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Just because you can defend an idea · 11:11am Jul 28th, 2017

Doesn't mean it's a good one authors. And it doesn't mean your critics are required switch your way of thinking.

And here's a funny thought, you do something you're embarrassed by but no one knows it, then it being mentioned is your problem, not theirs

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Thank you for faving Breaking (Down The) News.
The Sun would like your statement before they make up the story anyway. :moustache:


I vote straight ticket Democrat, though I don't have the issues with mainstream Dems that many progressives seem to. About the only thing I agree with on Conservatives is the need for a strong military and I think they don't want to pay soldiers enough and the budget can be extremely wrong headed do to the relationship with the military industrial complex

My ideal relationship between government and business is government holding a baseball bat, pointing it at business and saying "Behave yourself boys."

Hey, thanks for the follow. It's great to see you're enjoying my writing :twilightsmile:

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