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Don’t like my writing? Great! Tell me why so I can improve! :)

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    Sequel to Blink Again

    Spoilers for Blink Again ahead...

    The truth of teleportation has been discovered; the full knowledge of its horrors known by a select few while the rest are given vague warnings of mortal peril. All use of teleportation is banned, all texts on it under lock and key, and all research into the subject placed strictly under government oversight.

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Hey there, I'm AmaranthineDream, and I write fanfiction for two reasons:

1) It's fun. I like seeing how people respond and I enjoy bringing a smile to others. Telling stories is my number one hobby, and so I figure I might as well write some of it down and spread it around.

2) It's good practice. While I may put more effort into writing for my own, original settings, writing fanfiction—where I know I can get a quick response—makes for good practice. I can try things out in a relatively risk-free place, then apply the lessons I've learned to my primary works.

If you want to help me with these goals, the best thing you can do is give constructive criticism. If you see a typo, missing word, grammatical error, or other problem within one of my stories, please feel free to PM me about it. I'll try to fix it as soon as I can. If you see something that you think could be handled better in a more subjective way, then you can let me know about that as well, and if I agree with you, I may make even those changes. Even if it is something too large to change easily, let me know so that I can keep it in mind for future stories.

As for how I ended up here, I was introduced to My Little Pony through Hearts of Iron IV's fantastic Equestria at War mod, and I can confidently say that I would not be a part of this fandom today if it weren't for me just happening across it on the Steam workshop and saying, "Hey, what the heck. I'll try it." Even then, I probably didn't start watching the show until almost a year after I fell in love with that mod.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and it's great to be here with y'all! :)

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Okay, thanks! I'll see you in the PM.

It depends on what the nature of the problem is. Please feel free to PM me with the details. I'm usually happy to help whenever I feel I have something worth offering.

Hi, Bronie312 sent me to you for help with a problem I'm having with one of my stories. You feeling up to it?

It depends, what is it about? You can go ahead and PM me if you don't want to broadcast the details on my user page here.

Listen, Bronie312 told me that you might be able to help me with a potential collab that I wanted to create
Are you up for it?

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