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This group is a direct response to that one other thing about an mlp race, fuck them, reject changeling, embrace Griffon. No offense to the Changeling supremacy group just that fuck Changelings. Griffons are the greatest race, they invented the plane, don't need the Idol of Boreas, and have Alexander Kemerskai.

Unlike those Acturian damn changelings hacks. We don't need to hypnotize or mind control anyone in order to make them see us as superior, and for the love of Boreas, we don't make them into slaves. All we do is show them the wonders of the griffonian world.

We encourage creatures all over the world to take a look at why griffons are superior. We don't need to perform any invasions or conquest, after all, were not warmongers or imperialist. Griffons are honest, kind and honorable creatures we don't need to use force, we can just sit down and have a nice reasonable debate


1. Feel free to question Griffonian supremacy, after all, we aren't imperialistic warmongers, after all, I'm sure after a reasonable debate we can convince you why griffons are the best

2.Don't attack any group, people, or stories, I mean, feel free to attack other MLP races because griffons are superior but not any groups, stories, or individuals. That just plain old being kinda an a-hole.

3. Don't post any NSFW stuff anywhere except stories in the NSFW stories folder.

4. Don't spam, spamming is just annoying, don't do it.

5. If you have questions, feel free to ask, we encourage reasonable debate as a way to about why griffons are in every way shape, and form better. Why would we not, its not like we have anything to hide...

Remember, this group is dedicated to the idea that while others may believe what they want, they're wrong and need to be corrected. In conclusion, we are a group dedicated to the promotion of the idea of Griffon Supremacy and if you just so happen to be from another group who believes something similar to this but with another race, then your both wrong and not smart.

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No that Alexander Kenerskai

Grover II is best griffon.

Happy to be here. It's about time we abolished Equestrian specism, ultra-nationalism and colonialism.

The ponies think that all griffons are greedy, that's simply a piece of old, racist Equestrian propaganda to make ponies dislike griffons.

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