (I.E. teleport twice). I mean, she doesn't do so very often, but she does it often enough that it had to be a very serious concern.

I could have made up some far-future OC student of Princess Twilight and been forced to spend another five hundred words explaining who they were

Yeah been there, doing that. :twilightsmile:

7974496 As above, I've always liked expanding on mechanics. It's part of why I like this fandom so much - we're really good at filling in headcanons where canon doesn't tread.

7974571 I'm creative? That's news to me. :pinkiesmile:

7974651 Huh. Never noticed that. Must watch more pony.
Clearly Future Princess Twilight grows out of it. :raritywink:

THAT certainly would have been a downer ending.

Better than Blinked, Eyes Open, and this one other Blink fic. Nice job.


Better than <list of 3 fics>


Okay, I haven't read this yet, I just want to say I am amazed by the number of spinoffs/sequals being made of this thing are.

I wonder if they have ever tried to break the bubble?

Holy shit, now THIS is what I am talking about! This is a rather short, but worthy Blink series fic!

Woah... This is awesome! I've read the other Blink stories but this one is better than most of the others... I need to see what happens next. Let's see what happens in 266 words!

Alright, this has officially become one of my favorite stories in the Blink-verse series. Awesome job!


Yeah, I like this more than the others of this universe I have read so far... good job, mate... good job.

Welcome to Fimfiction. Sometimes there are bandwagons. ocalhoun's Blink appears to have spawned one. Other notable instances include ponies-in-your-bed (see my Collab Contributions), peaches, and "would it matter if I was?".

The report states the medium in which the bubble is embedded, so clearly they broke it and/or probed beyond it at some point. (I only realised that just then. Score one for writing first, thinking later.)

7979099 7981621 7981638 7982216

7983152 Uhg I hated "would it matter if I was?" It was an OoC mouthpiece work that just came off as more sanctimonious than anything else.

And yes it would matter, one of the base Elements of friendship is Honesty for fucks sake. Lying to your friends and hiding a secret like that from them while being terrified of them finding out is not friendship so yes it would fucking matter.

God that still makes me salty remembering it.

7992301 Ease up on me bro, I haven't even read anything vaguely related to it! It's all still on my monolithic Read Later list.

7974775 Here you go, fellow horrible person.

Would it matter if I teleported this peach? :trollestia:

Twilight has just the right mix of organized, neurotic and brilliant to be able to construct a society of her own in a situation like this.

Problem with this spin off theory is called flesh eating bacteria....

8006293 Yes, it would. Think of the spheres full of fruit! :pinkiecrazy:

8008236 law of conservation of mass means mass will always stay the same no matter what transformations it goes through

8008236 Shush, you. Equestria has enough flesh-eating terrors without you bringing those up. :rainbowwild:

8014602 Magic.

That doesn't explain anything. if you keep adding mass with no outlet, it will always get bigger.
What has different mass? the bodies? bacteria don't get rid of molecules, they just convert it into other kinds of molecules.

What I'm implying is that an unbelievable percentage of it would be converted to a dense carbon gas of various sorts and that it would be basically an unlivable atmosphere...

That said the better question is

HI there. I hope you don't mind but I liked this story so much I have adapted it into an audio reading on YouTube:



But the copy of twilight made it to her destination, right?

I wanna see that 205000-page full report.

I'm curious to see the Appendix A.

8063866 Unfortunately, there is but one of me, and I have at most 175 320 productive hours left, the majority of which I will need to spend on other tasks.

Also, it was a joke.

You did what now?

...I don't quite believe it. Someone made a reading of my words.

In case it wasn't clear, I have no problems whatsoever with this.

8063550 Bad news - no Twilight makes it.

If there is no room in the sphere, the next Twilight fails to materialise, at origin, destination, or intermediate containment.

If Starlight and Twilight are the ruling Princesses, does that mean that Celestia and Luna reached the maximum capacity of their teleportation spheres a while ago? The universe's safety mechanism against too many alicorns. Now Twilight's broken it. :twilightsmile:
Beautiful story. Love the sphere mechanics you've come up with.
Twilight's voice is also well done.


The universe's safety mechanism against too many alicorns.

Ooh, now there's a scary thought...

Love the sphere mechanics you've come up with.

Twilight's voice is also well done.

Why thank you :twilightsmile: I like to think mechanics are my strong suit.

Fan FUCKING tastic story!

The alt ending sucked, but I'll pretend I never read it.

8366640 Eh, I can't please everyone; feel free to disregard one of the endings. I appreciate that you appreciate the rest of it, though :twilightsmile:

A fascinating entry. Well done.

The way this is written makes it hard to understand exactly how the events are related to eachother, but I loved the story nonetheless.

Now I want to see Celestias reaction to this.

...It`s not all bad. I mean, what is one more body on the pile.

Only Twilight is able to create full blown civilisation only with her own copies and corpses as materials

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