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Hello to all! Call me Belial. I write M rated stories on this account. I like weird kinks so most of my stories will be weird.


I have a problem · 12:52am May 19th

Me: starts writing a new story

The content warnings: literally double the length of the story description

Anyway lol would you guys prefer I prioritize -

The wholesome RariJack bdsm I’m writing
The Decidedly Not Wholesome Sombra/Cadence mind break I’m writing

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Thanks for the favorite on Sticky and Sweet!


I'll send a small list in PMs

So like the only thing i WILL NEVER write even if you paid me would be something racist or transphobic/otherwise bigoted, to be honest.

Im not into scat or puke and most likely will not write it but like, id do it for money haha or possibly as part of a bigger project that's just supposed to be as gross as possible. And I don't like equestria girls so i wont really write in that world.

Other than that though no, not really. ^-^ my kinks are weird af so like i wont judge lol

Also, probably a silly question, but is there anything you outright won't write?

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