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Teleportation. It is the best possible way to travel, and Twilight Sparkle is excited to learn how.

This story is a prequel to Blink by Ocalhoun, with permission.

WARNING: Little traumatized fillies die in horrible ways.

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Interesting, if short. Have a like.

It might be interesting if this was the Twilight that was killed calling another a murderer.

I like this prequel! Very detatched, not that I would expect anything less of her.

Well, as this is the prequel, her attempt to kill the next Twilight and the clone obviously fails. I'm curious though, why did the third doppleganger, (the fourth Twilight) just explode like that? That part confused me. At first I thought that maybe she tried to teleport back out again, but a later one tried that resulting in just her head exploding, so I don't think it was that.

The trauma put Twilight into her out of control magic spasm, the same kind that happened with the sonic rainboom when she was younger. However, the stressor this time around was much more intense, resulting in a total release of her magic energy in the form of an explosion.

8083746 I see, but why didn't that happen to any other Twilight? It seems like with all the Twilight's being similar that it would be a more common event than just once.

Each one had a different experience from the next, therefore, each will have a different reaction. That, and the first Twilight started catching the others to make sure that they didn't get a chance to freak out like that. Gradual exposure to traumatic situations is much less traumatizing than suddenly landing on an impaled clone of yourself and killing the other with your weight (at least, that's my theory, I haven't had any traumatic experiences, so I don't know for sure).

This seems like a super-condensed version of what I'm writing. With significantly less violence and gore. There's nothing wrong with it. But by Blink standards its nothing too special. Most of the other stories have something unique about them, something that really makes them stand out. Whether it's a happy ending, a tragic follow up, or a funny twist. This just feels like the bland "Part 1" that could be read before the original- but could also be completely skipped.

That said, the implied violence and gore was quite effective. And while some Blink tales allow twilight to keep her magic, yours is really the only one to use it to make her predicament worse. I'd like to read more of the same... In a different story.


This just feels like the "Part 1" that could be read before the original- but could also be completely skipped.

That was exactly the point. So... thanks? :rainbowwild:

I like the story, but I thought magic couldn't work in that place?

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"Before I could react, she exploded, leaving nothing but a large black char on the floor. The bodies next to where she was were now black and smoldering. It didn't take long for the smell to reach me. I hadn't realized that I had been screaming until my breakfast interrupted me on it's way to the floor."

You paint lovely word pictures. :pinkiecrazy:

Little traumatized fillies die in horrible ways.
Fuck you, no! I love the story, I really do, but NO. NOT AGAIN! I don't want that dream again

Read again because I love dark stories . . .

I should get some help. :pinkiecrazy:

I enjoyed :)

That's pretty well done man! I like the reading and the sound effects at the end!

Wasn’t my reading, but thanks 😊

Pretty good short read, my only complaint being the switching between past and present tense at odd times. Other than that, I quite like this dark little thing. I got scared at first that it'd be a Backrooms thing, but it wasn't.

I thought they couldn't use magic in the pocket dimension

Ah, those few initial teleportations were pretty bad... yikes. Love the story.

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