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Changelings are the objectively superior species

This is a group dedicated to stories detailing how and why changelings are biologically superior to all other species, and what the consequences of this fact are, as well as discussions regarding the topic. This group firmly believes in the principle of the Nonhostile Changeling Takeover, and also believes it to be the most natural and righteous path for Equestria going forward. Everyone who wishes to learn more about the NCT, or about Changeling Superiority as a whole, is welcome, and so is everyone wishing to contribute to the spread of this group's founding principles through stories and blog posts.


  • Questioning the founding principles of the group is allowed, but only as a means to better understand them. If you disagree with the ideas of CS or NCT, you should perhaps leave the group;
  • Do not attack other users, stories or groups of people. This includes any kind of harmful or toxic behaviour;
  • NSFW stories are allowed, but should remain confined to the appropriate folder. CS is more than a simple matter of sex, there's plenty of space to explore its ramifications in non-mature stories;
  • No spam. If you have questions regarding what the group is about, read the pinned forum posts. If you're still confused, ask. Ask only once, then wait for an answer. Not that comments onto this specific page do not send notifications, so you should ask in the forum;

Enjoy your time here, be excellent to each other, and remember: Changelings are better.

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I really enjoyed his stories and would like to read more of them if he’s posted anything on any other sites

Does anyone know what happens to the creator of this group. Sir letters?

They have egg donors

that, or one of them shifts into a form capable of reproducing with their partner

What is the changelings opinion on same sex couples?
Would they discourage them because they would produce no offspring?
Or would they just accept them?
Or would they hypnotise them into believing they were straight?

For the Hive!:flutterrage:.
Also anyone else feel like we need a Changeling Emoji on here?

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022
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