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When Rarity is mining for gems, she comes across a very strange looking stone. Little does she know until it's too late, the stone change s her life forever... by ending it! Now no longer just another normal unicorn, but a Lich, a horror Equestria hasn't seen in ages, Rarity must figure out how to either break this curse, or convince everypony that she means them no harm!

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Error in short description: "due" should be "do".

Oh, I do love a fic with liches in it. Always (well, usually) quite interesting.

Rarity's eyes shot open and she sat up in her bed, gasping for breath. Her entire body and her bed was drenched in perpetration.

I hate autocorrect too

couple of heavy duty lights


Thank you. Yeah, it can get quite annoying, especially when you write these on your phone

Am I the only one who's laughing there ass off at the image of raritys face in your head? Or is that just me?

Interesting. Dang paladins always mucking things up...

...The young one reminds me of Blueblood.

Well damn she went splat

Huh well I read this all throughout my night shift and I find it intriguing. I will follow this for future updates

Eh, neat concept, but you might want to go though it again. Saw a couple instances of missing words/letters/spaces and other basic spelling and grammar issues. I might go though again latter and point them out when I get more time.

Hope this continues soon-ish

Splatto McPoner, Rarity's only slightly dead.

In front of her, the shadows seems to grow and contort, and a being suddenly towered over her. A massive goat with glowing blue eyes that had trails of green fire erupting from them, dressed in dark robes made of decaying skin and a large black bell attached to a color around his neck. The Crystal Ponies all screamed horsely and tried to back away as far as they could in their cages from the monsterous goat, who grinned at the stench of their fear, revealing countless fangs.

Grogar!! :D

"Oh! If you want, you could borrow my melatonin gummies!" Pinkie Pie offered.

I am... Unsurprised, actually.

"As you wish, my Lady."

Oh god, it begins

Osseus chuckled. "Oh, but you are a Lich, my Lady. You have given your soul to a Phylactery, and ascended into unlife."

Aaaand the other shoe breaks through the floor.

"The moment we let monsters like the Undead roam free is the moment the world has changed too far!" The young voice shouted, before going silent.

Hello main antagonist

(Oh shoot I caught up)

My OC has a STRONG dislike of those kinds of beings, due too past experiences.

cant wait for this to continue :3

Hmmmmm, seems like Rarity is going to find out about a LOT of her new powers before this is over.

huh, that was not expected. hey dead dude, you follow a fashion lich now, how do you feel about that?

Woah, did Rarity intend for that to happen or is the whole "blood and pain" thing a requirement? Good luck not seeming like an embodiment of evil when a simple look has that effect... Although I now question Fluttershy's stare, lol.

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