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When Rarity is mining for gems, she comes across a very strange looking stone. Little does she know until it's too late, the stone change s her life forever... by ending it! Now no longer just another normal unicorn, but a Lich, a horror Equestria hasn't seen in ages, Rarity must figure out how to either break this curse, or convince everypony that she means them no harm!

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 9 )

Error in short description: "due" should be "do".

Oh, I do love a fic with liches in it. Always (well, usually) quite interesting.

Rarity's eyes shot open and she sat up in her bed, gasping for breath. Her entire body and her bed was drenched in perpetration.

I hate autocorrect too

couple of heavy duty lights


Thank you. Yeah, it can get quite annoying, especially when you write these on your phone

Am I the only one who's laughing there ass off at the image of raritys face in your head? Or is that just me?

Interesting. Dang paladins always mucking things up...

...The young one reminds me of Blueblood.

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