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BEHOLD MY SUPERIOR INTELLIGENCE AND MASTERY OF WRITING! MWAH HA HA HA HA- (ack) (cough) (cough)- urgh, I think I pulled something...


This story is a sequel to Blinking

Teleportation. It was the simplest way to get around. But now, many years too late, Princess Twilight Sparkle has learned a horrible truth about her favored spell. She has managed to escape the hell-prison that took the lives of so many of her previous selves, and return to the real world. But now that she's there, she has one thing weighing on her conscience. A single question, begging to be answered...

There are three stories recommended for reading before reading this story. My own story, the original, and the sequel to the original that is the prequel to this one.

I get a bit expositional in this and a tad philosophical.

Happy reading!

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Comments ( 18 )

sorry, this just doesn't fit at all well with the rest of this series of stories

Fair enough. But I'd argue that's the point. Unlike most of the other blink stories, this one takes place only in Equestria, and has no gore. It's more existential fears and answering a question I'd been asking myself for a looking time about why the spell does what it does. The ending is also more bittersweet than true downer ending. All the same, ocalhoun was okay with it when he previewed it, and I'm happy too. Thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

none of that was the issue I had with it. I found the answer unsatisfying and unlikely

I liked this, it fit your style of fitting in between the cracks and answering the unconsidered. Truth be told I was curious what happened to the Twilight that escaped, everyone that6 answered that sort of glossed over the time between when she was freed and when she created the new spell. Regardless, thank you for writing another entry. It was short, but sweet.

Now I'm curious. Is it because the actions I describe seem out of character for Celestia in your eyes? Or is it because you don't like linking every major catastrophe in equestria's history to one source? or is it something else?

Well thank you for reading!

answering the unconsidered

I really like this statement. I may use it somewhere.:raritystarry:


Well, regardless of my writing ability at 4 in the morning, I'm good at wordplay when i try.

OOC for Celestia, trying to link everything together and trying to justify the nature of the teleportation spell, plus you have to add an additional complication to the story to justify it, in making the teleportation spell well known and wide spread, when really it seems very far from it within the show

I respect your opinion. But for that last bit- that went out the window for me when Trixie learned it. :rainbowlaugh:


from a Unicorn who is close match powerwise to an Alicorn, maybe it doesn't take much power, but it doesn't seem well known

Took me a moment [I think you wanted that first comma to be a period] but I get'cha.
I know I'm not likely to change your opinion, but I have one final counter argument: our main locations are Ponyville and Canterlot. The first has very few unicorns as permanent residents. The other, we've mostly only seen the "elites" who, with the exception of Fancy Pants, seem unwilling to learn how to wipe their own ass, let alone a spell like this. Other locations either have the same problem as Ponyville, or we haven't visited, or we haven't stayed in them long enough to see much of their unicorn population. With that, I think there's room for any number of head canons regarding the usage of the spell.

considering who used the spell until Trixie and the fact that one of Trixie's death defying magic tricks involved it, I have this feeling it's reputation makes it more of a challenge than the reality

I like this. I think it's a good companion to some of the stories that pick up after Blinking.

I like it far more than Detritus, the Luna in it just creep me out.:pinkiesick:

Out of character Celestia, really dumb reason for the teleport bubble thingy, vast overestimation of Celestia's age.
Like the other stories, vast overestimation of the length of time Twilight has been teleporting- it's always been implied before with her early general lack of skill with it that she learned it when Nightmare Moon did it.
Also it assumes a ridiculous level of wide-spread. It is only performed by four unicorns in the entire series. All of whom have Magic talent-marks.

Comment posted by HF Fury deleted Oct 27th, 2018

The scary part is that Celestia knows. But she herself has used the spell since she learned.

The answer to "why" was unsatisfying for the simple reason that if teleportation really is as popular as Celestia says, then literally purging everyone who has any knowledge of the spell and burning every book that mentions it would have been kinder than what she did... I dont know if it's just me, but if literally The Final Solution is kinder than what Celestia chooses to do? That's a poorly thought out plot contrivance.

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