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This story is a sequel to Blink Again

The truth of teleportation has been discovered; the full knowledge of its horrors known by a select few while the rest are given vague warnings of mortal peril. All use of teleportation is banned, all texts on it under lock and key, and all research into the subject placed strictly under government oversight.

As for those rescued from the pocket dimension, they must determine what comes next. Other versions of them already exist, filling their roles. Perhaps a new direction is in order. After all, the truth behind what created the spell remains a mystery. For now.

Part of the Blinkverse, by ocalhoun and many others. A timeline was created by Cocoa Bittersweet to keep track of these stories.

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I'm hyped for this, specifically hyped to see how the three survivor characters' lives turn out.

Also I don't usually get upset by cruelty to characters in a fanfic, but Luna waiting 1000 years to return to Equestria only to die in a teleportation room a few days later is frustrating me badly

Well, we all know she can teleport, so I kind of figured it was bound to happen. But I do agree, and I felt awful for doing that to her. At least a version of her lived.

Is this story still being worked on?

Of course. I put it on hiatus immediately after posting because I knew it could be a while, especially since I’m working on another story.

Note that the story was posted on June 4th, not January 19th as is listed on the prologue, so it's only been a month so far.

I'm exited to see where this story goes

Excellent, been looking forward to seeing this story continue.

oh its everything I hoped it would be

Now that's scary. I really thought Rarity would be gone. Thank goodness. So, now to figure if that thing is real or did it haunt through the mind?

Also, yay update!

Can't wait to see where this goes!

Thanks! I’m just sorry if it was a bit overdue.

Believe me, I’m just as excited to be updating again. I’ve had a million things get in the way since july. Plus, now I get to see familiar faces (or profile pics) coming back!

Oh boy, her we go. A fantastic start.
Really glad you're back.

Yay, you're back!
The clones trying to adjust back to normal life is definitely gonna be the most interesting part of the story for me. Athough I also wonder if it will be explained why the teleportation spell works the way it does. I'm guessing it's tied to that mysterious entity that infected Fluttershy somehow. And it looks like the unexplained banning of the spell will have some repercussions as well.

Happy to be back.

The spell will definitely be explained, though not for quite some time still. I haven’t written a solid outline for the whole story yet, but that plot point has been on my mind since partway through the previous story.

Awesome to see a sequel to Blink Again.

Mew chapter!

Glad to see more. I found the previous story just a week ago or so.

I'm very interested with how light has to relearn how to live without magic

Twilight and Sweetie Belle I can understand, but when in the actual show did Rarity display the ability to teleport?

I don't believe she did. Did I accidentally say she could?

if i remeber correctly the whole pocket dimention thing did a copy for each "teleport". rarity did not need to teleport and if she did she would be in her own pocket dimention. the rarity talked about was the one that twilight teleported and ended up in twilights pocket dimention along with sweetie.
To easyer understand it just think of it as if you teleported someone they would go to your pocket dimention not their own.

Indeed, everyone gets their own pocket dimension. If Rarity could teleport on her own, then we would have heard of the Princesses investigating her pocket dimension, just as we heard of them investigating the dimensions of other characters who can teleport (namely Celestia, Luna, and Starlight Glimmer), but that's not happened. Nor have there been other references to Rarity teleporting herself.

The previous story, you might recall, was about several ponies stuck in Twilight's pocket dimension, namely three Twilights (not counting the one who came in extremely injured and died shortly after), Rarity, Sweetie Belle, and Fluttershy

Wonderfull story so far.
Keep up the good work.😁

I just got done reading the previous 2 stories and now I'm caught up to this one and let me just say its been a fantastic (if dark and grotesque) read, hope for more!

Oh and feel free to ignore this question because I'm just guessing but Is grey a mirror pool pinkie clone?

Interesting theory. All I’ll say is her history is/will be hinted at in multiple stories of mine.

Twilight must've been upset when she finds out she's been left out of the loop just like the Royal Wedding.

"No," Twilight said, shrugging off Light's grip. "We both know those theories are a reach. The only plausible explanation is that Rarity experienced these events inside her own head. It didn't really happen."

It occurs to me that "this was all in Rarity's head" and "Rarity was visited by a malevolent entity" might not need to be mutually exclusive.

Interesting... a hallucination, or Twi's ghost come back to the world of the living? Weirder things have certainly happened in this story.

Before her were a pair of giant, gleaming yellow eyes. And they spoke. Not with any words an ear might hear, but rather the power of pure projected thought.

I've seen you.


"I... SEE... YOU..."

Yeah... It's funny how Twilight-esque this is. And on the one hand, it’s nice to have such a good understanding of her character, but on the other hand... I was always amazed by her disregard and arrogant attitude towards the words of her friends.

Seriously. If your friend tells you that some mystical crap happened to him that tried to kill him, then being in the world of magic - is there really a place for skepticism here?

Wake up Twilight! You are a talking purple horse with a magic wand stuck into your forehead and disproportionately small wings that somehow lift you into the air! What other damn logic do you need?!

"Eh, who cares? It's not like they're going to stop us."

Rarity gasped. "Light, I never knew you were such a rebel!"

"Actually, I lied. I care quite a bit. I filled out a lot of paperwork for you—in triplicate, just in case—to make sure you were properly set to go. They said that wasn't all necessary, coming from a princess, but the hospital's policies were very clear! I should know, I read them all."

I absolutely adore Light, haha. You've done a wonderful job showing how similar yet different she is from Twilight.


This, combined with the clearly supernatural levels of abilities Fluttershy displayed really should lead to Twilight believing Rarity. It wouldn't even be the first time (or second, or third, etc) she's dealt with something that can mess with your mind or other such things. Twilight immediately doubting Rarity just felt really off.

I've just finished making some minor edits to Chapter 3. Hopefully, Twilight should come across slightly better now in accordance with reader feedback. The outcome of the chapter remains largely the same.

I’ve made some small edits to that chapter. The doubt should no longer be immediate or as severe (but still present, since I’m not changing the entire chapter). Thank you to you and several others for the feedback.

Light just became the symbol of magic - without magic. It's soul crushing

Oooh Man, i just read it 4 hours ago. Well, let's read again!

Wait, does it mean your other stories are canon together with your blinkverse?

You know what's actually terrifying? Teleport spell is something you just learn. You need to be magically gifted to even try, but it's like Harvard where you learn how to calculate advanced orbital mechanics or process of creating polymers and nanostructures, or even just basics of chemical engineering, to get some grade or pass the class.

It means almost every unicorn in Celestia school for magically gifted used teleportation spell like a test, just to pass the exam. None of graduates are actually the originals, everypony is just a perfect copy of themselves.

And every single one have it's own sphere filled with trash and couple corpses. At least couple, probably more.

I realize my entries created wall of spam but I need to praise the author.

Story is marvelous, it ticks my every soft spot: impeding doom, hopelessness, mental tricks, PTSD, conspiracy, identity crisis, confusing emotions and religious fanatics, mixed with Equestria at war lore. Can't wait for continuation. Keep up your supreme work my good sir :moustache:

"Yes. It said she was... deciduous?'"

(of a tree or shrub) shedding its leaves annually.

Flutter tree confirmed

I’m not a “sir,” but thanks! And I don’t mind the so-called “wall of spam” at all. Feel free. I plan to have my next chapter up once I finish my latest playthrough of Dark Souls. lol

As for your comment about other stories, Waning Moonlight will tie into this story in some ways. It’s not as high effort of a story as these are though and is moving at an even slower pace.

absolutely sorry, the hurtful myth "there are no girls on the internet" is stuck with me for 20 years now and expression like "dude, mate, chap, sir, guy, fella" and many others are just stuck with me and extremely difficult to replace, just like "idiot", "moron" and "retard" are not medical and legal terms anymore but became a slur

Oh, don't worry. Not hurtful to me at all. I just figured I'd mention it while it was relevant. :)

I mean, I don't think it's ever established how common teleportation is. And we never hear of them investigating the pocket dimensions of other characters we know who attended the school, such as Trixie or Moondancer. Presumably, there's other casters out there who can teleport, but my impression is that it's fairly rare.

My answer to this is already written into the next chapter. It’s definitely rare though.

I don't really have anything to comment about here, the thing with teleporting though, was portal's never an option?

If I’m remembering correctly from the show, portals are never cast by a single pony except through some kind of magical artifact (as in the case of Neighsay and his EEA medallion). I just assume it requires more power than one pony unaided can muster. Please correct me if I’m missing something though.

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